Thursday, May 31, 2018

You won't believe how the latest drought broke...

And yes, I'm talking about the SEX drought, in case you thought I blogged about farming.

Okay, a brief recap:

Like many couples my wife and I have a mismatched libido. In our case I desire sex more than she does. It didn't always used to be like that, but its been that way for at least the last 10+ years. Compounding the issue (in my view) is that when we do have sex she seems to enjoy herself (ie she's orgasmic, and sometimes multiple orgasmic) and when we're not having sex she still reads a lot of erotic fiction on her Kindle. The dirty filthy kind, not the frou frou romantic kind*.

This whole blog has been about me venting my frustrations, and trying to resolve the problem. After blogging for a few years the cycles became apparent and when I started looking back at old posts I became aware that nothing was really changing. The patterns kept repeating. I would initiate or make sexual advances and she would either accept, rebuff**, or reject them. She rarely initiated.

The last time we had sex was February 28, which was a Wednesday. By all accounts the sex was very good and everyone came at least once. My wife came at least twice, and possibly three times. So naturally I thought she would be keen for a repeat on the weekend - but I was mistaken. Her rejection of me was so emphatic I resolved then and there not to initiate any more, until she had at initiated at least once first.

And that's how it came to be that we did not have sex for three months - despite my birthday falling within those three months. She even got a Brazilian as my 'birthday treat' but then changed her mind and presumably decided she couldn't be bothered fucking me, not even for my birthday. And I hadn't done anything to piss her off, I swear. You can read all about that story here: #MasturbationMonday ~ Birthday Sex!

My wife and I have been to couples/marriage counseling twice in the last fifteen years and on both occasions I wanted to specifically discuss our sex life. Unfortunately (for me) both counselors took the 'holistic' view that sex was just a part of the relationship and that if we improved our relationship then an improved sex life would follow.

The first counsellor was a complete flake: she offered no solutions, made no suggestions, and instead answered everything with "so how did that make you feel?" It was 'talk therapy' pure and simple - designed to keep us talking at $200 and hour. My wife enjoyed unburdening herself for five sessions and unloading on everything that she hadn't liked about her childhood, her family, and me. After session six, when it was now time for me to talk about what was bothering me, my wife decided the woman was an idiot and it was a waste of time (she had business meetings she was missing!) so we never went back.

The second counsellor was just as 'holistic' but luckily we were able to expedite things since we would tell her 'oh, we covered that last time with the previous therapist a few years back'. So we did some 'trust exercises' and some 'communication exercises' but this time by session three I spoke up and said I really wanted to address the sex thing. The therapist said we would get to that soon, but session four was just more mamby pamby words, albeit with a brief discussion about 'scheduled sex' - which she promised we would get to later in a future session.

Once again my wife decided all these sessions were pointless and cramping her work schedule so at the end of session four she unilaterally told the therapist we were going stop now (this after the therapist said she was going to be away for the next two weeks on vacation, at which point sessions would resume). As we left her office she pulled my wife back for a quick private conversation, leaving me at reception to pay the account.

I thought it was inappropriate for a couples counsellor to talk to one partner directly without the other partner present but, whatever. That weekend my wife brought a vibrator and told me we would be scheduling sex every Wednesday and Saturday in an effort to 'get back in the groove'. I've always presumed that's what the therapist told her to do when she held her back for that private conversation after our last session. Particularly the vibrator since my wife had hitherto said she felt sex toys were unnatural (if she needed a sex toy I wasn't doing my job right).

That was a couple of years ago, and like 'Date Nights' it pretty much fell by the wayside after a few months. It became more of a 'guide' than a 'rule' because of course one should never compel one's partner to have sex just because you want it. Which I completely agree with. You can read my past posts on the subject by clicking the 'scheduled sex' label/tag below.

Anyway, I have a terrible head cold and I'm suffering terribly so I'm gonna have to stop it here and save all the sexy bits for tomorrow. As the title says, you won't believe how the latest drought broke ... but if you look at the labels/tags below you'll get an inkling of whats coming in Part 2 tomorrow! It was super-weird I promise you...

