Friday, January 19, 2018

“Why did you make me buy that sh!t?”

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“Why did you make me buy that sh!t?” said my wife.

“I dunno, maybe because it looks so damn sexy?” I thought to myself - but didn’t reply.

This was what my wife said last night at dinner, to our friends, about that time I took her to buy some lingerie in Paris. It was all her choice. She found the store and started browsing. All I did was offer to pay for whatever she liked... an offer she liked. She tried it on, she looked good in it, so I offered to buy it for her - as simple as that.

That was last year... and I’ve never seen her wear it. And now all she ‘remembers’ is that I ‘made her’ buy it - WTF?

"Why do you always buy me sexy lingerie and try to dress me like a hooker" she continued "you buy it for yourself, for your pleasure, not mine"

“I dunno, maybe because I want you to know I still consider you sexually attractive even though you don't seem to think so yourself?” I thought to myself - but didn’t reply. Instead I said "You've made it clear you don't like it by not wearing it. Which is why you didn't get any for Xmas, nor for your birthday last year.  Fear not, I won't buy you any underwear ever again"

You can lead a horse to water... but you cannot make it drink.

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