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TMI Tuesday: April 24, 2018 ~ 5 Things...

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Tell us . . .

1. - The problem with you in 5 words.
~ The glass is half empty.

2. - 5 things you want in life.
~ World peace (seriously), to be happier, to be thinner/better health, to get more sex, to relax/be less stressed.

3. - 5 things you need to quit.
~ Obsessing about the lack of sex, getting stressed by my teenage daughter, worrying about how long the money will last, spending so much time online, writing such long blog posts.

4. - 5 things you require in a lover.
~ Desire/lust for sex/me, communication during sex (I'm not a mindreader!), enthusiasm while having sex, appreciation for my efforts, discretion before, during and after the fact (I'm a married man!)

5. - 5 things you are tired of.
~ I'm tired of being tired all the time - about everything! x 5

Bonus: What 5 things will you never share on social media?
~ My real name, my face, my penis size*, my weight, my location.

Double Bonus: kind of a follow on from the Bonus question... I think I over shared last Wednesday when I wrote “What would you do with a million dollars?", so have a quick read before I delete it...!
* And that means no Dick Pics either!!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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Ona Artist for #mondaybunday πŸ’₯

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 Ona Artist is a 'creative' who writes and performs her own music. She also takes sexy photos of herself which she shares on social media to raise her profile and sell her music. She also makes special private videos that she sells, in addition to her music, via her social media accounts. Some of these performances are of a sexual nature. Despite having never seen any of these videos I am fascinated by her. Is it art or is it porn? She has all the appearances of being just another sexy naked Instagrammer, but I still can't be sure if that's all there is to her.

@onaartist for #mondaybunday πŸ’₯ [see also: @onamania πŸ‘€ ]
#butt #booty #ass #bootyπŸ‘ 

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Normally I’d rather give than receive but...

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Normally I’d rather give than receive but for @mistresstt.s I might make an exception! πŸ—
Repost from @mistresstt.s - “Maybe all you need is a little pain...” πŸ˜ˆπŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ”₯

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Teacher Sex: Jennifer Frechette

I have a prurient interest in criminal cases involving female teachers and young students. I know these are sex crimes but a double standard does exist IMO. Societally we all know it's wrong for a male teacher to have sex with a younger female student (she was groomed/coerced) but when the genders are reversed there's a part of us that thinks "did the experience really damage him?" or "did she force him to do anything he didn't want to?"

Those are not questions we'd countenance with a female victim. As a male, sure, I would have loved to have been 'seduced' by an older women when I was a horny adolescent - in theory. The reality is that it would most likely have messed with my head ultimately, and probably fucked up my future sex life. 

What I found most fascinating about these cases is that very often the women are quite attractive and presumably quite capable of getting laid if they wanted sex. Underscoring that point is that often times these women are married. So it's not just sex they're after, they want power over these young boys. They want to be the one in control, 'teaching' these young teens, they want to 'deflower' them and 'be their first'. The motive is similar to most adult male predators too.

In this post we profile...

Jennifer Frechette is a 44-year-old wife, mother and drama teacher at Wilbur Cross High School in Connecticut. She is accused of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old male student after the two were caught in a dressing room with a blow up bed and condoms by two security officers.

Frechette was arrested and charged with second-degree sex assault, fourth-degree sex assault and risk of injury to a minor on April 13, 2017. Frechette was released after posting a $100,000 surety bond. She was photographed walking hand-in-hand with her husband to court in New Haven.

According to an arrest warrant two security officers caught Frechette with the underage student in a dressing room. Officials say the teen left but Frechette appeared to be hiding “in a fetal position.” Frechette denied any wrong doing at first, but the teen told investigators that the pair had exchanged text messages discussing sex and planned to do so the night they were caught.

Police filed search warrants for Frechette’s and the student’s phones. They found text conversations that discussed sexual intercourse, oral sex and how she was no longer attracted to her husband. The student admitted that Frechette had performed oral sex on him a few months prior. The teen admitted back in December that Frechette had performed oral sex on him on a couch in her classroom.

She was placed on administrative leave once the school became aware of the alleged inappropriate relationship in January. School officials are now in the process of firing Frechette.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Throwback Thursday ~ About that sex last weekend... Part 2

Those nipples make me hard, jus' sayin'

This post was originally published Friday, July 21, 2017. This is an excerpt, you can read the whole thing here.
My hands are all over her, stroking her body, squeezing her breasts gently... and then she throws off the covers, which is my cue to go down on her, which I do. I eat her out and she cums, which is my cue to get up from between her legs and lie back - it's my turn now. She gets up and kneels beside me on the massive hotel bed and takes my dick in her hand, and starts wanking it slowly. I moan so she picks up the pace and starts jerking me off hard and fast. 
My groans turn her on so she swivels around and plants her cunt on my face. I start licking her pussy and eating her out again. I assume that since we're in a 69 position she's going to blow me, but I'm wrong. She lays her head on my outer thigh, facing away, and continues the handjob as she pushed back into me. She's grinding her cunt into my wet mouth and wanking me - my prick bouncing in and out of her hair.

I was licking, nibbling, fingering, and feathering her pussy with my tongue and fingers. My hand was somehow reaching around her butt and prodding her wet hole, while my tongue ran circles around her clit. Normally she prefers a flattened tongue pressing hard there, but due to the tangle we'd found ourselves in all I could manage was a darting tongue flicking her here and there. It was not in my usual repertoire because years earlier she had told me she didn't like it that way - but she sure as hell was loving it now....

