Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Valentines Eve 2018

Monday's post was so long I had to break it into two parts. Monday's post was so long I had to ditch half the preamble and then beef up the sexual reminiscing. Yes, I remember the sexual episode described in Monday's post very well but I did use a bit of dramatic license with the dirty talk. C'mon, you can hardly expect me to remember verbatim the exact words we said that night can you? It was 10+ years ago - it would be kinda creepy if I did.

What I possibly didn't make clear in Monday's post (since I edited it out) was that my wife had set herself up for a long and busy day on Valentines Day, and my vanity had presumed that the cancelled lunch date (with someone else) she had left in our shared calendar was a placeholder for a surprise lunch with me. My devious mind had developed a naughty lustfilled scenario that came crashing down when nothing happened.

Long story short there was no special romantic Valentines dinner either. Our daughter turned 16 in January and is already hitting the 'troubled teen' phase hard. So she joined us for dinner, and she got to choose where we went. She chose a Turkish/Greek/Middle Eastern place at a Mall thirty minutes away, because her friend works there. The service was terrible because they couldn't cope with the Valentines Day 'Special Menu' but we had to tip our daughters friend anyway, because.

Long story short we got home at 10pm and I was wondering what my wife had planned.

If you're expecting romantic sex for Valentines Day...
you're going to be disappointed. It got dirty!
(read on)
She'd planned to clear her emails apparently because that's what she did as soon as we got in. I parked the car in the garage, she walked straight into our home office and opened up her computer. My daughter and I went up stairs - she to her bedroom and me to the TV room. Groundhog Day once again. I watched the clock tick past 10.30pm and still my wife toiled away downstairs, working tirelessly in the Social Media mines, digging for gold.

At 11pm I went to the bathroom, for the third time. Not what you want to hear in a sex blog I know, but that Mediterranean food had really caused a reaction. And not a good one. Valentines Day was once again taking a turn for the worse - I seem cursed.

At 11.30pm my wife appeared before me in her robe. Apparently she had left the office while I was in  the toilet and gone upstairs to get changed. In hushed tones she told me I should join her in bed because .... Yes, that's literally how her sentence finished: with a '...'  Whilst 10+ years ago she could happily articulate and enact her wicked plans (example), we are now reduced to "You should come upstairs because... [pregnant pause]"

This, in my opinion, is the problem with many long term relationships today. If you want something ask for it directly. Tell your partner what you want explicitly, don't expect us to be mind readers. My wife has in the past told me I should come to bed because... she thinks I go to bed too late and I'm tired during the day.  My wife has in the past told me I should come to bed because... she wants me to drive her somewhere early in the morning and forgot to mention it until now.

But there was no mistaking her intentions now. It was Valentines Eve* and she clearly had something on under her robe, which she clearly wanted to show me. Sex was implied, I was confident of that.

"What about our daughter?" I asked. Our daughter's bedroom is right next to ours and she was still up. Hard to have wild races sex with your daughter one thin wall away. It didn't occur to me that my wife might want quiet romantic loving sex - I just assumed she wanted me to make her scream and beg for mercy - so I didn't think our bedroom was a good idea.

"Lets go down to the movie room then" said my wife, taking my hand. It was a good solution - the movie room is in the basement and has some noise insulation, and it's also two floors away from our daughter's bedroom on the top floor.  We snuck down there like a pair of teenagers looking for a park up, my dick was already throbbing in anticipation. I dimmed the lights to their lowest setting and we moved to the large sofa.

My wife pushed me down onto it but remained standing. In one swift movement she threw off her robe and stood before me. Clearly there was no time for any seductive striptease since she jumped on top of me straight away, straddling me on the couch. I got a quick peek at what she was wearing, before she closed in on me and started kissing me.

If I was a woman I could describe it perfectly but since I'm a man I'll try me best (apologies in advance):

It was three piece lingerie set, not the Valentines gift I'd gift her earlier in the day (see here). It was off white in color, consisting of skimpy panties, a linen bustier that zipped up the front (no padding or ribbing ie very thin and light), and a negligee thing over the top. It was very sexy but the negligee part didn't last long - I pulled it off and buried my face between her boobs.

