Monday, January 22, 2018

Sexting Selfies - Part 2

This is a complete work of fiction. It stands alone but it really would be better if you read Part 1 first. This sequel was intended for Wicked Wednesday but I was late, so here we are on Masturbation Monday...!

I was so angry I ran up the stairs two at a time. I was angry because last night she said she was going to sext me today, but when she did it was humiliating.

Last night she had proudly (and drunkenly) told the other couples at the bar that we had been together 21 years, all because she knew the secret to a long term relationship. "It's the routine!" she said triumphantly "you can't fall into a routine - whatever you do, don't let the sex get routine. Otherwise someone gets bored and goes elsewhere - so don't let the sex get routine. You gotta spice it up!"

I was angry because she always gets like this when she's had a few wines. She tries to win everyone over with her wit and charm but always ends up telling inappropriate stories of a sexual nature. It's like our meet-cute story wasn't cute enough so she has to add in the story of our first fuck. Sure, she flatters me when she tells that story - but why does she have to tell it to people we've only just met that night?

It's the hypocrisy that infuriates me. Like most couples who have been together as long as we have the zing has definitely left our marriage. We have sex maybe once a month and it's timid at best. And yet here is my wife bragging to casual acquaintances about how our marriage has survived so long because she *wink wink* doesn't let the sex get routine.

On the ride home I made it clear to her that her stories were embarrassing. It annoyed me that she was trying to project an image of her being a sexually adventurous woman when she was no such thing. When she protested I challenged her to name the last time she'd initiated sex, and to name a time when she'd done something remotely kinky.

"You can't even sext me!" I told her "you've never even sent me a topless selfie - not once in our 21 years!"

"Fine - if you want to see my tits on your cellphone I'll sext you tomorrow!" she shouted back "but you sure as well won't be seeing them tonight!!"

So we went to bed angry and avoided each other the following morning. It's a big house and not hard to do. The Cold War continued into the afternoon, which was why I was so surprised when out of the blue I got a sexy pic from my wife A very sexy pic! 'What do you think?' was the message, together with a photo of her bare breasts in all their glory. Beneath her boobs I could see her hand snaking down to her pussy, hidden beneath the covers. It was a provocative shot alright, and I had to give her an A+ for effort and execution.

This is not me, but is the closest match I could find on 4chan
And then she ruined it all by promising a pussy pic in return for a dick pic from me - only to mock it when it arrived: "Yeah, no. You're too small - and who the fuck uses emojis at your age? No pussy pic for you OLD MAN!!!!"

As soon as I read that something exploded in my head. I raced upstairs to the bedroom and found her on the bed, looking at her phone. She was still topless, pretty much as she'd been when she'd sent me the photo, with the covers still pulled up. As I entered the room she looked up at me, grinning - she obviously thought it was all a big joke. That I was a big joke. Because my dick was so old and small.

Her face fell when she saw the look on my face. She could see I was angry - livid in fact.

"I was just kidding" she squealed, as I strode over to the bed. "I was just joking - it was a joke!" she repeated, as she tried to crawl away from me and escape out the other side of the bed. I grabbed her ankle and pulled her back. "I didn't find it funny" I said, as she collapsed onto the bed "in fact I'm fucking sick of your bullshit. All those lies you tell people about our sex life when in fact it's nonexistent"

My wife was lying prone in front of me, completely naked. Her head remained fixed on the bedroom wall in front of me; she said nothing, and did nothing. She remained still. She was on her stomach, her arms stretched ahead of her, her long legs trailing behind her, down to my hand which still gripped her ankle. Her silence frustrated me and her big round arse taunted me. Just like her it said nothing and did nothing, it just sat there.

I realized my cock was hard. This was confusing.

My dick was erect and I couldn't understand why. I was was angry, not horny. I was really angry and not in the least bit interested in my wife at this moment. She had belittled me sexually so I had no intention in giving in to her sexual power by fucking her. And yet I was hard. My cock was throbbing in fact, straining at my zipper.

I gazed at her butt, observing the soft skin that enveloped her perfect apple bottom. My eyes followed the line of the crease that divided the two rounded halves, all the way up to the dimples at the bottom of her spine. I twitched. My cock betrayed me.

I knew what the problem was - it was her ass. I sprang forward onto the bed, kneeling beside her plump little tushie. My hand came down in the same instance, smacking her square on one cheek. It made a loud thwacking sound and stung my hand. I guess it felt the same for her because she squealed. Loudly.

"OW!! What the fuck are you doing?" she cried out.

"I'm.sick.of.all.your.shit!!" I shouted back, striking her butt at every word "You need to be PUNISHED!"

The first smacks had been uncoordinated, I was flailing wildly, but when I said 'punished' I delivered the piece de resistance - a blow that struck cleanly on the bottom of both cheeks at the same time. This caused her arse to jiggle as it wobbled up and down. It actually looked quite sexy, so I delivered another slap, just the same, for good measure.