...She was so so tight. I don't know what happened but by the time I was in balls deep she was wet and loosening up just a fraction. I pulled out slowly, pushed myself back in just as slowly and then {Voila!} 'normal transmission' was resumed. I began pumping in and out of her at a steady pace as she got wetter and started to grunt with every thrust. It was clear she wanted to be fucked so I started to pound her a little harder, a little faster. 
She started fingering her own clit and when she started slapping it I knew she was going to cum. This always sets me off, and so I told I was about to cum. "Yessss!" she hissed, "cum in my dirty hole...

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“What would you do with a million dollars?"

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The prompt for the #wickedwednesday meme this week is “what would you do with a #milliondollars πŸ€‘ 
I have no idea! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜ˆ  
πŸ“Έ: @milliondollar.girls 

Well, that was my Instagram post... but let's get real: we all know what we'd do with a million dollars. We'd throw a kick ass party. give some to our close friends and family to help them out, buy ourselves some toys (new shoes! a kick ass car! a boat!), and if we're sensible we'll pay down some debt. And if we're smart we'll pay down all our debt.

Putting aside a little for a kick ass vacation of course, because we deserve it!!

I know that's what most of you will probably say you'll do because that's what most people who win the lottery do with their money. First they say "I'm not gonna let it change me!" and then they blow it. Some in a year if they're really stupid, others in 5 - 10years. And then they're back where they started.

I know this is meant to be a 'fun' question, and we should give 'fun' answers, so I apologize for giving the 'no fun' answer: what you should do with a million dollars is pay down your debts and invest the rest, so you have an additional income.

I know because I already have a million dollars.

More in fact. But I earned it, over 30 years, so it wasn't just handed to me in a jumbo check like on Powerball or something. I was born in social housing, to parents who were on social assistance, now I'm lucky enough not to have to worry about anything. I have a roof over my head, there's always food on the table, and we take a family vacation once or twice a year. That's more than most of you I know, but don't hate me. People with money are the same as people without money. They can be as nice or mean or as happy or unhappy as everyone else.

Why? Because Money can't buy you love. The Beatles said it and so did May More. And now I'm telling you too. You've read my other blog posts, you know I'm unhappy. I'm unhappy because I'm not as sexually intimate as I want to be with my wife. And yet I have money. I could afford to see a prostitute if I wanted to and pay for the sex I'm not getting at home. No-one would know and the problem would be solved, right?

Except it doesn't work like that. I want to be with my wife, but she doesn't want me (sexually) and that makes me sad. And money can't fix that (besides, she has more money than me). The good news is that I've turned a corner, almost. As they say in AA: "give me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference". I can't make my wife want me so it's better I accept that and move on.

Better than the alternative at least. My wife thinks I'm overweight (I am) and should have lap band surgery to make me slimmer. I don't want to do that because [a] it's dangerous (I’m not obese, so this would be elective cosmetic surgery - my wife wants me to do it in Cuba or Asia so we/she can have a vacation at the same time) [b] it doesn't always work (many people just regain the weight eventually) [c] I don't want to go through all that and find out she still doesn't want me after all. (Much like women who get boob jobs, only to find their man still aint fucking them any more than they used to)

I guess with all my money I could get a personal trainer, but I've been there and done that. I did pilates too, for about 8 months. Made no difference at all. I am what I am.


This post has also been submitted to Wicked Wednesday

click here for more 'Wicked Wednesday' stories (NSFW)

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TMI Tuesday: April 17, 2018 ~ Lovers Guide

1. Write your 3 sexual commandments and share them here at TMI Tuesday.
~ Treat others as you would want them to treat you
~ Your partner is not a mind reader - communicate your wants and desires (and it might just happen!)
~ Thou shalt not with-hold sex to punish/train your partner (ie give love unconditionally - it's not a reward or treat)

2. Tell us your 3 D’s of relationship destruction.
~ I had no idea what this meant so I had to use Google. I found this. Which led to this (which I suspect was written for a female audience). I can only think of one D at the moment: "Death By A 1,000 Cuts" 

3. WikiHow lists several steps on how to seduce someone . What are your top 3 moves of seduction?
~ That list looks a bit corny, but if you do it right it works. There's a very fine line between looking intriguing and looking creepy, so be prepared to be shot down big time until you get it right. To add to the stress: all women are different and respond differently to the same 'moves'. Generally I go this way:
1] Watch someone from the sidelines. Get a feel for what type of person they are before you make your move. If they see you looking at them that's okay but don't stare at them. And don't look away suddenly if they look at you.
2] Move a little closer and make direct eye contact with them. Act natural, don't stare at them creepily. Smile with your whole face ie eyes and mouth. Try not to look like a douche.
3] If they have responded positively go over and say 'Hi'. Make some chit chat that requires them to chit chat back. Listen to what they're saying and respond to that.

4. What is your sexual healing?
~ The Love of a Good Woman. Or a Bad Woman.

5. Would you attend a class that taught you how to have an orgasm?
~ I think most men know how to have an orgasm since they start training during adolescence (which is not to say I didn't have a bit of trouble figuring it out at the beginning). I would definitely attend a class on how to make my partner orgasm/orgasm better.

