Monday, February 5, 2018

Welcome back, Sex

My wife returned home on Wednesday night, after 8 days overseas, and 27 days since we'd last had sex. While she was away she kept telling me how much she missed me and how much she loved me and how appreciative she was to have a man like me in her life. So as you can imagine, she jumped my bones as soon as we got home from the airport. We left the suitcase in the car and raced upstairs for some wild, crazy, and frenetic sex...

Well, in the movie version perhaps.

In real life I picked her up from the airport and when we got home it was as if she'd never left. She unpacked her suitcase, showed me what she'd bought, told me she wanted to clear some emails, and left me to watch TV while she 'cleared her emails' a.k.a. checked what she'd missed on Facebook. We did not have sex that night, which wasn't a problem because I was tired.

On Thursday my wife told me that while she was away she had decided we needed to reinstitute 'Date Night' because she realized we needed to spend more time together, exclusively, just us. I said that would be great, but it was really up to her since Date Night had disappeared (years ago!) because she was always so busy and always had something on.

I was always up for Date Night but had given up making any dates because she would invariably cancel because it conflicted with something else she had to do. I told her Date Night only happened when she wanted it to happen, so I would leave it to her to say when.

I don't think she realized I was using Date Night as a metaphor for our sex life.

There was no sex on Thursday night either, because like Date Night I had/have given up initiating. During her absence I had rediscovered the joys of masturbation so I've realized I do not need to demean myself by begging for sex. If I want release the power is in my hands. Well, one hand, since I'm not ambidextrous. Anyway, on Thursday my wife said she was tired and went to bed early. And read her book/iPad/Kindle/whatever for an hour...

On Friday afternoon my wife decided it was Date Night and so we went to a movie. We were going to have dinner before the movie but left it so late we ended up eating in a Food Court prior to the 9pm screening, which I thought was hilarious. We got home before midnight and my wife went straight back on the computer in her home office to 'check emails' etc aka Facebook. I watched TV.

My wife joined me a half hour later and asked me what I was watching, which is code for 'can we stop watching that and watch one of my shows?'  So we did, and then we watched one more, and then {big yawn} 'Gosh, is that the time? It's 2am - I must get some sleep' and off to bed she went.  So much for date night!  I went back to the show I was watching before she came in, but since I too was yawning I also decided it was time for bed.

When I climbed into bed the lights were out but my wife was not asleep. She snuggled up beside me and gave me a cuddle. And a squeeze (my body, not my dick). Rediscovering the joys of masturbation is one thing but intercourse is better and I figured this was my cue to have sex with her. I kissed her and she kissed me back and then I grabbed her butt and it was all on.

My wife was all over me like a woman who hadn't had sex since January 4th.

Or a woman who had been cheating on her husband at a conference in China and now felt guilty and decided she would cover her tracks by making mad passionate love to her husband...

If that sounds warped, yes, you're right. But it was what went through my head.

Not that it mattered, I still had sex with her.

It was almost surreal. It began quite dispassionately for me, but my wife was oblivious. Obviously I acquitted myself well because my wife was moaning, groaning, and gasping for breath by the time I was finished. I guess a lot of oral and a good pounding will do that to a girl.

I guess absence does make the heart grow stronger...


Update: The sex was actually very hot and exciting and yet I just can't get enthused to write it up today. That's why I left it so long before posting - I thought maybe 'later' I'd feel more excited remembering it and give you all the x-rated details, like I normally do. So I left it all day (and night - I posted it at 10.45pm) but every time I came back to it I just couldn't be bothered adding any more. Tonight I just jerked off (instead of banging my wife - yes, I literally chose one over the other) and that felt good too. Does this mean I'm depressed? Maybe I'll get it together by Wednesday, since I still have the Saturday night sexcapade to write up as well... 

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  1. Hi Nero - liked this post,it was very real, quite a lot like the Churchgate household (except I don't go away on business! it's usually the other way around). Maybe your wife gets 'stage fright' at a wide open, obvious opportunity for sex, she still prefers you to take the initiative (she is an old fashioned girl in several ways it seems). She got into it pretty well, once you fired the starter pistol!

    1. Yeah, I'm starting to think you're right about her expectation that I take the lead. Which is weird given she's so Type A in almost every other aspect of her life. I do feel I initiate quite a lot (or have, in the past) but I've been shot down quite a lot too.
      But as they say: 'You can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket!' so I guess I shall have to persevere!!

  2. Nero, this sums up my life perfectly - have you been stalking me?!

    1. No - it just seems to be a common experience amongst men!
      (and I suspect there are just as many women expressing the same complaints about their men)

  3. I'm glad you're masturbating again. I'm glad you got to fuck her and that she seemed to enjoy it. I just don't see how the lack of communication and not saying what's on your mind is sustainable - I don't know that laying it all out will actually help (I sort of assume you've already done that a million times to no avail) but as someone who talks JB's ear off for the slightest issue, it's the thing I notice more than the heat. Feel free to ignore/reject the not-asked-for insight...

    1. Yes, she enjoyed herself alright!

    2. Looking back through my blog I see we have talked a lot and she promises this and that but then always returns to previous patterns of behavior. Maybe I'm just as guilty? I seem to be repeating the same complaints ad nauseam.
      But then again if someone keeps smacking you in the head and you complain that it hurts, is there any other conversation you can have other than “I’d like you to stop smacking me in th head”?

  4. Your wife and I have a depressing amount in common, and if she is anything like me, she feels guilt for the pain she causes you. Depression and low libido have made me a nightmare for my husband. I feel for you...and her.

    1. I'm sure she does (feel guilty) but I just wish she'd let go her ego and allow me to deal with my needs myself. As I've blogged previously she doesn't like me masturbating, because in her mind it's 'her job' to take care of me sexually. The reality is that she doesn't get around to it as often as she thinks. It's like that pile of ironing stacking up in the spare room - you keep telling yourself you're going to deal to it but you never quite do.


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