Thursday, March 29, 2018

Replay - Weekend Sex

This is a repost of one I originally published way back in May 04, 2016

I got lucky last Friday night, and again on Saturday night.

As I mentioned last Thursday (here), my wife has resumed reading dirty stories on and has also bought a bunch of 'romance' novels on Amazon for her Kindle. She then bought a bunch more on Friday and started reading them too so by Friday night she was primed and ready to fuck. I told you what happened on Friday here, but I ran out of time to tell you about Saturday. It's a short story but worth telling because it's quite rare for me to get it two nights in a row.

It went down like this:

We had a good day together and went out for a casual meal at a local place on Saturday evening. When we got back my wife went online for about an hour on her computer and then 'retired' to bed to do so some reading. Uh huh, I knew where this was going. This time I gave her three hours, before joining her in bed. It was after midnite and she'd heard me coming up so had quickly turned off the light and pretended to be asleep.

Oh, we're playing that game again are we?

I lay in bed in the dark, and within a few minutes she was fidgeting around, as if 'half asleep' but 'restless'. I leaned over and kissed her, and cupped her breast gently. Like the night before, her nipples were hard and stiff. She was aroused. "Are you horny?" I whispered quietly into her ear.

"I'm tired" she said, flatly.

Okay, that is that I thought. I rolled back over to my side and tried to clear my head and go to sleep.

In less than a minute my wife rolled up close and snaked a hand up over me and grabbed my dick again (like she had the previous night).  Okay, maybe that's not that I thought.

"I thought you were tired?" I responded.

"I am tired" she repeated.

I rolled around and she immediately pressed her boobs into my chest, which left my hands caught in front of them. Leaving them where they were I grabbed both breasts (over her nightie) and began manhandling them. She just pressed herself even closer so I continued squeezing her. My hands were in odd places but she was clearly happy with what I was doing so I made no attempt to change positions and just kept doing what I was doing. I was a T-Rex clawing at her boobs!

She reached down and grabbed my cock, and started tugging on it.

"Yeah, let's make it big" she said lustily, "let's jerk that cock and make it big and fat. I want it nice and hard and just the right size before I let you fuck me with it, yeaaah..."

Wow, that was new - she doesn't normally talk like that. It must have been one of the books she was reading, and while I was happy (because I love dirty talk) I was also slightly intimidated. I was already hard, as hard as I was going to get, and I knew I wasn't going to get any harder or 'bigger'. If she was waiting for me to get to 'just the right size' then she was going to be shit out of luck. Sorry lady, but this is it. Don't let those books fool you into thinking I can gain another inch - either in length or girth.

Maybe she read my mind because she stopped talking and reached into her nightstand to grab the lube. She lathered it over both my cock and her pussy and we were good to go. I mounted her missionary style and ground my pubic bone into her clit on the upstroke, since she had seemed to enjoy the pressure when we had done something similar (but completely different) the night before. She started moaning and writhing below me, squeezing her own breasts as she did so.

It was hot. I concentrated hard on making her cum and stopping myself from doing the same.

I lifted her legs and started pounding into her hard, as she grabbed her vulva and pressed firmly against her clit. Her other hand was squeezing one of her tits for all it was worth and I could tell she was very close. I continued pumping her and she grunted that she was cumming and begged me to cum too.

"Cum with me, fill me up, shoot it all inside me, I want it all inside me" she grunted.

Yup, she was reading dirty stories with dirty talk alright - and saying all the right words now!

I loved it but I wasn't ready to cum so I flipped her around onto all fours and did her doggy style. There was almost no break so she was almost immediately ramped back to a second orgasm as I grabbed her hips and thrust deeply. Again she moaned like she was about to cum, dropping her head and mewing into the mattress. With her free hand she started slapping her cunt and began grunting again. My balls were slapping her pussy too now, fighting with her fingers for access to her clit.

She found a rhythm, stroking my balls and her clit at the same as I rode her hard.

"Uh-nghhhh" she grunted, "I'm cummmm-innng!"

And she did, hissing through gritted teeth as she squeezed out a second orgasm. I held still as she pulsed around my dick, before releasing her and letting her fall forward onto the mattress. Looking at her ass as she slumped on the bed I started jacking my cock again, in long slow strokes. I decided I wanted to jerk off and spray my hot jism down her ass crack, as we'd done many times before. I pulled her up again into the doggy position, and placed my cock at the entrance to her back door.

I jacked my cock, leaving the head right between her crack, teasing myself with the fantasy of plunging forward and taking her there. I felt my spunk churning in my balls as I imagined how tight her ass would feel, wrapped around my stiff prick. I knew I was close, but before I could tell her my wife jumped forward and away from me. Turning around as she did so she told me what she wanted:

"Cum on my tits"

She grabbed them both and swirled her fingers around the stiff nipples. "Right here" she continued, pulling her breasts apart slightly to show me where she wanted it.

I had actually been ready to cum on her ass seconds earlier so her move had been kind of disruptive, but I sucked it up and got back to work. I spread her legs wide and walked on my knees up between her legs until my balls were resting on her pussy. They bounced on her clit as I jacked my cock and it wasn't long before a steady stream of cum was flying up and onto her tits. I mashed my balls into her hot pussy as I jerked the last few drops of spunk out of my cock and onto her belly button.

It took a while to clean up (the sperm seemed to be everywhere) but finally we were both snuggled down and drifting quickly off to sleep. As I fell into slumber I mused at my own good fortune: I'd had sex two nights in a row and this almost never happens! But my wife seemed to be responding really well to the erotic fiction so I wondered what tomorrow night (Sunday) would bring. Was a third sexual encounter on the cards, or was I being greedy?

Sadly it was not to be, but not for the reasons you might think...

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