Bonus: In which areas of your life are you overly confident?
~ Driving. I'm pretty good. No accidents for 30+ years. I usually drive at the top end of the speed limit, sometimes over. Driving on the European autobahn's is great - no speed limit (or a very high one).

Double Bonus: You can read about Masturbation Monday here. I thought my #SoSS post was good but no one read it.

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

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Pierced pussy

Stardate: 20180416
Status: Still no sexual contact with any local Lifeforms. It has been 48 days since my last encounter. 
Communication: Not much discussion with local lifeforms. Local lifeform has described me as 'grumpy' and 'no fun'; and asks me "what my problem is" and "why do I want to be around someone who has such a negative view on life". I am unable to answer since questions are always asked in the presence of others, most usually a minor. 
Prospects: Minimal. Best prospect is currently undergoing a hormonal shift, which occurs every lunar cycle on this planet.
Short term solutions: Continuing to read and watch what passes for solo sexual entertainment on this planet, when opportunity arises. Which is not often.  
Long term solutions: May have to move rocketship elsewhere to investigate other Lifeforms. This will be difficult given my own Lifeforce is draining rapidly. Every day I grow weaker. I feel like I am dying.


Some questions for you dear reader[s]:

Women ~ Do you have any body piercings on your nipples and/or genitals? Does your partner? Do you utilize them sexually ie do they actively enhance the sex (as opposed to just making you feel sexy for having them)? If you don't have any piercings would you like to? 

Men ~ Do you have any body piercings on your nipples and/or genitals? Does your partner? Do you utilize them sexually ie do they actively enhance the sex (as opposed to just making you feel sexy for having them)? If you don't have any piercings would you like to? 


This post has also been submitted to Masturbation Monday. You can (and should) read the story behind sub-Bee's photo here. Click this link for more stories like mine!

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@kataxennakova for #sinfulsunday πŸ˜‡

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@kataxennakova for #sinfulsunday πŸ˜‡
#fetishmodel #rubbermodel #rubberfetish #latexmodel #latexfetish #neroblogshere

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OPP: #SoSS - April 14, 2018

Image from May More © Heading Up To A Crescendo
Warning: this and other images in her post may induce arousal*
The #SoSS meme is a roundup of favourite blogs I’ve visited this week. In order not to duplicate what others have done for #SoSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) (or Sunday if you forget/run out of time) I’m going to give you links to some of their older stuff - because I think their complete blogs are worth reading. Click the links for the full stories, because these are just excerpts.

May More ~ If Sex Matters - "Heading Up To A Crescendo"

May has written up an account of a very hot date night she had with her man this week. Given the sorry state of my own love/sex life I shall cling to the idea that it's all a work of fiction. Otherwise, I might as well slash my wrists pack up my bags and go home: 
Leading me to a post in the sitting room he tied my hands above my head and explored me. Undoing some buttons and pulling up my skirt until he could see my stocking tops. His hands felt down the front of my knickers, feeling the smoothness of my newly shaven cunt, seeking out my moist, hungry slit and inserting a finger.

“Good. Wet girl…” he purred in my ear, sniffing his fingertips.

Grabbing a leather swat he lashed my arse with a couple of smacks.Gasping with delight I stuck my bum out for its punishment. The material was warm yet sharp on my skin as he beat my backside with it. Grabbing my hair he pulled my head so that my generous lips – his words for them – were just resting on his swollen knob.

“Look at yourself in the window and see how well you suck…”
I obeyed and watched my mouth consume the top of his cock. This was a first for me and I was fascinated. I pulled back slightly 
and... [much more]

Lascivious Lucy ~ Julia's Trolls

The byline to Lucy's blog is 'Paranormal erotica and sexy supernatural stories'. Fantasy is not my usual genre but I always check her blog out because when I find a story I like I really like it. This one is a great example - it's just a bit out of my comfort zone but it's so hot I still got caught up in it. I like stories with a dark, kinky, or twisted edge to them:
The troll made sounds of appreciation as she stroked his cock, but he seemed to quickly tire of that. He shrugged out of his bear fur and spread it on the ground. He sat down on the fur and tugged on her arm to join him. She knelt next to him, and he lay on his back gesturing at his cock. He said something, but she didn’t understand the words he’d used. 
Julia bit her lip and swung a leg over his waist. She rested her pussy over his cock, sliding over it. She felt every ridge of his cock tease her clit. She rocked and slid, letting her wetness lube him up. She heard the other troll moving around behind her. She hoped he was only interested in getting a closer look. Her troll clasped her hips, grinding his cock into her. 
She shifted her position, and placed his massive cock at the entrance to her vagina. The troll already seemed aware of being careful with a human. He held himself still. She felt the head of his cock start to press into her. The stretching was intense. It reminded her of being fisted – the same profound stretching that straddled the line between pleasure and pain. Once the head was in, she... [much more]

Judy Kemp ~ Frolic Me - "Workout Wank"

Judy Kemp is an erotic writer who submitted this story to Frolic Me, an aggregate site that Posy Churchgate tipped me off to. It's a sex/erotica site not a sex blog, so perhaps I've broken the SoSS rules by featuring it but {damn!} after reading May More's post I needed some relief. (Because we're not allowed to get off on fellow sex bloggers' posts, right? Poor etiquette I'm told):

