Tuesday, January 2, 2018

TMI Tuesday: January 2, 2018 ~ Happy 2018!

Happy 2018! Don’t know about you but my year 2017 was less than a blur. I hope your 2018 is healthy, happy, and prosperous. Here’s the first TMI Tuesday of the new year... Happy New Year!

As usual, let’s review the past year.

1. Did you make any resolutions at the start of 2017? If yes, how did you do at keeping them? What one thing are you still doing?
~ Not that I recall {checks archive} oh, it seems I did make a few, kind of. This TMI time last year I said:
I don't do New Year’s Resolutions because I learnt a long time ago I can never keep them. However this year I have resolved to be more 'mindful' of how I present myself ie try to be more 'positive' and not overshare with all the negative shit. I think this blog will be the exception however, so you'll still have to endure my long winded rants about what annoys me. I did resolve in 2016 to masturbate more to stop over stressing about the lack of sex with my wife, so that will probably continue.
Hmmm, so how do you think I did in 2017, dear reader? Bwahahaha!

2. Pick three words to describe your year in 2017.
~ Donald.Fucking.Trump.

3. What was your biggest personal change in 2017?
~ It’s hard to explain. There is a sense of resignation in my personal life now. My wife and I are not on an adventure together, she is on her own adventure and I just get to tag along for the ride. That probably sounds more morose than it is, but it’s not really how a marriage should be. That said, I do not have a bad life, we travel a lot, and do a lot of great/fun things.

4. What was totally unexpected in your 2017?
~ As soon as Trump entered the Primary race I realised he was going to win it, and I told people as much. No one believed me. Then he won the Republican Primary And people said “Okay, but he’ll never win the Presidential election” and I said “Just watch - yes he will!”  They thought I was an idiot.
And then a week before the election he made the infamous “Grab ‘em by the pussy” comment - well, he made it a few years before but it only just got made public - and it was only then that I thought he had finally blown it (after saying sooo many outrageous things on the campaign trail) and couldn’t win. I mean, even Republican women would draw the line at that wouldn’t they? They couldn’t vote for an admitted sex abuser* could they?
It turns out they could, they did, and he won. Amazing, and amazingly sad.
(*Trump said on tape that he liked to just grab women by the pussy, because he could. “They let you” he said “if you’re a celebrity”. A year later and Harvey Weinstein probably wished he was a Republican, he might have got away with it.) 

5. What was the best thing that happened to you in 2017?

Bonus: Did you make new year resolutions for 2018? Share a few with us? Any of them repeats from 2017?
~ I guess I will keep plugging away at everything I mentioned in Q1 above. Hopefully some of it will finally stick!

Double bonus - I got a face fuck last Friday, you can read about that here. I also got laid on New Year’s Day (yesterday) but I haven’t written that up yet. But it will be here once I have.

I hope 2018 is everything you want it to be!

Your pal,



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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. As I realised myself after this was published - Trump was elected in November 2016. But he didn’t really take office until January, so I’m letting my answer to Q4 stand.

    1. And this is a great read. According to the author even Trump and his family/inner circle didn’t expect him to win.

  2. Why no entry for - best thing to happen to you?

    1. I was gonna say meeting you online but I felt that was bit much. I mean, I like you but... 😂
      So I was trying to think of something else but never came back to it.

    2. Oh fuck me, I’m dead.
      I must be. May’s latest pic is (as the kids say) HOT AF!!
      I have died and gone to heaven. I take it back, meeting May More (online) IS the best thing that happened in 2017. Just check out this link:


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