Monday, February 26, 2018

Wedding Night Sex

Vargas wedding pinup via Instagram 
So as I mentioned yesterday, in the Sinful Sunday post no-one read, my wife and I went to a wedding on Friday. We stayed overnight and flew back on Saturday evening. We had sex on Friday night, but only because I did all the work:

We left the wedding reception in the hotel ballroom/conference room/breakfast buffet overflow and went back to our room, arriving about midnight. I was keen to have sex, since my wife had fobbed me off on Wednesday night with the specific promise that she would make up for it on Friday night, in our hotel suite. Now that we were in the suite my wife was yawning and telling me what a long day it had been, and how we had to get up and check out by 10am.

She tried to fob me off with the promise that we could have sex in the morning, check out of the hotel, and then go into town for brunch.

I'm a 'bird in the hand' type of guy and so I wasn't so sure that this was a good idea. Knowing my wife we could wake up late and the promised sex would be off the table. The exact same thing had happened the weekend before. My wife gives teasing hints at what we might do, but then later has other important stuff to do that takes precedence. Like writing a report for a meeting, or Facebook, or Kindleporn.

So when my wife muttered something about booking a breast exam that week I jokingly offered to give her a check myself. And I did.

She didn't object and her nipples hardened up quickly as I fondled and caressed her. I had my hands on her tits and my mouth on the back of her neck, nibbling and kissing her, as she squirmed at my touch. My hands roamed down her body without objection, before settling on her pussy. She pressed her vulva up into my hand, so I pushed down - hard. I fingered her wet slippery folds as she placed her hand over mine, pushing me in deeper.

When she kicked off the covers I knew what she wanted next and I was happy to oblige.

I kissed her neck, mouth, and breasts before dropping down and placing myself between her legs. She spread herself wider to accommodate me, pulling her knees up as my mouth found her cunt. She was wet and ripe, and tasted great as I drank in her scent as I tongued her lips and clit. She writhed beneath me, at various times clamping her thighs around my head and at other times releasing me, only to grab my head with both hands and push me deeper into her sopping wet pussy.

My mouth and tongue were constantly at her cunt, as I alternated between gripping her thighs and pulling her up into my mouth or dropping down and pressing hard against her swollen clit. She was the one in control, I merely tried to keep up as she thrashed around beneath me. She finished herself off by humping my face, holding me down as she thrust up several times, and groaning.

When she was done she let go and fell back into the mattress. She was done.

I sidled up next to her and cuddled her while placing one hand between her legs. This is how I gauge if she wants another orgasm, since there's usually another one in there, more often than not. Usually I can get her off again with my hand or tongue, but I'd stirred the hornets nest and she wanted more. She grabbed my hand and pulled it away from her pussy, to the other side of her body, forcing me to move over along with it.

"I want you inside me" she whispered into my ear "I want that cock fucking me"

I climbed on top of her and she fed me inside. She was wet but tight, so I pushed slowly, letting her feel every inch of me. I began thrusting missionary style, but lifted myself up higher as I quickened my pace, so that the root of my cock would press against her clit as I fucked her. She seemed to like it and reached up to grab my hips and pull me in tighter.  

I pounded her harder and faster and my wife was moaning and groaning and tossing her head from side to side. She released her hands from my hips and then pulled her knees back so I could thrust deeper and harder. Her tits bounced with every thrust and her moans intensified. She released her knees and stretched her legs up high, into a 'V'. I grabbed her by her upper outer thighs and pulled her closer to me, as I simultaneously pushed myself further inside her.

I massaged her knees briefly before reaching up and grabbing her ankles. I held her firmly and stretched her wider, and continued fucking her deep. As I adjusted my stance to pound her just a little bit deeper I wet my thumb and placed it on her clit. It felt hard and swollen so I swirled my thumb around, gently. My wife arched her back and gasped, so I continued with my movements. With my thumb on her clit I continued to thrust in and out, but now I was just holding her in place with one hand.

I wet my thumb again and simply left it on her clit as I fucked her, letting the movement of our thrusting bodies do the work. As my wife's moans increase I began slowly applying pressure, until my thumb was pretty much pressed hard against her clit, as I continued to bang her. My wife's moans turned to gasps and she started thrusting against me, all the while with her legs high in the air, still in the open 'V' position.

"Oh.god.yes.nnnnngh!" was all she said, in short clipped gasps, to indicate her climax.

As soon as I released her she crawled up into the fetal position. Well, maybe not so tightly. She curled up like a cat, not someone having psychotic break. I snuggled up beside her and spooned her from behind. "How was that?" I asked, wondering what she thought of the thumb on the clit move. I know lots of other people do it, but we hadn't and I was worried I had pressed too hard on her sensitive clit.

"Perfect" she said, assuaging my fears "it was perfect"

Her tone indicated she was sincere so forgive me if I didn't take a moment to lie back and congratulate myself for a job well done. I think it's a normal human reaction to take pride in being able to fuck our partners silly and I knew I'd done just that. And the night was still young, it was my turn now. My cock was standing straight up in anticipation of what was about to happen next, standing thick, stiff and proud.

If this was a movie the bedroom would have been lit well enough to see the quizzical look on my face as I slowly realized my wife was not rolling over to my side, to reciprocate. "I'll give you a blow job in the morning, it's late, we need to sleep now" was all she said, as she made it clear nothing more was going to happen. That I still had a rock hard cock seemed to be of no consequence - apparently I should have cum when she did.

That'll teach me for making sure she cums first and concentrating so hard on how she feels while I'm fucking her.

And as I mentioned here, there was no time for a blowjob in the morning either.  


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  1. I thought I was going to get to congratulate you and now I'm just sorry. :(

    1. it started well, and then ... I guess she was done?!

  2. Haha - u poor fucker! that did make me laugh - sorry thou ...

    1. laughing at me huh? our relationship has come to this? shame on you Ms May!

  3. This story hit some nerves with me on a past life, sorry it didn't end as you had hoped.

    1. ye oldde sexual dynamic is a funny thing...

  4. What a shame, it all sounded so hot and frantic, but it's almost as if you satisfied her too well! I do think she is getting off on you being more masterful with her though, keep on in that 'vein'.


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