It got quite frenetic quite fast. We were a mess of hands, fingers, lips, and mouths as we kissed wildly and passionately while my wife ground her self into my lap. I was still fully clothed at that point until my wife suddenly hopped up and dragged my pants off me. She was in such a rush she made a hash of it, so I had to help her, which wasn't easy because as soon as my cock came into view she dropped down to her knees and started to fellate it.

I eventually managed to shuck off my pants completely and I settled back into the plush sofa to enjoy the pleasure of my wife's wet mouth enveloping my stiff cock. As she swallowed me whole and moved up and down my dick in slow sensuous movements I felt the waves of stress leave my body and float away. I groaned, loudly, as each wave left me.

My wife, sensing she was doing something right, tightened the seal around my cock and increased the pressure as she continued to suck me off. The head of my cock swelled and my balls contracted as I could feel my orgasm coming closer. It felt great but as my lust spiraled I decided I really wanted to fuck her. I wanted to pump my cock hard and fast - I wanted to explode.

I wanted to fuck her face, not her pussy.

I pulled her off me and told her to lie on the floor, with her back to the sofa. I had her sit in the crook of the 'L' shaped couch and made her lie head back on the seat. I placed a soft pillow under her head for support and then I climbed up and straddle her face. She took me in her mouth and put her hands on my ass as I slowly began to slide my swollen prick in and out of her mouth. Her teeth raked my shaft gently as I started to pump harder and faster.

Reading my mind she grabbed my balls as I reared up and really started fucking her face. Her mouth was warm and wet and with her tight suction it felt like a pussy. Which is good because I really wanted to fuck. I started thrusting hard and that familiar feeling of an imminent orgasm returned quickly.

But the position was unsustainable. I knew I was enjoying it but it seemed quite rough on her. She made no complaint but neither was I certain she was enjoying it. I questioned whether I was presuming she was going to enjoy based only on some of her erotica choices and some of my favorite sex bloggers. Just because they liked it rough, or to be 'taken', didn't mean my wife would.

My dick was still hard, and still felt great fucking her mouth, but I knew I wasn't going to come now. Not this way. Once again self doubt had denied me another climax.

I pulled out and off her, and without a word my wife moved away. Getting off the floor she climbed onto the couch and piled some cushions over the back of the couch. She lay over the couch, with her head dangling over the side and told me to get up and fuck her. She was on her feet, but bent over the couch, using pillows for support.

"Stand up behind me and fuck me like this" she instructed "you can watch yourself in the mirror"

Indeed, there was a mirror on our right, above the small kitchenette in the movie room. While I could see us in the mirror  I really couldn't see anything 'good' because of the two shelves. The angle was wrong. Wrong for me. "Yeah, that's it" she purred "slide it in and fuck me". She had her head turned to one side, facing the mirror, and I presume she was watching me grab her hips and slowly sliding my length all the way in.

It did feel good, but the position was a little awkward. I was standing up on the sofa and she was too in a way, with her legs about a yard apart and her ass pointed skyward. I held her tightly to support myself and started thrusting steadily. She began moaning and groaning, her body and head bouncing wildly as she let herself go and just enjoyed the sensation of my cock pounding her cunt.

She gave up watching herself in the mirror and closed her eyes and 'let go'. Her head was lolling over the side of the couch as I pummeled her pussy, her body now rocking on top of the piled cushions in a kind of free fall. With every thrust she moaned a little more and I could tell she was enjoying it. Me, on the other hand not so much.  Standing on a softly furnished sofa does not create much stability and  the back of my thighs were beginning to cramp up as I crooked them down lower with almost every thrust.

I was effectively pushing my wife up and over the back of the couch, and once again I knew the position was unsustainable.

"Stay where you are" I ordered, as I pulled out and stepped off the sofa. She flopped down on the piled cushions so I slapped her butt. "Stay exactly where you were" I said again, more forcefully, as I manhandled her back into position. She was in the head down ass up position, but this time on a sofa, not our bed. Her ass was much higher up this way, and presented in a manner that gave me clear access to both her holes.

