Thursday, April 5, 2018

#ThirstyThursday - My wife’s milk fetish

Ha! To think I almost tried Instagramming this pic (to cross post it here) - I think I would have been shadow banned!

One of the genres my wife enjoys reading on is 'Milk' stories, which are listed under the 'Fetish' category. Yes, I said 'milk' not 'milf'. My wife enjoys reading about women who are strapped to milking machines and milked for the pleasure of men (but invariably deprive pleasure themselves from being milked). Often these women are kidnapped or detained before being put to work in these milking machines, but in other stories they somehow just seem to fall into it. However they get there they always seem to love it, and give up their previous lives to become human milk cows.

Other stories are more 'traditional' - big breasted lactating women have so much milk it starts to spill but luckily there is a man/neighbor handy to slurp it all up. Suckling ensues, and the woman usually climaxes from it.

I've blogged a few times about my wife's love of this genre (see here) which is more than a passing fancy. She once bought a physical hardcopy book from Amazon, rather than just the digital copy on Kindle. It turned out to be a self published booklet and kind of crappy, and probably drove her back to Kindle. (These are my presumptions - all I really know is that I found the book dumped in the trash fairly soon after she received it. I flicked through it and wasn't impressed - it had a crappy cover and the stories were really lame)

Anyway last week, instead of having sex with me my wife was reading the following on I know this because once again she left her iPad open:

Arab Prince & The Milk Maid
Best Flight Ever - A Milk Run
Breastfeeding Father-In-Law
Breast Fed
Becoming Jack's Milk Cow
Breast Fed By Becky
Daddy's Little Cow (Parts 1-3)
Daddy's One
Mother's Milk
More of Mother's Milk
Milking Jenni
Milk From My Neighbor
Milk My Full Breasts, Please!
The Milk Maid
Milk & Honey
Milky Drips and Drabbles
My Pregnant Neighbor (Parts 1-3)

As I've posited before, I think it has something to do with the trouble my wife had breastfeeding (daughter wouldn't latch, no milk, painful) and also that my wife (IMO) covets big breasts. The women in these stories certainly have them!


  1. Hmm... you mention her lit choices a lot and seem concerned. I can say that I've read some subject matter I would never do or actually want to do. I read them out of curiosity and because sometimes the writing is good, arousing and interesting even if the specifics are not to my taste. My guess(somewhat in line with yours) is there is an basic underlying trend, the base of all these stories that has nothing to do with the actual milking or any other kink that has you scratching your head and unsure. It's kind of like enjoying a thriller movie or homicide tv shows, its fun to see what other people do, it doesn't mean I'm going to hack people up or haunt a house. ;) I've read gay erotica, but I certainly don't have a penis to stick anywhere. I cant help but wonder how fun things could be if you two could get over the communication barrier. <3

    1. Yeah, I’m aware my posts are getting a bit repetitive - but then so is my life! She prefers reading porn to having sex with me, it drives me crazy, rinse, repeat. Since I can’t get her to talk about it I’ve started masturbating more, which does relive my stress, but like you I also wonder what kind of sex we could be having if just admit what she likes and talk about it. But she won’t. (I’ve tried)

  2. BTW - if y’all look to the right you’ll see ‘breast play’ in the tags column. Hit that for a few times when I have been able to get close to meeting her (undeclared) milky tits fantasies. In particular you might like:


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