Friday, March 30, 2018

#fishnetfriday or #fetishfriday ??? πŸ€”

via Instagram 
It's so hard to keep up with the social memes. Is today FishnetFriday or FetishFriday or FriskyFriday? Of course it's all three, but it's so hard to find a pic that covers all the bases. But lawd knows I might be missing out on followers if I don't do it right.

I feel so silly hash tagging MondayBunday, especially when there's also TushieTuesday (aka TushyTuesday - can't miss out on people following that spelling) and now I discover there's an AssWednesday hashtag. Why can't we just hashtag Butt or Ass and be done with it? Oh, that's right - if you use that hashtag too much Instagram and Twitter will shadow ban you.

The morality protocols on social media these days are such a minefield (get it wrong and you're shadow banned for a week or so - or worse, your account is terminated) that I've just joined

They claim they're going to let people post all the naughty pics they like, and write all the naughty words they like, so I've joined - if only to claim my name before someone else does. I'm not active on it yet but I'll keep you updated and let you all know how it goes. If you've also joined let me know your handle in the comments section below. Mine is

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