I wasted no time in diving in, tongue first.

As I buried my stiff wet tongue into her dripping pussy my nose was pressed deep into her crinkled rosebud. I knew she'd showered so I was fearless. My tongue pushed and probed her wet folds as my nose was wedged in the crease of her ass. I swirled my tongue around her labia before homing in on her swollen clit. She cried out and pushed back, letting me know I'd found the spot.

I kept my flattened tongue pressed firmly against her clit and pushed my head forward and back, simulating the rhythm of a traditional PIV fuck. My wife was grunting and groaning, meeting my oral thrusts with her own. Once again it became quite frenetic as our lust took over. I was hanging onto my wife's hip with one hand, with my head wedged up her backside, tonguing her clit and labia furiously, while stroking my fat cock with my other hand.

Once again the position was becoming unsustainable as we again started slowly tipping courselves over the back of the couch.

"Get on the floor" my wife said, suddenly. "Right down, where you had me sit before"

I did as I was told, and sat on the floor, in the crook of the 'L' shaped couch as she climbed down from her piled cushions. She stood in front of me and I presumed she was going to climb up and straddle my face, as I'd done to her, but she didn't.

"Wank that cock for me" she said, "I want to see you come."

I didn't need to be told twice and I started jerking my cock, with a tight grip and a fast movement. I was ready to cum alright and if she wanted it this way she could have it. My wife stood over me, her feet astride me on the floor, her pussy inches from my face. She stared down at me and started running her fingers up and down her slit. I could see she was aroused and it took less than a minute before she was gripping her cunt with one hand and fingering her clit with the other.

I was wanking my throbbing cock like a school boy but she was no longer paying attention. She was still standing upright, rigid, but her eyes were tightly shut as her hands worked on her pussy. It was fascinating to watch and I knew she was close to (another?) orgasm. Suddenly she threw her head back and I knew it was happening. She said very little, but her face was contorted as she gritted her teeth and let out a small "nnnnngh" - her hands never once releasing their grip on her vulva.

Suddenly she was done and she dived forward, right over the top of me, landing on the first set of cushions. Once again she was in the prone position, inviting me to fuck her doggy style. Head down and ass up, without looking back she gave me another order: "Fuck me, cum in my hole, fill my pussy"

I did exactly that. I climbed up onto the couch and mounted her doggy style and once again pummeled her wet sloppy cunt. Yes, I started slowly at first but it escalated quickly. My wife was very wet and very ready to receive me. Thrusting hard and fast, the sweat pouring off me, my wife took it upon herself to reach back and pull her butt cheeks apart, showing me her gaping asshole. [Redacted]

"You wanna fuck my asshole don't you?" she said, teasingly. "You'd love to stick it in my ass and fuck my tight little hole wouldn't you?" My wife knows I like dirty talk, especially when it involves assplay, so I guessed this was her closing maneuver - she was looking to finish me off. "Why don't you squirt your hot jizz into my ass crack? Fill my hole with that hot sticky mess?"

Aaaand I was done. I did exactly that. Game over. She won - and I didn't care! I pumped my cock, squeezed my balls, and exploded ALL over her ass. 


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  1. Sounds like some hot, wild sex to me!
    My husband and I have been together for almost 16 years and still there are things I am shy to tell him or ask. I think I would have done exactly the same as your wife did with the pregnant pause and jumping you without giving you a good look as to what she had on :)

    Rebel xox

    1. Thanks! I actually left out some of the ‘non sex’ stuff that made it a lot weirder than it reads here. I figured after Monday’s post people just want the sex, not the angst.
      (That’s coming in tomorrows post! πŸ˜‚)

  2. Your perspective on things is always fascinating, angst or no angst.

  3. Em - wifey was very vocal!Hope your gut is berrer now ;-)

    1. Yes, she can be vocal when she wants to be. Maybe she was trying to hurry me along?

  4. I love your writing Nero. You tell it like it really is which makes it more powerful. Bravo


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