Thursday, February 22, 2018

BTS (Behind The Scenes) The Making Of... A Nero Blog Post.

Look! I’m on the set of Family Guy 😎 via Instagram 
The title is a lot grander than what I'm about to reveal... but I wanted to give a bit of background to yesterdays' Valentines Eve 2018 post. Why? Well, for two reasons really.

Firstly May More once asked me a long time ago (when she first discovered my blog) if I ever embellished my blog posts ie 'made sh!t up' to make my stories seem more exciting. Secondly, Marie Rebelle made the comment "Sounds like some hot, wild sex to me!" yesterday on Valentines Eve 2018

She's right - yes, it is a hot post, and no, I don't embellish posts. But what I did yesterday (for the first time IIRC) was omit certain things that, if included, would have made it a whole lot less sexy. Call it creative license but I figured if I recounted everything that happened on Valentines Eve 2018 many of you would have recoiled and thought "sheesh - ick!". 

So go and read it now, before I recount some 'deleted scenes' that didn't make the cut! Well, not so much deleted scenes as omitted scenes. And let's also deal with the asterisk I attached to Valentines Eve about halfway through the post:
But there was no mistaking her intentions now. It was Valentine's Eve* and she clearly had something on under her robe, which...
It was at this point I realized that in both my posts (Monday's Valentines Eve and yesterdays Valentines Eve 2018) I had been referring to the evening of Valentine's Day as Valentine's Eve, which is wrong. If Christmas Eve is the night before Xmas then it stands that Valentines Eve is the night before Valentines Day, right? But since I was halfway through my second post trying to describe what had happened on Valentines Evening I decided it was too late to change them all - so I marked it with an asterisk, fully intending to provide a footnote at the end of the post explaining everything I've just now explained.

But then I remembered another good piece of advice May More once gave me. She told me I sometimes spend too long on the preamble, setting up my stories, and that I should just cut to the action - the blood and guts of the story. She's right of course, my posts can be very long winded (have you noticed we're halfway through this one and I still haven't got to the promised icky bits yet?) but the reverse is equally true.

If long preambles detract from the story then so too to do fulsome footnotes at the end. That's definitely apparent in yesterdays post - imagine the impact if the climatic finish was then followed with another paragraph or two debating the correct use of 'Eve'? So I edited it out, which in turn led me to think of todays post. 

Which brings us to the icky stuff.  Finally!

Everything I said in yesterdays post was true, but what I left out was ... I really was quite ill. That Greek/Turkish food didn't agree with me and even though I complained in the post about how my wife immediately went to our home office for 90 minutes as soon as we got home, it was a blessing in disguise. It meant she couldn't hear my stomach making all sorts of hideous gurgling noises while I watched TV upstairs, nor did she see me disappearing into the bathroom every twenty minutes.  

When she came to me 90 minutes after we got home, to initiate her Valentines sex plan, I had to check myself. Was I in any shape to fuck? I still felt queasy and the risk of breaking my record for 'number of fucks without farting during sex' was quite high. I'm pleased to say the record remains unbroken (never done it, ever) but that night I was quite nervous. Which didn't stop me of course, because I'm a man and the desire to fuck supersedes all else!

Besides, it was Valentines Day and my wife hardly ever initiates so I thought it best not to rebuff her.

So, as you read yesterday, we went down to the movie room and we had sex. What you didn't read was that I was not feeling well, I was extremely focussed on not 'blowing a gasket', and to top it off it got very warm in that movie room and I started sweating profusely. That was why there were so many changes of position - I needed a moment to wipe myself and rearrange my internal organs. (Although it was true that many of those positions were awkward - I mean, standing on a sofa so your wife can see you pound her from behind? Erotic for her, very porny yes, but not so good for me really)

And that was also why the sex went on for so long and why my wife did all the dirty talking. I was primarily focussed on keeping it together - those instances where I said I could feel myself about to come were true but they were often wiped out by my pressing need to 'focus'. One half of my brain was saying "You need to take a bathroom break!" and the other half was saying "Are you kidding? Do you want to make it the worst Valentines ever?!"

The part almost at the end, where I inserted "[Redacted]" was the part where I was really feeling ill and really needing a bathroom break. It was probably the thirty minute mark. This was the reason I pulled out of my wife's pussy, and lucky for me she then instructed me to cum in her ass crack. Maybe she could sense I was having trouble cumming, or maybe she just wanted it over with (she told me later she'd cum really hard when I was eating her out as she was up on the sofa - the bit just before she told me to sit on the floor) but it gave me the chance for 'a breather'.

I pulled out, jerked off, and came on her ass.  

I know she enjoyed it, and I'm pretty sure she was unaware of my physical distress the whole time while we were fucking. I figure she just thinks I'm an old overweight man who needs longer to get off. Not the best thing for her to be thinking but I don't really see any alternative. My wife kind of has this thing where if she's DTF then you better be Down To Fuck too. If you can't perform then its a negative reflection on her - 'aren't I hot enough for you?' etc.

So there you have it. Am I right in thinking you don't want these types of gory details included in my posts? If you're a sex blogger what type of 'literary license' do you take with your posts? Have you ever lied by omission, or embellished the tale you're telling?


  1. Excellent post Nero - and the reason I came to your blog in the first place - your honesty - now i will go read the valentines fuck!

  2. Actually, I love all the gory details. I can read smut anywhere...what I can't get all the time is honesty. I like to know the real life background, because it validates, instructs, and enlightens. So, yes...give me the "icky" bits! I think they add to the personal experience. Now...if we are talking erotic fiction, that's another story.

  3. Honestly, I do the same thing. I've never lied or embellished anything, but I do take out all the fumbly icky bits.

  4. I really enjoyed this. I read half of today's post, went back and read the 'sexy edit' then came back to see what went on with you for real. I like it all, but I agree for a "sexy" flow maybe separate the bits that detract from the moment as footnotes or asides. I write honestly but with embellishment because:

    * I like to keep a bit of anonymity for me and my OH
    * Adding in or leaving things out makes for more of a slick, sexy story
    * If the story is about me prior to meeting my OH I like to keep the (truth, fiction) lines blurred so he doesn't feel he has to measure up to anything
    * Some of my stories are pure fiction

    But the difference is I usually write erotica - not a blog post like yours - fiction is implied for me.

    Dont change Nero - I love what you do & I keep coming back! xx


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