Monday, January 1, 2018

Rough Oral

Yes, there was some deep throating...
Last Thursday I complained about my wife reading her ‘Kindleporn’ (as I call it) instead of having actual sex with me. I was feeling quite frustrated since it was Christmastime and yet we still hadn’t had any sex since this happened. Most frustrating was that we’d watched a romantic movie together a few nights earlier and then when it was over my wife got up, went to the kitchen, and started Facebooking for two hours!

That’s enough to make any man doubt his oral skills!

And when I say ‘Facebooking’ I mean she’s on Facebook when I wander past - but I suspect she’s really on a Kindleporn binge and just switches to Facebook when she hears me coming. It’s quite a blow to the ego - how would you feel if your partner had to watch a few hours of PornHub before they were ready to have sex with you?

But I digress, this story is about the sex we eventually had.

On Friday I posted this on Twitter:
I went to bed @ 2am last night and wife was still up reading #kindleporn
To which May (@morematters) sent me a private message
What’s your wife doing reading porn at 2am - grab the back of her head and thrust it on your cock!
To which I replied:
It’s funny you should say that... 🤭🕺
Because {spoiler!} that’s exactly what I did! It was quite rough and it happened like this...

My wife was bingeing on her Kindleporn and I was bingeing on Netflix but by 2am I was falling asleep. So I went to bed. I passed her in the kitchen on my way to the stairs, and not a word was spoken. My wife was so engrossed in her stories she’d made no attempt to hide her screen. 

At 3.50am I woke up. My wife had just climbed into bed -presumably because she had finished her 5 book series about 3 brothers who fuck a lot of women, sometimes together, sometimes separately. My wife was trying to be quiet so as not to disturb me, but I am a light sleeper and once I’m awake I’m awake.

I pretended to be asleep and didn’t say a word. In fact I didn’t say a single word during any of what I’m about to tell you. To be honest I was in a pretty shitty mood and feeling aggrieved because we hadn’t had sex for two weeks, despite there being ample opportunity. Instead she preferred to read her dirty stories.

So I toss and I turn a bit because I’m awake and can’t fall back to sleep, and then my wife rolls over to face me, but does it with her eyes closed as if she’s asleep, and then I kinda place a hand on her shoulder, and then she kinda snuggles in a bit, and then I kinda move her hand to my dick, which is hard, and then she rubs it sleepily...

And then she ‘wakes up’ because she realises I’ve got a massive hard on, and starts tugging on it in long steady strokes. Her head is resting on my chest as she wanks my cock, which is already rock hard and ready to burst because, y’know, it’s been TWO WEEKS! And then her head moves a little further down my chest like she wants to see my throbbing penis up close, even though she can’t because it’s 4am and it’s dark. 

So I grab the back of her head and push her down a little further, onto my cock. She swallows the head immediately and starts sucking. Quite aggressively. I respond by thrusting my dick up into her mouth, just as aggressively. Her mouth is wet and warm, and my cock is so hard she has to stretch wide to accommodate me.

My wife throws back the covers, climbs between my legs, and resumes her oral assault on my fat cock. Not a word has been said between us. She’s slurping up and down on my shaft, playing with my balls as she tries to deep throat me. I start thrusting up into her mouth, punishing her with my full length, and she takes all that I can give her. 

Until she can’t.

Her head pops up, off of mine, and her mouth makes that wet popping sound as she does so. She starts jacking my cock furiously with one hand, while fingering my asshole lightly with the other. It feels really good and I’m ready to cum, but I want to cum in her mouth. Usually I’ll ask her where she wants it, but this is an angry fuck so she’s gonna get it where I want it. In her warm wet mouth.  

I consider cumming in her cunt because I know just how hot, tight and wet her pussy is right now, but that might run the risk of allowing her to cum too and I don’t want that. She’s had plenty of chances to have sex with me over the holiday if she’d wanted to, but she didn’t. So now she has to suffer. 

Besides, she’s had her pleasure - via those dirty books - so now it’s time to pleasure me.

I grab her with both hands by the sides of her head and pull her mouth back down onto my stiff prick. She lets go of my cock and balls and places her hands on the mattress, astride my hips, and commences bobbing up and down on me hard and fast. She has the angle just right and is deep throating me. 

I can feel my cock scrapping the sides of her throat as I punish her mouth. I reach down with one hand and place it on her throat just to be sure, and yes, wow! it really is that deep. A dark urge overtakes me, as I’m reminded of a comment Kayla made on my Xmas Party Blowjob post... 

