Tuesday, February 20, 2018

TMI Tuesday: Feb. 20, 2018 ~ I Need My Space

“Time is not a line but a dimension, like the dimensions of space.”
Welcome to TMI Tuesday

1. Do you think that fate or destiny play a role in love?
a. Absolutely
b. For the most part
c. Somewhat
d. Not really
e. Not at all

~ I've replied with the latter only because the question requires/implies a belief in a higher power. I don't know if there is one or not so I have to answer in the negative. But yes, Life sometimes make you think twice - was that really a coincidence? And of course, when you are in the first throes of luuuurve of course you think the stars have aligned and the gods must have intervened to put you two together! But it's just hormones and brain chemistry, baby!

2. True or False – If my sexual likes and dislikes are not in line with my partners, I change them.
~ The answer depends on how important those Likes or Dislikes are. If I really enjoyed doing a particular thing but my partner always said "No way!" then I imagine it might reach a point where it might break us up. I would imagine also that if you discover you're not sexually compatible with someone you'd break up with them before you fell in love with them.

3. You and your partner are at a party. Both of you are equally acquainted with the hosts and the other people attending, although you aren’t the best of pals with any of the guests, you have conversed with them on a few occasions. During the socializing, what would you most likely do?
a. I’d stay glued to my partner’s side, conversing with the same people he/she is.
b. I’d be away from my partner, mingling with the other guests.
c. I’d stay near my partner, but involved in different conversations.
d. I spend some time by my partner’s side, and some time mingling.
e. I let my partner drift or stick by me – as she/he wishes.
~ Ha! This is most weekends with my wife. She's always/often taking me to events/parties where I don't know anyone (or know them but don't care to). I have learnt not to 'cling' to her, since she doesn't like that. She's 'networking' and 'working the room'!

4. Have you ever gone through your partner’s journal, diary or personal letters?
a. Yes – I‘ve read it/them from A to Z.
b. Yes – I’ve read some of them.
c. I know where she/he keeps them but I haven’t read any.
d. I know where she/he keeps them – I couldn’t help but look – but I haven’t read any.
e. No – I don’t know where she/he keeps them, and I have no intention of looking.
f. No – I don’t know she/he keeps them, even though I’ve looked.
~ I should really answer [A] since I will read whatever I can find, but don't have access to it all. As regular readers will know, I will hack into one of my wife's email accounts, and (presently) her Facebook messenger account. Why I do it is a long story, and one that can't be answered in this post. I guess I'll have to write up a standalone post.

5. Have you ever had a romantic partner go through your journal, diary, personal letters or text messages without your permission? How did you feel? What did you do?
~ No, but I often wonder if my wife does somehow read this blog. If she found out I was reading her stuff I believe I'd have a good explanation as to why I 'snooped'. Not that she'd accept it, and we'd probably have to go back to a therapist.

Bonus: What makes you feel loved?
~ I don't know anymore. Well, there is one thing but I think I'm gonna touch on that in tomorrow's post so I'll leave it for now.

Double Bonus: Saturday's OPP: #SoSS contains some great links to other bloggers, and tomorrow's post is the sequel to Monday's Valentines Eve so you should probably read that first.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Very interesting indeed. Sounds like me a few years ago.......

  2. Your answer to number two - I think people can fall in love and not be sexually compatible - that lust thing kicks in early and u may think the sex thing is great so fall in love only to find the chemistry does not last. Has happened to me ;-)

  3. I like how you don't cling to her at parties and acknowledge what she's doing. I'd like to know what keeps you looking into her messages

    1. Yes, I’m going to answer that in a stand-alone post. I appreciate it doesn’t make me look good when I simply say ‘I look at my wife’s emails’. Not that my explanation might change that view.


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