Monday, January 15, 2018

Sexting Selfies

Masturbation Monday Prompt for Week 17 - original image source
NB: this is a work of complete fiction, based on the image prompt, and should not be construed as anything real or pertaining to the image creator...

"What do you think?" she asked, out of the blue. Out of left field was probably more accurate. The picture she'd sent me was waaaay out of left field. Completely unexpected.

It was a selfie. A selfie of her boobs.

A selfie of her boobs and she was completely naked, except for the bed covers that were pulled up to her hips. I would have been able to see her pussy too, if it wasn't for her free hand splayed out to cover that bit. Her boobs looked great but I especially liked her nipples. They were big and hard and firm and just how I like them.

I licked my lips and swallowed, as I imagined putting my mouth around them and suckling at her breasts.

"Well?" she enquired again.

"OMG you look fabulous!!!" I replied, after debating with myself how many exclamations marks I should use. I wanted to acknowledge how grateful I was to receive the pic, but I didn't want to come off as too desperate. I wanted her to think all my online female friends sent me those types of pics, even if they didn't. Even if this was the very first one I'd received, ever.

"You like?" she continued.

"Yeah, I like!" I replied, adding the 'smiley face with sunglasses' emoji to let her know I was cool with it. I was down. "You have great boobs. And I really love your nipples. They look fantastic"

"Yeah, they're big and hard right now" she replied, "I got myself so excited deciding what type of selfie to send you that they just kinda popped out like that"

"I'm big and hard too!!" I typed. My finger hovered over the 'Send' button. Should I say that? Was it too much? Too lame? 'Jesus - a woman sends you a pic of her boobs and asks you what you think of them and you don't know what to say?' I admonished myself. 'Send the fucking message and start flirting - maybe she'll send you more!!' 

I listened to my inner voice and pressed 'send'. My phone made the ubiquitous 'whoosh' sound as the message was delivered. I stared at the screen, awaiting a reply.  There was no reply. My heart sank.

'What were you expecting, you idiot? You've known the woman for ages, you know what she's like. She's shown no interest in you sexually but last night she gets drunk in a bar and tells you she feels sorry for you after you whined all night about not getting any - so she say's gonna sext you today and... you fell for it! You've been punk'd!!'

I was just about to tell myself to STFU when...

The phone pinged. She had replied!

"You're hard and I'm wet - whatever shall we do?"

'Ask her how wet she is, tell her to send you a pussy pic!'

"Wet? Are you teasing me?" I typed. "Prove it - send me a pic of your wet pussy!" I added the 'big grinning smiley face' emoji and pressed 'send'. Whoosh!

"Oh I'm wet alright, I'm sooooo wet!" she replied. "If you want a pussy pic you'll have to send me a dick pic first. I need to see if you're worthy of receiving a rare but precious picture of my cooch......... so make it BIG!!!!"

'Shit! Jesus!' I cursed inwardly - I hadn't anticipated that. I've never taken a dick pic before. No-one's ever asked for one. Now what do I do? 'Take the fucking dick pic! Drop your pants, flop it out, and take the fucking photo!' 

I did as I was told.

I stood up, dropped my pants, shucked my boxers down my thighs, and grabbed my dick. With my left hand I switched my phone to camera mode and aimed it my stiff cock. 'That's not hard enough, she'd gonna think you're a pussy. Jerk it a bit, jack your cock, make it really hard for her...'

Again I did what I was told.

I started wanking my cock, using a soft delicate grip. My balls bounced as I pumped my prick faster and faster. I was quite excited and it felt really good. My cock throbbed as the head turned a rich purple. If I kept this up I'd be cumming soon. Was that allowed? Would she think I was a premature ejaculator?

Then my phone pinged again.

"What's happening - do we have a deal? You show me yours and I'll show you mine, right?"

'Don't lose her buddy - take the fucking pic now and send it. Hurry!'

I lined my dick up in the phone's screen and clicked a pic. It looked terrible. It was slightly out of focus and my cock was sloping away, making it look smaller.

"Just taking it now. My cock is so big and hard I can't fit it in the frame!" I replied, adding a 'laughing so hard I'm crying' emoji so she'd know I was being self deprecating. And then I returned to the job at hand, namely trying to take a good photo of the knob in my hand.

"Mmmmmmmm! I can't wait. My pussy is so wet now. I'm touching it, in anticipation. And squeezing my nipples. They're so stiff...!!" she replied.

'That'll do, that's good enough, just send the bloody thing. Christ, why didn't you take some of these before? It's 20fucking18, everyone's sending them now, you should have had some stored on your phone and ready to send------'

I cut myself off and sent the damn pic. And waited for the reaction.

And waited.

And waited some more. It probably wasn't more than a few seconds but time stood still in that moment and it seemed like an eternity. Until the phone pinged again. My heart leapt as the adrenalin surged through my body - I looked at the phone, expecting to see her pussy...

'Yeah, nah. You're too small bro' and who the fuck uses emojis at your age? No pussy pic for you OLD MAN!!!!"

'Jesus.Fucking.Christ!' My blood boiled as the adrenalin coursing through my body turned to incandescent rage. It was like a switch had been flipped and I was suddenly so angry - so very very angry.

'Jesus matey, your wife is the fucking bitch from hell. I bet she's laughing her ass off. Are you going to take that shit? You should go upstairs right now and fucking give her what for.'

Once again I did as I was told...

Update: Part 2


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  1. Very hot Nero - glad you writing fiction - and nice little twist at the end ;-)

  2. Your story had me chortling with amusement at the heroes difficulty with taking the photo of his dick. I could relate to it so well having being brave enough (or foolhardy) to take one for Sinful Sunday recently. I love the humour and the sexiness in your stories Nero.

  3. Wow! What a twist! But I think my favorite part was the inner monologue. Sure, it's fiction, but somehow I think that part is more nonfiction than many of us realize. :)

  4. While it was fiction I thoroughly enjoyed the inner monologue and then the ending "ouch" Very well done.

  5. O yeah! that was hot, and wry and funny and Hot!


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