* No judgment. Everyone likes what they like. Don't go changin'.
** I say rebuff instead of postpone, because often the postponement would result in no sex anyway.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

OPP: A Very Inspiring Blogger Award

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous (scroll down for more info)
(FYI: some of the links in this post are dead)

Pervertically Virtuous posted: "Last week I got offered The Very Inspiring Blogger Award by not one, but three other bloggers: - G from Filled and Fooled; - Betty from BettyHomeBanger; and - KDaddy23 from Kdaddy23's Blog I like the two other awards I have received so far, bu"

New post on Pervertically Virtuous

A Very Inspiring Blogger Award

by Pervertically Virtuous
Last week I got offered The Very Inspiring Blogger Award by not one, but three other bloggers:
Betty from BettyHomeBanger; and
[2016 image substituted, original lost]
I like the two other awards I have received so far, but this one I am particularly proud of. Since I started blogging 3 months ago, I have received a number of emails from people telling me that the way I unapologetically own my sexuality despite social disapproval has inspired them to take their sexual (and other) lives into their own hands. Knowing that I have inspired someone to do something to improve their life, to own it more, to live it more authentically, is the greatest reward I could possibly get for writing about my experiences. So I'm very honored and humbled by this award.
Here are the rules:
Thank the people who awarded you
Thank you G, Betty, and KDaddy, I really really appreciate it. Readers, If you haven't already, please do check out their blogs, they are quite insightful and sexy.
post the image of it somewhere on your blog, write a post,
State 7 facts about yourself
I have so many facts stated about myself in 70+ Things About Me that I might be running out of things to say. But here is a random few (non-sex-related) bits about me not (yet) available elsewhere:
1. I have NOT read 50 Shades of Grey, and have no intention of ever reading it. I don't care how popular it is, or even how influential it has turned out to be. I'm happy it's out there for those who need it, as I think it has done wonderful things about bringing alternative sexuality into the mainstream, but I don't read bad literature, and I have no need of having my sexual horizons expanded.
2. I judge bloggers by the cover. I click on many blogs, but over half of those lose me within the first 5 minutes. Designs that are too cluttered, too colorful, too dark (i.e. not enough contrast between text and background); lots of spelling/grammar mistakes; no About page even after several months of blogging are all things that bother me so much that I leave almost immediately never to come back. I also really really dislike home pages that only present the first few sentences of each post. I like to scan through whole posts for interesting content and clicking on each individually is too much commitment when I don't know if it's worth it.
3. I don't believe in horoscopes. As a scientist, I'm painfully aware there is absolutely no scientific basis for any of that (i.e., it's all complete and utter BS). So I get really annoyed when asked about my sign. Even more annoyed when after my very polite 'I don't really believe in horoscope' (and trust me, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to sound polite when asked that question), my interlocutor does not politely shut up or change the topic but instead proceeds to tell me all they know about my sign/their sign/horoscope in general. I fucking want to slap them.
4. I also get really annoyed when people say "Bless You" after sneezing. As Wiki will tell you, sneezing is a forceful, convulsive expulsion of air from the lungs through the nose and mouth, usually caused by foreign particles irritating the nasal mucosa that is to a large extent automatic. There is nothing about it worthy of blessing. Not to mention there is no one out there to bless me. I hate to be rude to people but I often don't respond to that silly comment.
5. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, I also don't believe in any other supernatural, pseudo-scientific BS. This includes ghosts/demons, cryptids (e.g., Big Foot, leprechauns, and other mythical creatures), extra-sensory perception (e.g., telepathy), witches/magic, reincarnation, channeling, homeopathy, etc. (If interested, Wikipedia has a fairly exhaustive list of pseudoscientific concepts)
6. I am, however, convinced that there is a very high likelihood of there being extra-terrestrial life. I don't think there is evidence we have encountered it in the past, and we may never encounter it, but I think it's unlikely that of 70 thousand million, million, million stars in the observable universe there is not a single planet around one of those stars that harbors life.
7. I never, not even for a second, considered changing my last name when I got married. Why women do that is completely, entirely beyond my comprehension. It's such an antiquated, patriarchal custom that places women in a subservient position, that in today's modern world it almost equates to misogyny - and if you're a woman, to self-hatred. My name is my name, your name is your name. Period.
Nominate 15 fellow bloggers deserving of this award
I think 15 is too many. Seriously. So, instead, I'm awarding 7. And trying to venture beyond my usual suspects because all these awards have gotten a bit incestuous, if you know what I mean.
A Day in the Life of Shareen A.  - for her witty, often self-deprecating, humor
A Girl on the Net - for her unapologetic defense of sluthood
The Things I See Up There - for his incredibly perceptive mind and the ability to tell a great story
Suggestive Tongue - for her incredible insight, knowledge, and depth into all things sexual and gender
Hooray for Skanks - for his endlessly funny comments on people's stupidity
Sex and the Shameless - for her candid, and often harrowing, portrayal of her battle with sex addiction (although I'm not quite convinced that sex addiction is a 'thing'; I think clinician and author David Ley is on to something when he claims that what presents as sex addiction is a symptom of some other problem, like depression or low self-esteem (see Myth of Sex Addiction).
On to informing these inspiring 7 bloggers of their latest awards...
Pervertically Virtuous | May 30, 2013 at 1:41 pm | Categories: Awards | 

