Tuesday, February 13, 2018

TMI Tuesday: February 13, 2018 ~ Valentine's Day

1. Tell us two reasons why you would stay in a bad relationship.
~ Because you're fiftysomething and have spent over half your life with this person and you have a teenage daughter who is going through that 'difficult age' and most people including all your friends would be shocked because what's the problem really when your life is pretty good and much better than most peoples? (Two years ago I wrote this)

2. Do you wish your private life was kinkier?
~ Hell yes. Just yesterday (#MasturbationMonday) I was jerking off and thinking "this is ridiculous, I might as well just ask her if she wants to try submitting sexually to me. Maybe that will spark her libido, and if it doesn't then it will be no different to what I'm doing now"

3. Tell us about your weirdest sexual experience.
~ I once had sex with a woman I met I a bar who could do the splits. We were enjoying a marathon sex session back at her place and... for her grand finale she grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs up sideways, turning herself into an inverted 'T'. It was the wildest fuck of my life. Gentleman readers: if you ever get the chance to have sex with a gymnast... take it!

4. Can you have a totally hands-free orgasm?
~ Pretty much every time I have sex! If you mean while masturbating... hell no!

5. What tips can you give for staying hard (you personally or keeping your partner hard)?
~ I generally don't have a problem unless... I'm alcohol impaired or my mind wanders during the act. The latter occurs when I start second guessing myself. Does she really want this? Did I kinda coerce her into giving me a pity fuck? Is this a pity fuck? The self doubt is especially prevalent when we're doing something vaguely kinky - and especially when trying anal.

Bonus: Is it okay to not celebrate Valentine’s Day even though you have a partner? Why or why not?
~ I was discussing this the other day with my sister in law (as I drove her to the airport after her weekend visit). She and her husband don't do anything because she considers it a rort created by retailers to part us with our money - a sop to consumerism of the worst kind. I mentioned my wife doesn't do much other than give me a card since she kinda sees it as a day where men have to woo their wives ie make the grand gesture. 

I didn't mention (to my SIL) that in years past my wife was more egalitarian and would use it as a pretext for some 'special occasion' sex. Those days are long gone. Now 'all' I get is a card telling me how much she loves me*and some vague/veiled reference to an offer by her for some hot sex at the weekend. Which invariably never happens. You can read about some godawful Valentines Days here and here. Better yet, just click the Valentines Day tag below. If you're feeling lonely on Valentines Day it might cheer you up!

* Yes, I appreciate that's more than some people get, don't get me wrong. 

Double Bonus: Photo #1 and Photo #2

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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