Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I went Xmas shopping yesterday...

via Instagram

‪I went Xmas shopping yesterday* and realised I don’t know my wife’s measurements. Hard to buy lingerie this way! πŸŽ„‬
 [*Originally posted Dec 10, 2017]

UPDATE: So in the end I went back home and took her measurements c/o her underwear drawer. Then I went back to the store and bought something nice, but sexy. Then my wife made disparaging comments on Facebook about how I always buy her pornstar underwear that she refuses to wear. WTF? Where did that come from? I still have no idea! The comment wasn’t even relevant to the thread she was commenting on. (It was like your mother suddenly blurting out “I’m not wearing any panties” at a funeral)

I was dumbstruck by these public comments and thought “Fuck You” so I shelved the Christmas gift.

But I’m not stupid, I figured I’d hold the gift until Valentine’s Day and give it to her then. So, by the time you read this she will have them. I’ll update you later on her reaction....

(Spoiler: they don’t look like the ones @KimberleyAnnPhoto is wearing above, which I think look great) (they were a sexy but tasteful set from Calvin Klein) (see them here)


  1. I actually wish my husband would buy me lingerie...that way he would get what he wanted. Every time I buy it, it's never "sexy" enough or the right style. I get a reaction that says, "that's nice...but that's what you like." I think it's sweet that you went through so much effort to get her something. From the photos, it looks like you have decent taste in lingerie.

    1. Thanks! Buying lingerie for a woman is a very daunting task. Maybe you could bring him with you and ask him to pick out something he’d like to see you in (and then make him pay for it!)

      I say that as a theoretical suggestion only, since I know if my wife suggested it I’d be walking around the store with a perpetual hard on, and then after about the third store (or change, depending) I’d be trying to have sex with her in the changing room. Oh wait, that happens every time she goes shopping already!


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