In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of P.V.'s. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

TMI Tuesday: May 29, 2018 ~ It’s just a fantasy

"A very fun blast from TMI Tuesday past... May 29, 2012. Enjoy! 
You can read previous TMI sexiness here."

1. If your lover was turned on by forced feminization would you participate (giving or receiving)?
~ I'm presuming you mean if my wife wanted to dress me in woman's clothes/underwear and/or make me a Sissyboy? Hmmmm. If she wanted me to try it I probably would, but she'd have to convince me it was a real fantasy of hers. If she 'progressed' to wanting to 'show' me out in public I think we might start having a problem.

*forced feminization is the practice of enforcing activities on a male, which are typically associated with women, to make him submissive. For example: wearing lingerie, heels, make-up.
~ Ha! I answered the above before reading this. Making your man a Sissyboy goes further than just making him dress in 'drag'. It involves demeaning and degrading him, by rendering him 'female'. Which I find intriguing. Does that make the woman a misogynist?

2. When you have sexual dreams or fantasies that are aggressive or cruel, does it worry you?
~ It doesn't worry me but it does intrigue me (there's that word again). Am I aggressive or cruel because that's the stuff my wife like to read, or am I aggressive and cruel because I'm just so pissed off with my wife and want to take it out on her?

3. Tell us your hottest, sexiest fantasy, right now, in 100 words or less.
This is the fantasy about your desires that you probably never share, maybe they even go against your morals or are societal taboos.
~ I used up my 100 words on Q5 below.

4. Which super hero would you like to have sex with? Why?
a. Aquaman
b. Superman
c. Wonder Woman
d. She-Ra
~ [c] because I'm a straight guy and she's fucking awesome. Hot as hell. I used to read Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman comics as a kid. She would be so good in bed!

5. Do you think the lure to live out sexual fantasies or have sex frequently is amplified by technology? Briefly explain.
~ Yes, and I think that's proven. There have been many articles written about the rise in popularity of anal sex between heterosexual couples. This has been linked to the rise in freely available pornography (first online via home computers, and now on our devices) which has mainstreamed many sex acts that were previously seen as abnormal (removing your pubic hair is another example).
As someone who once sold advertising I know it's true. Frequency and repetition sells. That's why the same ad keeps repeating all day on TV and radio. They know their message ("buy this product") will lodge in your subconscious somewhere, so hopefully next time you think "I need [Product]" you'll think of their Brand X.
So when you see all the women in porn with shaved pussies you start to think "maybe I could do that?"  And then when you see all the women in porn squealing in delight as they take it up the ass you start to think "maybe I could do that?"  The latter act is reinforced by female sex bloggers who write about 'new' things they've tried, and mainstream magazines writing sex tips for non-traditional sex acts. Pretty soon your interest is piqued and you're doing things you'd never have imagined years earlier.
So we're at a point now where we are bombarded with messages on all fronts (and especially links on social media) telling us that sex doesn't have to be just one thing, or one way. And the world wide web shows us that we are not alone in what we have previously thought were peculiar desires. If you like to dress up in fireman's jacket and be spat or pissed on by big breasted blondes over fifty then there's a good chance you can find likeminded big breasted blondes over fifty who's wants to do exactly that to you.
It's all about 'the algorithm' now. The more times you click on sex stuff, and the type of sex stuff you click on, means you will be served up more and more of that stuff online. And that will start to normalize it for you, and remove some of the stigma. And pretty soon 'vanilla' will just be an ice-cream flavor, because no-one has sex that way anymore.

