Monday, April 9, 2018


This image by Wriggly Kitty © is the prompt for Masturbation Monday this week.
My contribution below is entirely FICTION, inspired only by the above image. 

She sexted me the photo with a very brief but to-the-point message "Have you eaten yet?"

I took a moment to drink in the image, admiring her full figure and ample bosom in all it's naked glory before replying "Yes, but I'm suddenly hungry again. RAVENOUS in fact!!"

"Good, then get over here quick for some Uber Eats babe, before I finish off this finger licking' chicken all by myself!!"

My girlfriend only lives fifteen minutes away but I made it in ten. I was lucky - it was Monday, it was 11pm, and the roads were empty. Apparently I was the only one summoned at that hour for a booty call. I rushed because I knew she wasn't eating KFC - her final reply was code for 'I'm masturbating' and if I didn't get there quickly she'd cum before I arrived, making my visit redundant. 

It was a game she sometimes liked to play.

I pulled up outside her house with a handbrake stop and leapt out of the car. I locked it with the remote as I vaulted the low fence and ran down the side of her house. I knew the back door would be unlocked for me, just as I knew she was in her armchair in her bedroom. The photo may have had a black and white filter added but I recognized those throw blankets immediately. 

"What took you so long?" she asked, before slowly and deliberately licking a wet finger. She had a lascivious look in her eye but I broke her questioning gaze and cast my eyes downward. Her legs were splayed wide and I could see her pussy was wet. And red. She'd obviously been giving her labia a good going over - her lips were puffy and her clit was hard and just peeping through.

Another minute or two and I might have found that back door locked!

"Get on your knees and lick me" she said casually, not waiting for my reply to her first question. "Make me come and I might do the same for you." 

She stretched her knees a little wider, spread her legs a little further, and showed me her exposed pussy. It opened up like a flower, it's petals wet and dewey, but I wasn't fooled. It may smell like a Rose but I knew it was a Venus Fly Trap - ready to snap shut without warning.

I dropped to my knees, rested my forearms on her upper thighs, and pressed my nose to within an inch of her hairy cunt. I breathed deeply, inhaling her full aroma, and then sighed loudly and appreciatively, my warm breath blanketing her pussy like a morning fog. My girlfriend always smelt good, and I knew she would taste just as great. My tongue darted out to tease her, flicking at her wet slit but not pushing forward. I knew what she wanted but I wasn't ready to give it to her. Not yet.

I flattened my tongue and swirled it around her labia, circling her outer lips and prodding at her cleft.

"Gahhhh!" groaned my girlfriend, who wasn't having it. She grabbed my head firmly with both hands and pulled me in closer. She mashed my face against her cunt and didn't release me until my tongue was pressed firmly against her clit. With my hands on her hips and my elbows on her knees I leveraged myself in deeper, pushing my tongue hard up against her swollen clit. 

It was hard, like a pebble, and I could feel it clearly on the tip of my tongue. My girlfriend was moving her pelvis now, grinding against me, her bum starting to lift out of the armchair. She grabbed my head again, with both hands, and started to hump my face quite violently. She was humping my whole head, which she held like a small watermelon between her legs. We must have made quite a sight! 

She was very wet now and I tried to drink in her juices in order just to breathe. It was difficult, more so when she suddenly arched her back, sending her butt and pussy back down into the seat of the armchair. She pushed my head down with it but the angle was impossible. My tongue broke contact with her cunt yet she was oblivious. She was humping my nose now, sliding it up and down her slit. Suddenly she stopped, frozen still, her body completely rigid as I felt her warm pussy pulse against my face. My nose was on her clit and she was cumming - this was some pretty freaky sex!

Her thighs were clamped against my ears but I could still hear her muffled moans as she rode her orgasm for all it was worth. The moaning and the vice-like grip only stopped when she was done, which she signaled with a flourish. Releasing me suddenly by spreading her legs wide she pushed my head back with both hands, sending me toppling onto my arse. I fell backwards, hitting the foot of the bed with my head. 

Slumped low in her armchair she stared at me through hooded eyes as a small smile slowly crossed her lips. It was an evil smile, almost a sneer, and it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. She clearly was not done with me quite yet. Only a moment ago I'd thought it was my turn to fuck her but the intense look on her face assuaged me of that mistaken belief. 

"Get up, get naked, and get on that bed," she said softy... 



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  1. O my - very hot. Sometimes us girls get a little blinkered in pursuit of the big O! Fantastic tale well told!

    1. When you have an itch that needs scratchin' you just gotta get it scratched! I'm glad you enjoyed - now take a seat in that armchair!

  2. Love this! She definitely knows what she wants. :)

  3. I wasn't expecting that but I'm glas she took control, slipping into domme mode so naturally. I've been trying to find that part of myself recently, which is normally more me until I became more submissive so I'm especially liking this one. It's another little reminder that to take control you just have to take it.


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