I close my eyes tightly and I know my teeth are bared. It’s always like this when I masturbate. I like to keep it going for as long as I can, but I can feel I’m going to cum soon. I’m lying on the bed in my hotel room, my legs wide apart, sliding my fingers up and down my soaking sex, pushing my hips up, teasing myself with a quick rub of my clit. I still feel a little ashamed doing this, which is part of the reason it turns me on so much. 
Now my breathing is ragged and I speed things up. I squeeze my breast, pinching the nipple; sharp fingernails in the soft flesh. I like the pain. It makes me feel bad. I’m close now. I know what I have to do to bring myself off and it’s always the same: I think about a guy. Any guy will do; maybe someone I know, someone I’ve seen, or just someone straight out of my imagination. 
But he has to have a big cock. That’s always part of the fantasy. It has to be so big that I know it’ll hurt me. I imagine him spreading my legs. I gasp when I see the size of it. I tell him I don’t think I can take it, that I’ll be too tight, but he sticks it in me anyway and really gives it to me, hard and deep. Sometimes it’s rear entry. That can make it more arousing; make it more impersonal. Like some total stranger fucking me at a wild party. 
As my fingers rub faster, I think of him grabbing me, stripping me. He takes his clothes off and he’s hard and huge. He’s rough with me and doesn’t waste time with foreplay. He just sticks it in. It hurts, but by that time I’m so wet I can take his full length. He grabs my breasts and has me grinding against him to get more. He slaps my ass, he pulls my hair and all the while he’s pounding into me, giving me what I so badly need, the sweat streaming off both of us. Then he flips me over and sticks it in from behind. He’s in real deep. I push my ass back to get more. I tighten myself so he grunts with pleasure, my breasts swaying as he... [much more]

This was me last night, for #fetishfriday πŸ—

via Instagram

This was me last night, for #fetishfriday πŸ—
Nah, just kidding. It was way too cold!
πŸ“Έ via @creepyyeha
#fetishwear #fetishmodel #fetish #hunk 

Friday, April 13, 2018

I’m no Russian cheerleader but...

via Instagram

I’m no Russian #cheerleader but I hope cooler heads prevail in Syria right now. I hope @realdonaldtrump isn’t falling for a #falseflag operation. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

OPP: The Dancer

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous (scroll to bottom for more info) 
(FYI: links in this post are good)

Pervertically Virtuous posted: "One weeknight last month, Ace and I went to one of those edgy, interactive theater/dance performance shows that are all the rage in NYC these days. Walking up to the long line, we ran into a very sexy couple who is in our extended social circle. There has"