Bonus: Describe your fantasy life in three (3) words.
~ Everyone Wants Me

Double Bonus: You can read about Masturbation Monday here. I thought my #SoSS post was good but no one read it.

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

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Replay: Breaking the drought - Friday night sex

Today's post is an excerpt from one originally posted on February 10, 2014. You can read the full story here.

I was naked after a shower, she was fully clothed, working in her home office. I walked in, told her to come upstairs, she said "why?" (seriously!), so I opened my robe and flashed her. I told her if she didn't come upstairs soon I'd start without her. As I climbed the stairs I wondered how long I should wait for before actually making good on my threat. Luckily I only had to wait 5 minutes before she came into the bedroom. She started to take off her clothes but I said "no, leave them on" and spread my legs. She lay down beside me and took my erection in her hand and started a slow but gentle tug. 
I moaned immediately and she began to quicken her pace, before switching positions and climbing between my thighs. She took my stiff cock in her mouth and started blowing me, fellating me softly at first but getting rougher as she went, gobbling on my manhood all the way down to the root. I continued moaning, and complimenting her on her skills, and I wasn't lying. It felt great. 
She took off her top and placed my hands on her breasts. I grabbed her boobs roughly, squeezing them and manhandling them. Her nipples were already stiff in my hand as I tweaked them, before releasing them so she could mash her tits into my cock and balls. She continued wanking my cock, occasionally bringing the tip to her mouth and flicking it with her tongue. I could feel myself getting closer… I asked her where she wanted it. 
"On my tits?" she questioned, before offering "where would you like to cum?" 
I hadn't been suffering a drought just to splash her breasts with my jism. "Take your pants off" I said, as I moved aside. I helped her remove her leggings, and threw them on the floor, before turning to dive between her thighs. Her legs were spread, she was ready for me already. My tongue went to work, finding her wet slit, and pressing flat against her. She liked that and began squirming, pulling my head in closer, deeper...


This post has also been submitted to Masturbation MondayClick this link for more stories like mine!

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OPP: Damaged Memory

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous (scroll to bottom for more info)
(FYI: all links in this post are working. My question and her reply are at the bottom...)

