Wednesday, April 25, 2018

#WickedWednesday - What’s my Wife reading now!

I was away overnight on Monday and this is what she got up to in my absence - reading dirty stories on Which isn't a major deal since I also watched porn and jacked off on Monday night too. Because I was finally all alone - and it was #MasturbationMonday after all!! I've published screenshots like this before and people mostly comment that it's no big deal, which I agree with mostly but...

What is kinda major (IMO) is that her iPad browser history looks like this pretty much every day through April (until the 'History' list ran out). It was all almost exclusively  It confirmed for me my belief that every time I see her on her iPad she's reading porn. The difference between me and my wife, it seems, is that I'd much rather be having sex with her than jerking off. She prefers the reverse.


  1. I have never been keen on Literotica - That is quite a list - she likes the Taboo stuff by the looks of it. My man would say you should value her personal privacy and not look at her history - we would both say she needs a damn good spanking!

    1. It's weird because I don't look at her browsing history anymore - not since she changed her iPad password a few months ago - but in this instance she left her iPad open and curiosity got the better of me. It was like the stars had aligned because I'd been musing over the previous week or so "why is she on that damned iPad all the time - she can't be reading porn all the time, surely?"
      But it turns out she can!
      So I have my answer now...

    2. And I get where you man is coming from re privacy. The only reason I look (and some will say my reasoning is still invalid, I know that) is that my wife DENIES she is reading these stories all the time. Even when I openly question her on it and try to discuss it with her directly, she absolutely denies it.
      So I go crazy with self doubt, thinking 'am I imagining all this?', but... it turns out I'm not!
      Which them leads to more questions in my head: "What else is she doing that I don't know about?"

    3. i get this Nero - I have not always respected my mans privacy - i do a lot better now after many chats about trust etc - I have also been on the receiving end in a previous relationship


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