recovered post by Pervertically Virtuous

The Dancer

by Pervertically Virtuous
black-male-dancerOne weeknight last month, Ace and I went to one of those edgy, interactive theater/dance performance shows that are all the rage in NYC these days. Walking up to the long line, we ran into a very sexy couple who is in our extended social circle. There has always been mutual attraction in all directions, but we had never gotten a chance to play. So everyone was in a good mood as we decided to watch the show together.
The show was good. Not a sexually/sensually life-changing experience as it apparently has been for some (it's hard for me to have one of those at this point in my life), but very entertaining, visually stunning, and acrobatically impressive. It was a huge cast consisting of many chiseled, gorgeous bodies that presented a true feast for the eyes and a tickling of the groins, especially since they came close to you, touched you, played with you... Adding to that our own night-long playfulness with the other couple, and the result was a very titillated PV.
I couldn't help but notice the couple of Black men among the dancers. One of them, in particular. He was tall, late 20's, handsome face, ripped body. I automatically assumed he was gay, but still flirted with him as much as I got a chance over the course of the show. When the show ended, we all stayed and hung out at the bar. The Dancer showed up and got a drink, and somehow got pulled into our conversation. Ace was busy flirting with someone else, and the Dancer and I ended up chatting for a while, flirting more and more openly. Ace would drop in and out of our conversation, just enough to make it clear that I was married to him, yet he was not only not angry, but actively encouraging of my flirtation. After the Dancer's initial shock at this realization - he confessed to not being used to being amidst openly sex positive and nonmonogamous people - he became intensely interested in getting to know us better.
We considered taking him back home with us that night, but there were competing interests: The sexy couple, who live only a few blocks from our house, suggested the four of us could share a cab home and stop at a bar nearby for drinks and some private time. That had to take precedence. (And it was the right choice to make: We had a very fun, very heavy make-out session at this mostly-empty neighborhood bar, providing an hour-long, R- bordering on X-rated performance for the pleasure of the few patrons who couldn't take their eyes off us.)
A few days later, we decided to go out for drinks. It was not an ideal evening for hooking up -  I had just gotten my period, and Ace was in town (and although he's become open to the idea, I still try not to see other people's separately while he's in town). I wouldn't normally just go out without planning on fucking, but it was the Dancer's only night off all week, I was leaving town for a few weeks, and Ace had a date with someone else, so I thought it'd be a good idea to touch base with the Dancer before going away. He also seemed like a nice, interesting guy that may warrant more than a fuck.
We got a glass of wine and a light snack at a bar close to my house. We had a lovely, sexy, engaging conversation, and when we were done, I asked him to walk me home. I was honestly not planning on taking it to anything too serious , but I had to sample the goods at least. I was dying to see and feel what was hiding in his pants.Would I be a lucky gal yet again? So, as we were walking down a dark, deserted back street, I stopped and kissed him. He was a good kisser. We started making out in the middle of the street, our bodies in a tight embrace. I ran my hand underneath his shirt - lovely 6-pack, only a little bit of hair. I then slid my hand down over his jeans and was pleasantly greeted with a very big bulge.
That changed things a bit - it made it much harder to go with the original plan. Feeling that massive cock in my hand was extremely compelling: I had to play with it at least a little bit, maybe just taste it. We got to my building and we started making out in the stairwell. But I wanted more, I had to take him upstairs. I texted Ace to see if he was still busy with his date, and took his lack of response to mean that he was. I let him know I was taking the Dancer upstairs for a little bit and then ran up the stairs as fast as we could.
We started making out as soon as we walked in, leaned against the hallway door. That is when I first unbuttoned his jeans and out popped a beautiful, enormous black monster in all its glory. I gasped and marveled at it for a few minutes, stroking and licking it. With his cock in my hand, I dragged him over to the couch in the living room and got on top of him. I told him I was on my period and that he's going to owe me one or two. He didn't seem too disappointed. I think he felt like he was already getting more than he had hoped for.
We took most of our clothes off, kissed, and groped each other's bodies for a while. I would go back and forth between rubbed my panties-covered crotch against his manhood, and trying to get as much of it in my mouth as I could. He was too thick to deepthroat - wouldn't pass through my mouth cavity. When he could take it no longer, he asked if he could cum. I sped up my hand motions, keeping his cock firmly in my mouth, until he blew a big load down my throat.
I was really aroused by that point. He stayed hard and we kept making out. I had to have an orgasm somehow. I asked him if he minded some blood. I'm not a big fan of menstrual blood (other types of blood are a different story), but I don't mind it too much in a pinch (and this was a pinch for sure). He said he "wasn't there yet" in his sexual openness and comfort. So I went for Plan B - getting my throat fucked while I masturbate.
I took him to the bedroom, positioned him on top of me in just the right angle for mouth-fucking, and planted one hand firmly on my clit. He proceeded to fuck my mouth as he would fuck a pussy, which is an incredible turn-on for me. He wasn't the most amazing lover, but it may have been that he was just being cautious and reserved. Given that I was married, he didn't want to overstep any boundaries, and since I was clearly the more experienced one, he let me take the wheel and just followed my lead. Which I was totally fine with. I came twice, the second time at the same time as he was cumming down my throat. It was really hot.
We laid on the bed for a few minutes after our second orgasm to collect ourselves.
"I guess you don't owe me any," I smiled, very happy at how things had turned out. I walked him out soon after, promising to call when I'm back in town to continue where we left off.
My husband came home barely 15 minutes after the Dancer left. He loved hearing the story, and I was so glad he was overcoming his discomfort at - better yet, embracing - the thought of me having gotten fucked just minutes before his arrival home.
He, himself, ended up having a chance to get laid on his date, but that didn't become apparent until it was already quite late, he was tired at that point, and he felt fairly satiated from a busy week over the previous few days. So he declined. He actually felt quite good about being OK declining sex with a new partner. A sign of a good week, indeed.
Pervertically Virtuous | April 12, 2014 at 11:25 am |

In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of P.V.'s. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

When in Rome...

The best travel advice you could ever follow is the old adage "When in Rome... do as the Romans do!" It means act like a local, not as a tourist.  Which in Rome's case is not easy since it's full of tourists year 'round - as is Paris, London, Venice, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. 

My wife and I were in Amsterdam last October and since our child wasn't with us I was determined to follow the 'When in Rome...' ethos. We didn't get to smoke any hash in their special 'cafes' but we did the tour the Red Light District - during the day! {Insert laughing emoji here} The girls in the windows only come out at night so we missed that spectacle, but we did manage to visit a few sex shops. All full of tourists!   

Most of them were cheap and tacky, but we did find a classy joint - away from the Red Light District in the 'regular' shopping streets of Amsterdam Centraal. I tried to interest my wife in a dildo (she doesn't have one, just vibes) but she was not receptive. She turned the tables by convincing me to buy The Verge by We-vibe. It was a vibrating cock ring and she thought it would be something I could use when she was away. I bought it because looking at it I saw it could also double as a vibe for her. 

We went out for drinks and dinner (and then more drinks) with a local guy from her BNG organisation, which went longer than I wanted - meaning we didn’t get back to our hotel room until after 1am. Which meant we’d have to be quick if we were going to test out our new purchase, because my wife had a flight to catch at mid-day (my wife was going home a week early, leaving me to own my own devices for a week).

When my wife climbed into bed she started yawning heavily. She said it was late and kissed me goodnight. I asked her “aren’t we going to try out the toy?” and she replied “I thought we were going to try that when we got home - besides we'll need to charge it”. 

My immediate thought was that I wouldn’t be seeing my wife again for a whole week and waiting that long would not do. Besides, they come fully charged don’t they? To prove the point I pulled it out of the box and switched it on. It started buzzing!

My wife looked at it in my hand with some apprehension. Which gave way to intrigue. “Why don’t you try it first?” I suggested, and I placed it ‘face down’ on her vulva. She took it from my hand and pressed the triangle device against her own ‘triangle’. It didn’t take long until her scepticism gave way to pleasure. The Verge followed the contour of her pussy and she pressed it hard against her vulva. She then clenched her legs shut as she focussed all the vibrations against her clit and vulva.  