recovered post by Pervertically Virtuous

Damaged Memory

by Pervertically Virtuous
The other day, a guy called Ed who looked vaguely familiar friended me on Facebook. I started going through his photos and it took me a long while before I realized who he was: One of my couchsurfing hosts in NYC about 6 years ago.
(photo added in 2016, not from original post)
That first year of my PhD in Unitown, I didn't know too many people in NYC, so during my monthly visits – to get my big city fix and not go nuts in small town America - I couchsurfed. It's the best way to travel: Free accommodation with someone who knows the city and is happy to show you around, introduce you to their friends, places, and favorite activities - to their NYC. Of course, me being the slut that I am, I always tried to add an additional benefit to all my couchsurfing experiences: sex. I would try to choose hosts – always men - who I thought I might wanna fuck based on their CS profile. This worked out in 90% of the cases and made my stays even more fun and pleasant.
Ed and his housemate Steve were no exceptions. I remember staying in their small, cramped, two bedroom apartment in Greenpoint. That was the first time I ended up in that northernmost part of Brooklyn, and got to experience the dreaded G train (the only subway line that runs north-south through Brooklyn). This old Polish working class neighborhood still looked a bit seedy and run down, but the new hipstery flavor was slowly taking hold.
The day I arrived, Ed and Steve already had two Norwegian girls couchsurfing with them, and we all went out for a fun night at the local bars. Since the girls were staying in one of the bedrooms, one of the guys and I shared the two ends of the big, V-shaped couch in the living room. Shockingly, nothing happened.
When the girls left town the next day, I remember hooking up with someone. It was either Ed or Steve, obviously, but I don't have the slightest idea which one. With a gun to my head, I would've probably gone for Steve, but I really don't remember. I also don't remember what exactly took place: Did we fuck, did we just do oral, make out...? No idea.
So after accepting Ed's friend request on Facebook, I decided to find out what happened that day.
Me:  So, uhm, this is gonna sound terrible, but I can't, for the life of me, remember which one of you I hooked up with? It was so long ago...
Ed: Haha! You don't remember coming out of the shower and going down on me?
Me: No, I don't really remember... I did? OK, that's good to know. Was it a good blowjob? And Steve? Did I hook up with him?
Ed: I don't think you hooked up with Steve. The blowjob was hot. You started blowing me on the couch, then I stood up and you got on your knees and deepthroated me. I had a girlfriend at the time, but the blowjob was worth it.
Me: Well, glad to hear that. And we didn't fuck?
Ed: We were planning to. I was going to bend you over the bed, as per your request. But you did too good of a job blowing me.
Me: Ha! Silly me. So I didn't get an orgasm?
Ed: I don't think so.
Me: Wow, you remember this so well...?!
Ed: Oh yeah, I've definitely masturbated to it numerous times.
Because, this is not an isolated incident.
I read all other blogger's answers to this week's TMI Tuesday: "Who's Counting?". Most of them remembered all their partners, all the times they had some kind of group sex, all the days on which they fucked more than one person consecutively. I don't remember about a quarter of my sexual partners (even with a list of just their names) and even more sexual encounters. I can remember my one and only gangbang, but I couldn't possibly remember all of my threesomes or fouresomes. I know I've had many days, especially in my younger days (and by that I mean my teens) when I fucked two, three, or four people in the same day, but right now I can only remember the most recent example of that (fucking Karlo in the morning and giving Mama's Boy a blowjob in the evening) – because it happened only a few days ago.
It's not like I've been drunk or otherwise unconscious during those events. It's not like they were unpleasant events I have actively tried to forget. No. The vast majority (as in 99%) of my sexual encounters have happened while I was completely or mostly sober, and was a very willing participant (and more often than not, the instigator). Yet, several years later, I barely remember them.
Why don't I remember?
Is this an unavoidable by-product of having had so many experiences and partners over the years (and not having written them down)? Obviously, it's much easier to remember fewer people and experiences, and none of this week's TMI bloggers who shared their actual numbers came even close to my number. But is forgetting inevitable?
Or is it because I fail to relive the experiences? Except in the case of very intense or unusual experiences, repetition is typically necessary for memories to form. But I rarely mentally recreate my sexual experiences. The day or two after a particularly intense or new or unusual encounter I may get lovely flashbacks that will make my pussy wet, but after that I rarely try to conjure up those images, sounds, and smells in my mind. Other people do this more, I know it. I know my husband does this with pretty much every sexual encounter we have together. I know Ed has done this with our simple blowjob for years. But I don't.
So, why don't I relive my experiences?
I have two possible explanations.
The more benign explanation is that it's a time issue. That I live in the present moment to the fullest, and that being so focused on each and every moment of my life while it is happening simply doesn't allow focusing on any past moments. (Or any future moments, for that matter. I also rarely think about the future; I may plan for it, but I rarely imagine it. Take, for example, vacations. I typically spend some time making the necessary arrangements, but I don't spend any time thinking about what it would be like once I'm there.) But who am I bullshitting really? No one is living in the present moment to that extent that they cannot find some time to remember past moments or imagine future ones, right?
The more sinister explanation to my predicament is that I don't appreciate experiences. Fun, pleasurable sexual (and nonsexual) experiences have been so easy to come by in my life, that I treat them as expendable and easily replaceable. Why place so much emphasis on an experience that just happened when there's always another one waiting for me just around the corner? It was good while it lasted, but once it's over it's over and it has no more value to me, so no need to revisit it.
Taking life for granted like this is an awful personality flaw. Yes, my life is pretty fabulous, but I feel like I've lost something for having forgotten the many fabulous things and people that I've experienced.
How do you learn to be more appreciative, more grateful? Can you force yourself to relive and relish your experiences if that doesn't come naturally to you? Because, if you can, I'd like to try...
One thing I know will help in the future is writing everything down from now on.
And getting other people to help me remember the things I've forgotten. I got Ed to write up our blowjob experience. I got Tye to write up our many sexual experiences over the years. Maybe I could get more of my past sexual partners on board? Now there's a fun project...
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TMI Tuesday: Numbers, Numbers
Pervertically Virtuous | May 27, 2013 at 11:11 am | Tags: gratitude, memories, sex story | Categories: Life According to Z |
Pervertically Virtuous in response to Nero:
Do you remember every great meal you ever had? No. That’s because as much as you enjoyed it your brain knows you will be having more great meals so doesn’t store all the data. (What’s your email address? I should tell you about the time I fucked you so perfectly that your brain melted and [...] ~ NERO

