Tuesday, February 27, 2018

TMI Tuesday: February 27, 2018 ~ Fun Fill-ins

Watch as I fill in the blanks. (And you can click the links within my answers)

Bonus: Fill in her blank. (See my answer at the end)
1. _____ call.
~ Bootie call

2. _____ to me baby.

3. _____ and _____.
~ Hot and cold. As in: my wife's libido runs hot and cold. I have no idea what gets her motor running anymore. Lately even the stuff I thought lit her fires (Kindleporn, alcohol, her friends complimenting/expressing an interest in me) doesn't seem to work no more.

4. Sex bloggers are _____.
~ Not much different to you, they just talk about it a lot more. The exceptions are the ones having way more sex than you (and me). Dirty (and/or kinky) fuckers!!

5. _____ really need to _____.
~ I really need to lose weight. Then, if she still doesn't want to fuck me I feel I'm vindicated and entitled to go elsewhere. Most likely prostitutes so it doesn't count as cheating, kind of. 

6. You should be _____.
~ able to have sex with sex workers if your partner isn't willing to have sex with you, right? I mean if your man went vegan you'd still be wanting a sneaky bit of sausage on the side wouldn't you?

7. I have never been able to ____ long enough.
~ I have never been able to abstain from sex long enough. (It's always me that 'breaks the drought'. My wife could seemingly go on without sex forever if I let her)

8. Do you wanna _____?
~ Do you wanna funk with me? (And by funk I mean fuck) (Or we could just dance, that might be fun too)

9. My _____ gets mad at me for _____.
~ My wife gets mad at me for not losing weight.  ...  If I really cared I'd do it, apparently.

10. When my alarm clock goes off, I _____.
~ tend to get up almost straight away. Once I'm awake I'm awake so no point lying in bed. I'm such a light sleeper almost anything will wake me.

11. I look forward to _____ this year.
~ I look forward to more sex this year. I'm such an optimist in that regard.

12. _____ is one of my favorite toys.
~ The Verge is one of my favorite toys. I have to say that because it's the only one I use, because there aren't many for men. I do wish my wife would use her sex toys more often, as best I can tell she never uses them on her own (when I'm not around). I'm sure if she had more orgasms she's want more orgasms a.k.a. sex with me. Maybe she doesn't do the solo play because she knows vibrators bring her more pleasure than me so she doesn't want to go down that rabbit hole?
Aaaand I've just realized you didn't ask about sex toys. Sorry, I don't have any toys to play with.

Bonus: Fill in her blank (see pic above): "I can be ____"
~ "I can be your fuck toy!"  ... in case you hadn't noticed I haven't had any sex in a long time. Well, this happened last Friday but although she got hers (more than once) I didn't get mine. I did jack off on Monday after writing this in the morning, but I was wound so tight it took me all of 2.5 minutes to climax. TMI?  Anyway, right now I'd just like to get laid and have it be about me. That's the mood I'm in. My wife reads so many stories about women forced to submit and be sexually subservient to men, so how about she try it in real life? Just once. Maybe we'd both hate it, I dunno...

Double Bonus: You can read about the Friday sex here and about what happened on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday here. I thought my #SoSS post was good but no one read it.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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