She gripped it by the ‘O’ part and was pushing so hard the curved point was pushing inside her labia. Soon her eyes were closed, her teeth were clenched, and the vein in her neck was pulsing. She came hard and I could tell it was an intense orgasm. 

But she wasn’t finished. 

She started again, this time with her knees spread wide.  I positioned myself between her legs and started jacking my dick. Her eyes were staring intently at my cock before rolling back into her head. As she gritted her teeth again she told me urgently to “stick it in, stick your cock in”. I did as instructed and started stroking in and out. This set her off and she started moaning and groaning. 

I pressed down hard on her pubic bone and felt for myself the vibrating toy between us. It felt good. I told her as much and she replied “Yes, yes, just like that, keep fucking me, don’t stop...”

So I didn’t stop and she arched her back and came again. Just as hard as she had previously. When she was done I pulled out and sat back on my heels. She opened her eyes and placed the toy against my balls. “How does that feel?” she asked, through hooded eyes. “It feels great” I replied, honestly. 

She got up and pushed me onto my back. She threaded my cock thru the hole, with the triangle part hanging down against my balls, and then started jacking my cock. As you can see from the picture I found to illustrate this post, that was not the correct way to ‘use’ it - but for the life of me I don’t see how my cock and balls would fit in that hole. (The We-vibe website says you’re supposed to thread everything through before the cock is erect - whaaat?)

Anyway it felt really good, and I asked my wife to blow me while it was on.  So she did.  And that felt even better. It felt really good. As she bobbed up and down on my dick, slurping on my vibrating cock, I could tell I was going to cum soon. I asked her if she wanted me to cum in her mouth or ride  me first. She choose the latter. 

She choose the latter as soon as the words were out of my mouth in fact - releasing me from her mouth immediately and jumping up to straddle my cock. She mounted me in the reverse cowgirl position and groaned as she sank down on my pulsing penis. She started bouncing up and down on my cock - which pressed the Verge against my balls with every downward thrust. 

This, combined with the feeling of her tight but wet cunt wrapped around my dick, felt really good. 

My wife’s pussy was tight because she’d already cum a few times and was now on her way to another. She was pressing the ring part against herself, and it wasn’t long before she was hunched forward and thrusting back against my cock. Her pussy was now wetter and looser and she was banging me hard. She had an energy I hadn’t seen before and she was going at me - backwards! - like a jackhammer. 

Do I need to mention how good it felt? It felt really good! 

Every time she bounced back on me she was pressing the toy harder against my balls, which by now were tingling all over, constantly, and ready to explode. I warned her I was about to cum and she kinda grunted “oh yeah, do it, cum now, cum in me...” and really began pounding me hard. Honestly, I don’t know where she got the energy for such a prolonged assault on my dick. 

Oh yeah, that’s right. My dick was turbocharged now, thanks to the Verge. As my wife kept grunting and urging me on I finally succumbed and shot my load deep inside her. As I flooded her with my seed she grabbed the device and pressed it against herself, twisting it around to press it against her clit. She came again too, gasping as another climax surged through her. 

My wife collapsed on the bed and crawled up next to me. 

“So how was it?” I asked, mindful that she had been so apathetic initially. “It was great” she said, “that’s a keeper”. 

I chuckled inside, because I knew she would love it if I could only 'just get her started'*. She proved exactly how much she loved it by trying to pack it in her suitcase the following morning! Previously she’s said she’s embarrassed to carry vibrators across international borders (fear of Customs officers opening her suitcase) but now she suddenly had no qualms! 

 * many therapists recommend that women with a low libido should try having sex even if they don’t really feel like it, since many women become ‘fired up’ once they start getting intimate/having sex. This advice only applies to that ‘meh’ feeling of course. If you find sex painful or unpleasant, or really don’t want to have it, then don’t. Having sex just for the sake of your partner only breeds resentment.


This post has also been submitted to Wicked Wednesday. It was originally published in two longer parts in October 2017 as One Night In... Amsterdam
You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here if you want.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

TMI Tuesday – April 10, 2018 ~ Call Me Crazy…

1. To prepare for this week you will. . .
a. Do 100 push-ups a day
b. Fall asleep to acid house
c. Drink gasoline for breakfast
d. Play TMI Tuesday
I guess it's [d.] since I couldn't stand a, b, or c. Acid house had its moments back in the 80s but there's no way I could fall asleep to it!

2. So you entered a cunnilingus contest. What would be your special skill? You know that winning move that would render a woman weak in the knees and make her cum all over your face.
~ Ha! Every woman is different so there is no single 'wining move' that will make a woman come. My best 'move' is to explore carefully with my lips and tongue (and possibly a finger) and see how she reacts. One 'trick' I learned early was to keep doing what I'm doing when she lets me know (or I can sense) she's coming. (That works on guys too, ladies. If you're giving a hand job don't suddenly switch gears or change the stroke/hand as he's about to climax).

3. Would you say that any acts of bdsm are cathartic for you? If yes, which ones? Do you find you need those acts because you know they are cathartic?
~ I have zero actual experience of BDSM. All I know is what I've seen/read on PornHub and FetLife. I like the dress up nature of it, but I'm not interested in the pain. If it happened I'd have to be the Dom, not the Sub. Or should that be 'sub', as in D/s?

