Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Everyone is feeling Sad this week!

This image made me sad once - find out why by clicking here

Wicked Wednesday
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So reads the tagline on the Wicked Wednesday site, but this weeks 'prompt' is... Sadness. I wasn't going to participate this week because it seemed like such a downer but as fate would have it something happened that made me sad, so... here I go:

Regular readers of this blog will know I regularly complain about the lack of sexual intimacy between me and my wife. I'm well aware that this comes across as bleating, moaning, whining, whingeing, or whatever word you would care to use. I just wish I could articulate how sad it makes me that we don't have sex more often.

We're in our early 50s and there is no reason why we shouldn't. Other than that I don't generate any desire in her, of course. And that's what makes me sad. She used to be sexually vivacious and we had sex all the time when we were younger. Up to three times a day when we first started living together. But youth fades and I get that, and you have to keep the spark alive and I get that too.

I've tried hard over the years to spice things up, to add spontaneity and novelty to our sexual routine, and while those efforts have worked in and of themselves, they haven't fired her libido in any meaningful way. She does not desire sex with me, so unless I push (hard) for it to happen it doesn't happen. This is sad.

Saddest of all is that I know she is a sexual being and she has her own needs and desires - things that she doesn't share with me. I know she reads a lot of dirty stories (just check out the tags marked Kindle Porn and Literotica below to see those posts) and they can be pretty extreme genres. I used to know what she was reading on Literotica simply by checking her browser history on her iPad, but since she changed her passcode at the end of last year I have been left in the dark.

She denies she reads Literotica anymore, and this year she has made a point of insisting she only reads 'Chick Lit' on Kindle now, not 'Clit Lit'.  On the rare occasions this year that I've caught her on her iPad, reading Kindle, she would indeed be reading a romance novel - not a bodice ripping 'someone-gets-fucked-ine every-chapter' piece of erotica.

And so we come to the thing that made me sad enough to join the Wicked Wednesday prompt this week...

My wife left her iPad open and I was able to check her browser history. It turns out she is indeed still using Literotica regularly, and she's still into some fairly extreme genres. Normally I post pictures of the screen grabs I take (see here and here and here) but there are soooo many titles I can't just publish twenty eight pages of browser history. It would seem all my wife does on her iPad is read Kindleporn or Literotica - she switches to Facebook when she sees me coming it seems.

Listed below are just a few of the stories she was reading in the days leading up to and including the last time we had sex (Feb 28 - "I had sex last night" - that's three weeks ago)! The following are from just 6 of the 28 pages of browser history I captured. 

Japanese 'Hentai' - a.k.a. Anime porn, which always features girls
of a dubious or ambiguous age! Sometimes they look decidedly underage
- but always with elf ears and/or tails to show they're not human. So it's okay, right?
Trigger Warning: All titles are from the 'Incest' genre on

How Do You Seduce Your Daughter
Expecting & Expectations
A Sweet Life
Grandpa Fills In The Gap
Daddy & James Partner Up
Summer With Daddy
What Once Was Innocent
Daddy's Fuck Toy
Stepdad's Summer Secretary
Daddy's Girl
A Move To Daddy's
Home Invasion
Daddy's Breeding Slut
A Daughter Belong's To Her Daddy
Three Days In A Ditch
Daddy's Poker Chip
Mom Was Wrong
Lexi Classified
Daddy Seeded Me
Spring Break Wife
Stop It, Daddy!
Drunk daddy
Bless Me Father
Daddy Takes What's His
A Cock For Vikki
The Summer That Changed Everything
Fooling My Stepdaughter
Discovering Daddy
What Mama Don't Know
Adopted Black Daughter
Julie's Panythose

I understand that people often chose erotica about stuff they'd never want to experience in real life (forced submission, torture, etc) but given our daughter recently turned sixteen it's starting to feel a little creepy. I guess I should be grateful she'd not reading the 'Interracial' genre right now, because I certainly can't match those big black studs with their massive cocks.

So to conclude... I am sad because my wife seems to be having all her needs met via online porn these days. I'm here if she wants me, but... apparently my service are not required.

To finish on a positive note... it's my birthday in two weeks so I'm sure to get laid then, right? Maybe my wife is 'saving it all up' for a special night on my special day? I'll keep you posted!


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  1. It's all DD/lg, would that be her usual genre? Can you talk to her about her desires - this is not just about sex and erotica, but maybe some kind of escape. I can understand why this is so upsetting for you. If you confront her, what will happen do you think? J xx

    1. Sorry, I’m not up with the DD/lg acronym. On it’s listed under ‘Incest/Taboo’.

  2. Taboo porn - i think your wife likes to play sex games, dress up, role play etc. - its just getting her in the right frame of mind to do so

    1. Just because she’s done all of that once or twice (over 25 years) doesn’t mean she’d into it. If she was she’d ask/suggest we do more of it, surely?

  3. Just made me sad, for you for her... The others know more about this than I do, take notice of them.

    1. Nah, commiserating with me is good enought right now! πŸ‘πŸΌ
      Besides, in the last 10 years I’ve communicated my feeling to her but she just pays lip service. She’s very happy.

  4. I am sorry to hear she's not sharing with you and wonder if there might be a way you can talk to her about it, about what you miss? If that might help?

    Rebel xox

    1. We’ve already done that a lot over the last 10 years, including two (seperate) sessions with marriage counsellers (involving multiple sessions with each) and the reality is she’s not going to change.
      I’m going to try to shut up about it in future since its boring and repetitive for y’all. I only shared now because it was the WW prompt.


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