Tuesday, April 24, 2018

TMI Tuesday: April 24, 2018 ~ 5 Things...

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Tell us . . .

1. - The problem with you in 5 words.
~ The glass is half empty.

2. - 5 things you want in life.
~ World peace (seriously), to be happier, to be thinner/better health, to get more sex, to relax/be less stressed.

3. - 5 things you need to quit.
~ Obsessing about the lack of sex, getting stressed by my teenage daughter, worrying about how long the money will last, spending so much time online, writing such long blog posts.

4. - 5 things you require in a lover.
~ Desire/lust for sex/me, communication during sex (I'm not a mindreader!), enthusiasm while having sex, appreciation for my efforts, discretion before, during and after the fact (I'm a married man!)

5. - 5 things you are tired of.
~ I'm tired of being tired all the time - about everything! x 5

Bonus: What 5 things will you never share on social media?
~ My real name, my face, my penis size*, my weight, my location.

Double Bonus: kind of a follow on from the Bonus question... I think I over shared last Wednesday when I wrote “What would you do with a million dollars?", so have a quick read before I delete it...!
* And that means no Dick Pics either!!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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