4. Do you believe in:
Ghosts? ~ No. When you're dead you're dead. We have no soul, there is no after life.
Aliens? ~ Yes, but only on the balance of probabilities. The universe is infinite so there must be something else out there.
Climate change? ~ Yes, but only inasmuch that the climate is changing. As it's done for millennia. A hundred years from now they'll be laughing at us and our foolish belief that we caused it all, and not sunspots and solar flares. The current movement to introduce a Carbon Tax will do little to reduce greenhouse gases but it will make a lot of money for Goldman Sachs et al as they trade all those 'carbon credits'.

5. What is your favorite game to play that a lot of people have never heard of or don’t play?
~ Abstinence! It's a fun game you can play when your partner has no interest in you sexually. See how long you go without sex, before succumbing to your base desires and masturbating. You only score half points if you're doing it for religious reasons.

Bonus: What’s the most amount of money you’d be willing to spend on:
– Car? ~ US$45,000
– Couch? ~ €3,000
– Shoes? £150
~ Actually it would depend on the item itself. I always go for value, and I never pay retail if I can help it.

Double Bonus: Further to Q2 above, I actually wrote a fictional story about cunnilingus yesterday. You should read it (here) it's very descriptive. And since I'll take any excuse to post pussy pics, here's your my Triple Bonus:

Actual footage of me eating pussy... you must be this smooth to ride my tongue.
(No I'm kidding, I'll go down on any woman - not just Brazilians!)

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Monday, April 9, 2018


This image by Wriggly Kitty © is the prompt for Masturbation Monday this week.
My contribution below is entirely FICTION, inspired only by the above image. 

She sexted me the photo with a very brief but to-the-point message "Have you eaten yet?"

I took a moment to drink in the image, admiring her full figure and ample bosom in all it's naked glory before replying "Yes, but I'm suddenly hungry again. RAVENOUS in fact!!"

"Good, then get over here quick for some Uber Eats babe, before I finish off this finger licking' chicken all by myself!!"

My girlfriend only lives fifteen minutes away but I made it in ten. I was lucky - it was Monday, it was 11pm, and the roads were empty. Apparently I was the only one summoned at that hour for a booty call. I rushed because I knew she wasn't eating KFC - her final reply was code for 'I'm masturbating' and if I didn't get there quickly she'd cum before I arrived, making my visit redundant. 

It was a game she sometimes liked to play.

I pulled up outside her house with a handbrake stop and leapt out of the car. I locked it with the remote as I vaulted the low fence and ran down the side of her house. I knew the back door would be unlocked for me, just as I knew she was in her armchair in her bedroom. The photo may have had a black and white filter added but I recognized those throw blankets immediately. 

"What took you so long?" she asked, before slowly and deliberately licking a wet finger. She had a lascivious look in her eye but I broke her questioning gaze and cast my eyes downward. Her legs were splayed wide and I could see her pussy was wet. And red. She'd obviously been giving her labia a good going over - her lips were puffy and her clit was hard and just peeping through.

Another minute or two and I might have found that back door locked!

"Get on your knees and lick me" she said casually, not waiting for my reply to her first question. "Make me come and I might do the same for you." 

She stretched her knees a little wider, spread her legs a little further, and showed me her exposed pussy. It opened up like a flower, it's petals wet and dewey, but I wasn't fooled. It may smell like a Rose but I knew it was a Venus Fly Trap - ready to snap shut without warning.

I dropped to my knees, rested my forearms on her upper thighs, and pressed my nose to within an inch of her hairy cunt. I breathed deeply, inhaling her full aroma, and then sighed loudly and appreciatively, my warm breath blanketing her pussy like a morning fog. My girlfriend always smelt good, and I knew she would taste just as great. My tongue darted out to tease her, flicking at her wet slit but not pushing forward. I knew what she wanted but I wasn't ready to give it to her. Not yet.

I flattened my tongue and swirled it around her labia, circling her outer lips and prodding at her cleft.

"Gahhhh!" groaned my girlfriend, who wasn't having it. She grabbed my head firmly with both hands and pulled me in closer. She mashed my face against her cunt and didn't release me until my tongue was pressed firmly against her clit. With my hands on her hips and my elbows on her knees I leveraged myself in deeper, pushing my tongue hard up against her swollen clit. 

It was hard, like a pebble, and I could feel it clearly on the tip of my tongue. My girlfriend was moving her pelvis now, grinding against me, her bum starting to lift out of the armchair. She grabbed my head again, with both hands, and started to hump my face quite violently. She was humping my whole head, which she held like a small watermelon between her legs. We must have made quite a sight! 

She was very wet now and I tried to drink in her juices in order just to breathe. It was difficult, more so when she suddenly arched her back, sending her butt and pussy back down into the seat of the armchair. She pushed my head down with it but the angle was impossible. My tongue broke contact with her cunt yet she was oblivious. She was humping my nose now, sliding it up and down her slit. Suddenly she stopped, frozen still, her body completely rigid as I felt her warm pussy pulse against my face. My nose was on her clit and she was cumming - this was some pretty freaky sex!

Her thighs were clamped against my ears but I could still hear her muffled moans as she rode her orgasm for all it was worth. The moaning and the vice-like grip only stopped when she was done, which she signaled with a flourish. Releasing me suddenly by spreading her legs wide she pushed my head back with both hands, sending me toppling onto my arse. I fell backwards, hitting the foot of the bed with my head. 

