Sunday, March 25, 2018

What Would Freud Say?

The minute I left the house on Saturday afternoon my wife started searching Kindleporn
(start from the bottom and read up to see the order she browsed in)

Day 25 and still no sex with my wife. Last night was Saturday night but... well, let's all agree that our  her promise to have more sex with me by 'scheduling' sexual intimacy on Wednesday and Saturday has well and truly fallen by the wayside. But, as the above web search proves, clearly she's not lost her libido - she's just lost her interest in having sex with me.

Below are the titles she actually bought, which I agree are more Chick Lit than Clit Lit, so you don't need to point that out. But after buying them she did go on to browse raunchier titles. I guess she's too scared to buy those - besides, she can find that stuff for free on (see here for the list of stories she read on Literotica earlier this month)

I wonder what Freud might make of the title choices?

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