Thursday, January 25, 2018

TPGMO (OPP) - When the wife’s away.... Part 2 (Final) 😈

My apologies for splitting this post into two parts. I started this post to let y'all know I've been spanking the monkey like a teenager since my wife's been gone (see Part 1) but it's been therapeutic and all is good. 

And since TPGMO stands for 'This Porno Got Me Off' (OPP = Other People's Posts) I'll leave you with a small excerpt from a five page story on Literotica that seemed to work for me (feel free to analyze why). Click this link to read the full story.

'Unusual Dinner Party' by tomlitilia© 
It was certainly somewhat odd to watch my wife on her knees, sucking cock. For the past ten years, her mouth had only worked its magic on me. But I felt no hostility. Instead, I was overcome by a sense of erotic rapture. Watching her sexual display had always turned me on, and this courtside seat gave me the perfect view. It was like watching an erotic movie, only the star was my devoted wife. 
Others were equally hypnotized by the display. Erica, Linh and Mark stared with gaping mouths at my wife's performance. Everyone was too aroused to talk, and the sloppy sound of her increasingly eager mouth filled the room. 
Linh's hand wandered absentmindedly over her boyfriend's body. As it found his erection, she gave it a soft squeeze. Realizing what she was doing, she looked down on it, then back at my wife. With shaky fingers, she lowered his zipper, and fished out his erection. She panted as she wrapped her fingers around it. It looked big in her petite hand. She gave him a few strokes, but then let him go. 
"Go on," she whispered. "Let her do it." 
Mark didn't hesitate. He quickly got up and stepped over before my wife. She looked up at him, and then at his cock. It was begging for attention, and she reached out and guided him to her mouth. The R-rated show had just gotten steamier. 
Ann moved her mouth between them. From her moans I could tell she enjoyed being a good hostess. Adding to the decadence, I reached for my glass and raised it to the women in the couch. Erica beamed back, and grabbed her glass to return my salutation. Linh however couldn't divert her eyes from the explicit scene before her, enchanted by the sight of her former mentor sucking her boyfriend's cock. 
"Fuck her tits," Linh instructed, too intoxicated by her lust to be restrained. 
Erica grinned, amused by the extroverted vulgarity coming from the previously so timid girl. 
"Go on boys," she said. "You heard her." 
Ann let the generous amount of saliva in her mouth drool down between her tits. Ready to serve, she pressed her tits together. Mark accepted the invitation, bending his knees slightly as he squeezed his cock in between her breasts. 
Linh was glued to the sight as her boyfriend began pumping his cock back and forth. As he backed away, Fred quickly replaced him. The two took their turns a few times, until Ann found a way to lean back and accept Fred's cock in her mouth as Mark kept sliding his cock between her tits. They found their rhythm, and it wasn't long before the inevitable was getting close. 
"I want you to cum on her tits," Linh continued her instructions. Her mouth twitched nervously for a second, as if she just realized how inappropriate she was. But she was too far gone to care. 
Mark moved back slightly. He pumped his cock, aiming for my wife's tits. She held them together as an inviting target. Linh's command was probably meant for her boyfriend, but my wife's chest was appealing to Fred as well. He too began stroking himself before Ann. Moments later, both men erupted, shooting long white strands across her tits. They grunted, and my wife moaned as the cum splashed against her tits. 
As the frenzy settled, Ann remained kneeling. She held up her cum covered tits, as if displaying them for the audience. She looked at me for directions, and when I didn't immediately give her any, she turned to Erica.
The redhead grinned cunningly and stood up. My jaw dropped as she reached under her dress and yanked down her panties.  
She threw them aside as she sat down again. Reaching for the hem of her dress, she pulled it up to her waist. Her pussy was absolutely gorgeous, completely shaved except for a narrow strip of red hair that pointed down to her sweet spot. Emphasized by her high heels, her slender legs looked even longer than usual, and she shamelessly spread them wide as an invite. My wife stared, but...

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