In that post I’d said:
It wasn't long before I really wanted to fuck her face, but instead I just gently placed my hands on the back of her head and let her bob up and down on my dick. It was almost as good - but not quite. As I sensed my lust rising beyond my control (meaning I wanted to grab her hair with both hands and really fuck her mouth) I stopped myself and told her I was ready to cum now.  "Where do you want me to cum?" I asked, gently "in your mouth, your pussy, or on your tits?"
To which Kayla commented:
I could feel your need to fuck her face. Wish you could have...
So now I was thinking ‘No mercy dammit, I really wanna fuck this face...” so I did! I once again gripped my wife’s head firmly in both my hands, and I held her at the head of my cock. Locking her in place so that she couldn’t move I thrust my hips up and started fucking in and out of her mouth. 

She coughed and spluttered a little but quickly adjusted, relaxing her throat and allowing me to fuck her face like it was a pussy. A different, rougher kind of pussy. Her mouth was wet but I could really feel myself sliding past her teeth and into her throat as she sucked me tightly. She seemed determined to give back in kind - her lips were clamped tightly around my cock as she sucked in her cheeks and tried to suck me dry. 

That really set me off. I started pounding her mouth with my cock, thrusting up and in and out of her face like she was my own little fuck toy. It was rough and almost violent. But I couldn’t stop myself, I could feel I was about to cum so pummelled her mouth repeatedly. She responded by trying to push down on my cock harder. I felt a small movement in her head so I loosened my grip just a little and allowed my wife to bob up and down on my cock like a woman possessed. 

We were riding the wave together now, with me fucking her face and her riding my cock with her mouth. I was still holding her head firmly but we found a rhythm.  

And then we lost the rhythm.

Because I was cumming.


I locked my hands around the sides of her head and thrust my hips hard into her face. I kept bucking as I pumped a full load into her mouth and down her throat. She’s not normally a swallower but this time she had to swallow it. There was a lot there and nowhere else for it to go. I could feel her gulping around my cock as I pumped about a gallon of my hot sticky jizz into her.

We hadn’t said one word to each other but now I was vocal. I grunted and moaned as my whole body spasmed beneath her, my body twisting and writhing as I continued to thrust and spurt into her mouth... until finally I slumped back into the mattress, spent.

I lay down and fell into a deep sleep. My wife did the same. It had been that kind of a fuck.


At about 3pm the next day, as we were driving, I casually asked my wife if I had been too rough. She smiled and said ‘No, it was good.’  She mentioned that at one time she was choking on my cock and was worried she was going to gag, because she couldn’t breathe, but then she didn’t and was fine.

I made a comment that it was just like in some of her dirty stories then (being unable to breathe, choking on a dick, fighting back the urge to throw up) and she laughed. But didn’t argue. I asked if her she’d enjoyed it. “Yes” she said, blushing, “you were so hard, so thick and strong.” 

I thought that was interesting. For me an erection is an erection, but I guess for the ‘recipient’ it can be a different sensation. Hopefully this doesn’t mean my wife is going to deprive me of sex in order to foster stronger erections?

This post has also been submitted to Masturbation Monday
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  1. That May More, always with the solid advice. I enjoyed your story, Nero. Perfect image, btw.

  2. Great stuff Nero - Erection size does vary in my experience ;-)

  3. Glad you got exactly what you wanted AND that she loved it so much.

  4. May did have some good advice, sometimes you just have to grab the bull by the horns. Or the hair.

  5. "It was almost as good, but not quite." That says it all, man...she obviously appreciated your "guidance."

    I'm Nnew to your blog, but I will be back. I love a guy who has a way with words and women, and you seem to have both.

    1. Thanks Brigid, but as you read my blog you’ll discover I’m as confused as the next guy!

  6. Hi - my considered answer would be no, because I dont think in your wife's mind she had denied you sex. Your drive is different from hers (I've been reading Sexponential's blog) and your mutual masturbation wont have seemed 'less than' sex to her.

    1. Having sex (whether intercourse or mutual masturbaton) once every 2-3 weeks seems to me be a denial of sex. Especially since she appears to enjoy it when we do actually do it. Especially when she recognised a while back that we weren’t ‘intimate’ enough and she suggested we commit to having sex every Wednesday and Saturday.


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