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OPP: #SoSS ~ May is Masturbation Month

The #SoSS meme is meant to be a

roundup of favourite blogs we’ve

visited this week, but today I'm

again changing it a little and

choosing blog posts that fit a theme.

May is Masturbation Month so I'm

going with that!

As always, click the links for 
the full stories, because these 
are just short excerpts. These 
are in no particular order

Isabelle Lauren ~  "How masturbating improved my sex life"

Isabelle Lauren has written a frank but fun account of how she finally allowed herself self pleasure. This is just an excerpt:
I grew up in quite a restrictive household. Sex was not really spoken of, and my understanding of it was that its sole purpose was to get a woman pregnant. I never really masturbated until fairly recently and even then it was more a frantic, guilt-ridden wank in the shower than anything more. 
When I masturbate now I explore my body to see what gives me the most pleasure. I deliberately don’t immediately go for the places I know will make me come quick (my clit and G-spot), but I explore other areas. I experiment with different lubes, with water, with changes in speed and pressure. Anything that can enhance my pleasure during sex. 
I used to feel like I was holding out on hubby if I masturbated, but I have found that masturbating increases my arousal and hubby benefits from that. I also wouldn’t masturbate if he were around and in the mood for sex, but if he isn’t around, I am traveling or he isn’t in the mood, then why should I deny myself some pleasure? 
Masturbating still makes me feel slightly guilty. I guess that’s my ingrained upbringing and I may never be able to shake that off. I still... [more]

Sammi ~ Squeaky Bedsprings "Showerheads and Jabby Fingers: My Masturbation Story"

In the full post Sammi details the difficulties she had in learning how to orgasm, and how her quest to find information about it (where Sex Ed at school had failed) inspired her to start sex blogging and be a teaching resource for others:
I began masturbating around the age of 15. I had just started dating my very first boyfriend, and we were learning the ropes of intimacy. My first google searches looked like “how to get your boyfriend to finger you good”. My mind was stuck on the fact that he was supposed to be providing me pleasure, and that even though he was new to this too, somehow he should know how to do it. 
These articles had tips about communication. They recommended “honesty, letting your man know how it truly feels, and touching yourself to learn what feels good”. I was beyond surprised when I read this. Masturbate? Me? A girl? I knew boys masturbated, but I had never even considered the idea that girls did too.

My love of the showerhead was immediate, strong, and soon, problematic. I’d lay down in the tub during a shower with the “massage” setting hovering above my clit and my other hand holding my labia back. At this point in my sexual research, I had learned the stages of the sexual response cycle: arousal, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. My goal was to get to what I thought was the plateau, and then stop before I came. For some reason, I wanted my boyfriend to give me my first orgasm
... [more]

Emmeline Peaches ~ "My Masturbation Story"

Like Sammi, Emmeline also fumbled her way towards figuring out how to masturbate (don't we all?) Again, this is just an excerpt:
To this day I have vivid memories of the first time I reached orgasm. At the time I wasn’t even in double digits and the whole experience sort of happened by instinct. [So] I kept on doing it. The sensation, even then, simply felt too good to shy away from and masturbating naturally and frequently became part of my daily schedule.
As I got older I started exploring other items, trying to refine my alone-time and exploring orgasms without really understanding them. My lack of knowledge didn’t hinder my abilities, though, and I became rather adept at achieving self-pleasure as time went by.
Eventually I managed to acquire a small, circular pillow which had a cover that looked vintage grandma and ruffles around the edges to boot. It gave me some of the best orgasms of my early-teen years. Over time I gained an emotional attachment to this pillow and I still think back to it fondly. It was always there for me, was perfectly shaped, and worked fantastically with my body.
Throughout my teen years my masturbation method was pretty consistent and became much more frequent; I would grab my pillow, shove it between my thighs and squeeze and rub myself to my eventual release. I did this three times a day. But, honestly, despite the frequency of my masturbatory habits I was still clueless.

I knew I was masturbating but I didn’t realize that I was reaching orgasm each session (I was) and I felt like a complete freak. I had always heard of boys masturbating, but girls doing so was unheard of. If ever I heard about women masturbating it never involved clenching a pillow between one’s thighs. I tried other objects. They paled in comparison. I tried a teddy bear. I apologized to my teddy bear for the attempt. Suddenly
... [more]

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  1. I like your theme; All epic posts Nero, great choices this week. I have read them all and shared comments and nodded along as I read them!


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