haha, I’d love to hear that story!
but seriously, is sex exactly like food? I certainly often use that analogy when I talk against monogamy, but I’m not sure I wanna use it when talking about memories. I mean, these are whole people I have forgotten, living, breathing human beings that shared with me something that for so many is an incredibly special, sacred even, exchange, yet I have not the slightest memory of them…
I don’t know, maybe you’re right, maybe I shouldn’t worry too much about it, but I can’t help but feel like I’ve lost something by forgetting…

writingthebody in response to Pervertically Virtuous:

This is interesting to me as well – I have a crap memory too, and I am not sure why. I have not really forgotten sex things, but I do forget things at times that make people look at me and go, WTF? Like when I forgot to turn up to my graduation from a short course I had done…..that was weird esp since I had been a kind of exemplary student….or just things…I know what you mean. You do not need to be drunk for them to just slide out somehow. Maybe it is a kind of mental process. Anyway, I liked your exploration of it, and maybe you have it down. I am not sure.

In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of P.V.'s. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it.

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#SoSS - OPP: If Only...

This post was written by Cimmerian Sentiment and published a few weeks ago. It was written from the female POV, based on my blog post An Early Xmas Present (written from my male POV of course). She has given me permission to repost it on my blog, for reasons I'll explain later.

If Only...

I don’t normally get horny right after my period, but something about the way my husband was acting after our fight yesterday had me itchy. I can’t explain why I don’t have the guts to speak up and tell him what I want. I don’t know why I’m standoffish or distant at times. I don’t want to be.

I wondered what he was doing upstairs as I read some overly kinky smut. It’s not the taboo acts I like, some are even distasteful to me, it’s the boldness I envy of the characters. I clench and wiggle in my chair at the thought of men holding a woman down and pounding her hard - as I read of a man doing just that!

I glanced up at the ceiling, and thought “If only.”

Two loaded words. If only he would. If only I could ask. The man in my story fisted his lover’s hair whilst driving into her hard.  I worry that I’m not enough for my husband; the years have left their marks upon us - changing my confidence, thoughts and even desires.

My fingers flicked my nipples as I read.

Then my phone sounded with a text from my husband: "What are you doing?" it said.

I read his text and panicked. Would he be disgusted with me if he knew what I was doing?

I replied "Facebook, why?" but then thought I may sound guilty, so I quickly added, "What are you doing?"

I bit my bottom lip at the throb between my legs and hoped he was horny too.

"Reading dirty stories..." came his reply.

I stared at his reply, my hand shaking. Did he know? I wanted him to, but I was also afraid for him to find out. 

Hang on - did he say... reading?

His reply came quickly: "I'm almost ready to pop. Do you want it in your mouth, or should I just finish by myself?"

Just like that, I tighten and slicken with anticipation. I married him for many reasons - one being that I love his cock.

A laugh escaped my lips, it was the middle of the afternoon, and we were both masturbating alone like fools. I rushed up the stairs too aroused to waste time replying. Was he serious? I'd find out soon enough...

He was. I entered quickly, my eyes fixing immediately upon his hand jerking his beautiful penis. His eyes were fixed on the literary porn he claimed to be reading. I figured men watched porn, they didn't read it.