Slumped low in her armchair she stared at me through hooded eyes as a small smile slowly crossed her lips. It was an evil smile, almost a sneer, and it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. She clearly was not done with me quite yet. Only a moment ago I'd thought it was my turn to fuck her but the intense look on her face assuaged me of that mistaken belief. 

"Get up, get naked, and get on that bed," she said softy... 



This post has also been submitted to Masturbation MondayClick this link for more stories like mine!

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A color photo of @bettiepage πŸ’₯

via Instagram https://ift.tt/2JuRYeE

A color photo of @bettiepage πŸ’₯
She’s most recognised via her black and white #fetish pics.
#pinup #pinupicon #stockings #stockingsfetish 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

OPP: #SoSS - April 7

The #SoSS meme is a roundup of favourite blogs I’ve visited this week. In order not to duplicate what others have done for #SoSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) (or Sunday if you forget/run out of time) I’m going to give you links to some of their older stuff - because I think their complete blogs are worth reading. Click the links for the full stories, because these are just excerpts.

Quiller Costello
~ Hephaestus - "Molly - the First"

Quiller has decided to write about some of the women he has encountered on his journey through life. Based on this first example, I'm looking forward to reading more about all the others. His writing style is exemplary:
Okay First-timer here’s how this goes down.

You make yourself comfortable on the floor, down here. I give you a blanket. And we’ll talk. Things you should know, that you haven’t been taught.

And I did. She sat in a big wing chair by the empty summer fireplace and sipped her drink and watched me undress. God help me, I took it all off. She said nothing, just sipped, and the light off the lake slid over her in faint blue ripples like she was some kind of ghost.

I stood before her, trembling, and she was good enough not to laugh at me, but just nodded at the blankets and bade me get to bed.

And I lay there, looking at the ceiling, my cock itching against the coarse army wool, and listened to her talk.

This is not a done deal, Quiller. You have been a terrible asshole, most of the time I’ve known you. So why should I give you any of this, of me?

Because I want to? A little, but I’m drunk, and nobody’s fucked me for a month or two, and I’m bored. So...
 [much more]

Posy Churchgate ~ Pillow Talk "Sports Car"

Posy has written a great little story about sex in a sports car, and it resonated with a lot of her male readers. I guess we've all had this fantasy at some stage in our adolescent (male?) lives :
He kissed her deeply, while roaming his hands over naked skin, pinching and twisting her nipples which excited her in ways she’d never imagined. He bruised her lips with bites and caresses, but when his mouth made a hot trail down her neck to her clavicle, she moaned aloud with desire. She felt tiny and fragile in the grip of his capable hands, he so experienced and she only on the nursery slopes, but the idea of bending to his will was intoxicating.

Her dainty lace panties were sodden, she felt herself liquefying around the fabric and the urge to offer herself to him like a sacrifice, primeval and strong.

“Let me do something for you, something no other girl has done.” She held his gaze, her eyes dark with lust, willing to try anything he asked right now.

He reached under the fabric of her dress, using both hands to drag her knickers over her hips and off, they were soaked, they’d pulled a warm sticky trail down her legs. He held them near his nose, his mouth then licked a little of the salty tang before pushing them in the pocket of his jacket.

“Anything?” he asked, his eyes boring into hers with a serious expression, making more moisture flood her pussy.

“Anything,” she nodded, “I want you to remember this fuck. I’m not just another girl.” Although even as she said it, she was afraid she might be.

His warm hands were on her waist again to fondle her backside through her dress while he thought, then a lopsided smile broke over his face.

“Do you think you could sit on this?” he asked, indicating the gear stick with a caressing hand. It was large and bulbous, like a small leather pear and had a thicker circumference than any cock she’d accommodated. She wanted to please him, take his challenge, thinking about it she felt hot and wet and a total vixen. She nodded, sure that she could and was delighted to see lust flare across his face.

Straddling the two footwells of the car, she drew her dress teasingly up her thighs...
 [much more]

Hannah Lockhardt
 ~ Hannah Likes Dirty Words "Three Square Meals"

Hannah likes dirty words and lucky for us she knows how to use them - Hannah writes dirty stories and they're great!:
So my beloved and I ascend the stairs and he points out the bathroom, his parents and brothers’ rooms, and finally the tiny box room that was his personal space until the age of eighteen. The walls are show home cream and the bed is bedecked with a rosy floral duvet set but there are still glimpses of teenage boy about the place.

He closes the door behind him.“Come here and open your mouth. Tongue out too, please.”

I crawl to him, mouth open, almost drooling at the sight of him holding his cock parallel to his abdomen.

He knows the longer he makes me wait, the greater the pool of saliva around my tongue grows and threatens to dribble down my chin, and if that happens he can laugh at me for being even more cock-drunk than before. But dinner draws ever closer and he lowers his balls into my mouth, jerking the shaft as I delicately manoeuvre my tongue over the sensitive skin, heavy and filling.

Satisfied, he tells me to stop, and allows my tongue to venture over his erection, his impassive eye watching me work until I brush the head; the tender slit with it’s bead of precum and he moans softly.

Now you can take it all.” He growls simply, angling down into my throat and I brace myself against the door behind him, my head shuttling back and forth over his cock...
 [much more]