My wife had gone quiet again, which was unusual for her. Which annoyed me. I had expected her to struggle and resist but instead she lay there, taking her punishment. What pleasure is there in punishing someone if they accept it? That negates the punitive aspect of it, surely? I lifted my hand high and brought it down hard and fast on her butt. Once again the room echoed with a resounding "thwack!!"

This time my wife reared up, and screamed.

"Ow! Fuck no!" she begged "that one really hurt".

A small smile curled across my mouth as I placed one hand in the middle of her back and pushed her back into the mattress. Holding her down firmly with one hand I delivered some short sharp smacks to her blushing derriere. They weren't as rough or as hard as the earlier ones, but only because I was struggling to hold her down with one hand while punishing her with the other. I hadn't intended to go lightly on her, but the result was fascinating.

If you're reading captions you should probably know that
my dick probably isn't as big as in that other pic. It's hard to tell.
Every time I slapped her ass my wife made a little grunt.

It was a grunt I recognized. It was the same noise she made when I was fucking her. The same noise she made when I was pounding her hard from behind, slamming into her rough and wild... and deep.

So my wife enjoyed being spanked - why was I not surprised?

My emotions were mixed. I was still so angry at her but it was also funny. My strait-laced wife who talked a big game in front of others but remained strictly vanilla behind closed doors actually liked a good spanking. I couldn't help but chuckle inside - sure, I'd delivered the odd slap on the butt or two over the years but she'd never responded in a way that indicated anything like this.

I pressed my hand down harder onto the small of her back, pinning her, and with the other hand I pulled her legs apart. I could see she was wet. Her pussy was glistening and there seemed to be a very small wet spot on the sheet beneath her. I brought my hand down again, slapping the entire space between her legs. My hand smacked both her ass and her cunt, and I raked a finger up between her wet slit as I pulled my hand away.

My wife moaned. She was lying face down on the mattress with arms raised in the 'hands up' position, and her fists were balled up and clenched, pulling at the sheets. She was clearly waiting for what ever happened next, and determined to take it.

I grabbed her suddenly and flipped her over in one swift movement. Her eyes flung wide open and she looked at me in shock. I spread her legs again, wider this time, and delivered another slap straight down on her pussy. It wasn't as hard as a smack but her back arched and she gasped. I slapped her cunt again, cupping my hand slightly, and making a delicious smacking sound. I delivered a third slap and then a fourth - with every blow she moaned, gasped and arched her back.

As she slumped back into the mattress she looked up at me in desperation.

"Omigod! My pussy is so wet, my clit feels like it's about to explode" she said lustily. "I need your cock!" she said pleadingly "just fuck me, now! Pleeeease?!"

"You want my cock?" I teased, as I placed my hand over her vulva and cupped her pussy again. "Are you sure this won't do?" I asked, as I pressed one wet finger down between her slick folds. She was so wet my fingers were lubed immediately so I slipped one slippery digit inside her, followed by another. I began slowly curling both fingers in and out, as my open palm bounced against her clit.

Her clit really was hard, like a little button, and I could feel the nub against my hand every time I pushed against it. It wasn't something I could feel when I slapped her pussy, so I relished the feeling of this more intimate movement. Every time I made contact with her clit she moaned or writhed so I had to ask tease her again "Are you sure you want me to fuck you? Aren't you happy with a good fingering?"

"Oh god yes" she said, staring me directly in the eye "I want your cock inside me, now, please honey, stick it inside me!"

"This little thing?" I said, as I stood up and dropped my pants "you really want this old cock?"

My prick sprang out, standing tall and proud. The head was purple and it was already dripping slightly. Like Pavlov's Dog my wife actually licked her lips involuntarily, as she rearranged herself on the bed to face me. Her legs were splayed out wide and ready to receive me. My cock throbbed and I had to admit to myself it looked pretty impressive. I was going to make my wife eat her words - literally!

But first...

I grabbed my phone ... and took ... the best.dick.pic.ever.


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  1. That's how to do it! I am full of awe for you and envy for Mrs Nero Black ... if this was anywhere near the truth!

  2. Fact or fiction... damn that was hot.

    1. Thanks!
      BTW - is 'pleading' or 'pleadingly'?
      The '-ly' seems redundant.

  3. I take it that was your little joke about your cock resembling the photo ;-)

    1. When will women learn not to use the word ‘little’ in the same sentence as ‘your cock’?

  4. I loved your story Nero. You blend hot sex and humour so well. I always enjoy your male character's frustrations. Brilliant!

    1. Thanks. The ending actually just popped into my head as I came to the end of the story.

  5. Lordy that's hot...and also, I know it's fiction but I'm reading a little truth too - especially in those emotions. :)

    1. I do worry I'm coming off as a bit of a misogynist - I seem to be such an angry man in my stories. What's up with that?

  6. While it may just be fantasy it was very hot, the raw emotions carried through.

    1. Thanks. As Kayla noted, there was just a little teensy bit of personal baggage in that story!


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