“Ohmigod!” I grinned, how brazen of him. I was stunned as heat rushed to my wet naked pussy.

I didn’t hesitate and went right for his balls to feel them in my hand as I squeeze gently. I removed his hand and gave into my insane urge to put him in my mouth. I wasted no time slurping and bobbing his rock hard flesh. Oh come on, just ask him to manhandle you, just ask… He twitched, ready to pop so I sucked him proper, the way we both like. I envisioned him shoving me to the bed having his way with me, claiming me… He was angry still from yesterday, it wasn’t a far-fetched fantasy, if only…

He moaned and warned me he was about to cum. He’s said that before and kept going. Taking that as an invitation to extend the play I rose, striped in one swift move and mounted him reverse cowgirl taking undesired control. He groaned as I enveloped him slowly with my too-tight pussy.

“I thought you were having your period?”

That explained why he offer-asked me to suck him off. 

“I finished yesterday” I replied. 

Finally, I was stretched enough to bob on his cock. God, how I love the feel of you inside me.

“You’re so tight,” he said, “do you want my legs in or out?”

I prefer him stretched outside when I reverse like this but I was too hot and eager to care and honestly, I just want him to do what I read moments ago. The words were on the tip of my tongue. ‘Take me, make me your dirty bitch.’ I got up to do something I’ve wanted to do since that first time. I swivelled around between his legs to taste my juices mixed with his. A move I wished he'd command of me since it happened that one time.

Ravaged by lust, I bobbed and sucked. As I tongued his balls enjoying the erotic feel of them I barely remembered to stroke with my hand. Maybe I can drive him to take me hard? I licked my fingers, salivating at the idea. I jacked my husband's cock as I ran my fingers around his balls and near the soft, sensitive skin of his anus. It was enough to make him abandon his cellphone as I desperately tried to swallow him. Come on, fill my mouth or fuck me!

My husband made a deep sexy noise, pushed me off and manhandled me into doggy position. I nearly came, oh shit, it’s exactly what I wanted. He pulled my hips, diving like an Olympic swimmer into my wet pool. With each hard thrust I grunted my delight.  Now if only he would hold me down.

He pulled out, dragging me to the corner of the bed. Yes! Make me your bitch! I ached so much to cry out the words. He shoved me flat on my stomach and spread my legs wide, forcing me to straddle the corner of the bed. His hands parted my ass-cheeks, and he pushed deep into my squelching heat. Unable to move as he held my hips firm, hitting my g-spot with each manic thrust. The pressure built up, it doesn’t happen often, I can’t move as he pounds me from above, and it’s so good. Slow and slower again, then faster he thrust as his strong hands held me firm.

I was burning up, frantic for release and he pulled out to press against my asshole. I wanted to scream with joy Take me, take me! but I just can’t.

“What are you doing?” I ask, to preserve my unwelcome modesty.

“I’m gonna cum in your ass.”

Yes, you are.

“Okay, hang on a minute…” I said, quickly.

As fast as my revved up body allowed I retrieved the hand lotion, smeared it liberally over his beautiful penis, then I fingered some over my asshole. Resuming the position face down over the corner of the bed, I panted, hot with anticipation, full and ready to explode.

The smooth head pushed against my starfish and he pushed forward slowly. I love that he takes his time, I breathed through the not-quite-pain and relaxed, the throbbing deep inside begging for more. The head popped in, and he waited a moment before pressing in. Holy shit, oh it feels so good, so good! I reached down and rubbed my clit as he began thrusting. I was too overcome with the pleasure to make a sound. I came wet and hard, squirting as his cock slammed by swollen g-spot through the walls of my ass.

I wasn’t done, I was too horny, I rubbed, and he gripped a sensitive breast and an ass cheek as he fucked my ass hard.

Savage and relentless he took me as I wanted. I had no say, no control and I was at his mercy. He pulled out, I was beyond thrilled he lasted this long, I jumped up to roll onto my back, pulling my knees up and spreading for him. I reached down with both hands and started fingering my clit and pussy lips. I know he likes to see this. My eyes drooped with pleasure and lust as I looked up at my beloved husband. I spread my southern lips wide like one of the women he likes to look at online. I was aching for him, enough to try dirty talk.

“I squirted before.” I smiled slyly. It had been years since I did that during sex, “now it’s your turn, cum for me.” I wanted to say in my ass. However, that was the best I could do.

He jerked as I fingered myself. Watch me like the women on your screen. Take me! I’m your dirty bitch! His hot balls pressed up against my opening, my juices wetting him as he fisted himself fast.

“I’m gonna cum now,” he said in that voice that said he was but wanted something.

I dove my fingers deep, the wet sound nearly enough to make me beg him to take me hard.

He grabbed my ankles, pulling my legs higher and plunged into my eager asshole. With my legs held wide, he thrust, swelled and began to cum. He released my legs, grabbed my hips like a man possessed and took my ass hard. I was close again. It felt too good. Fill me, cream my ass! If only I could say those words aloud, would he like it?

He grunted, moaned in that sexy satisfied way that said he was pumping me full. The pleasure in his eyes told me how sexy the anal cream-pie looked as he pulled out. I could feel his hot thick cum slipping out of my ass and dripping down onto the bed - before I tightened my pelvic muscles. It was erotic. I pumped my fingers, the orgasm that took my body was fast and fabulous.

A surge of embarrassment took hold, and I raced to the bathroom to clean up. I returned with a warm wet flannel to clean him. I grinned recalling how visceral it was, how he held me down and took me like the dominant man in a sexy ‘taken’ story.

“When did you squirt?” He asked.

“When you had me pushed face down on the corner of the bed and were fucking me hard.” A grin curled my lips, I'd said it! Was it enough? Oh, yes dear husband while you took me in the ass and dominated me. I came so hard I couldn’t make a sound.

I slipped out to take a shower. I’m not a submissive woman, but sometimes I want him to dominate me. I sighed remembering the pleasure of his hands moving me to his will, taking me with force to give pleasure not hurt. I shivered delectably with the memory. If only it could happen again.

“If only.”

Cimm sent me the above as a text file so I did a little sub editing to make it look like it does. I was unable to see how she intended it to look since she has now deleted ALL her blog posts - with the exception of this one, which explains why. Go to her link and read it.  
I've always rated Cimm as an exceptional erotic writer and her stories always got me aroused - some to the point I would have to relieve a little built up tension! What I didn't fully appreciate at the time was that she does it all without using too many explicit words. In the text above I changed the word anus to 'asshole' and 'starfish', and added in a 'cock' at one point - they weren't there in her version. The graphic images in this post are mine, not hers, from the original An Early Xmas Present.
I look forward to seeing her writing again, she's too good to stop now...

Friday, May 25, 2018

Something ubiquitous for #FishnetFriday

(Model only - fictional text below)

I think she would do some serious damage to my bed linen with those killer heels if she ever tried to stand up - so maybe I should keep her horizontal instead of vertical? Probably best I make her a cup of tea and get her a good book then, right?

Although by the look on her face I don't think she came for a bit of Earl Grey - that fishnet bodysuit indicates she has something else in mind.  Maybe she wants to go eeling in that creek that runs down behind the house and through the park?

Hmmmm, I could be here all day delaying the obvious if I keep up with this banter.  Can you tell I'm nervous? It's been 3 months since I last had sex with a woman. How hard can it be to jump back in the saddle? It's like learning to ride a bike - you never forget. Or so they say.

But this is sex, it's much more different. This woman is half my age. She probably has had more lovers than I've had wives. She probably knows what she likes and has no time for foolish old goats like me. What was I thinking when I called her number after seeing her ad online?

I was thinking I really need to get laid, that's what I was thinking!

C'mon Nero, you can do it...

Thursday, May 24, 2018

When you’re getting fucked in the shower and...

When you’re getting fucked in the shower and...

... your room mate is there watching.
With a camera...

Last week I published a post called Last Night of the Conference - POOL PARTY!! ~ (Part 2) and I was going to use the above pic to illustrate the following:

Steven took her inside and immediately pushed her up against the wall and started kissing her. Hands were everywhere and soon the clothes were coming off. In order to maintain some privacy he pulled her into the bathroom, which was a large tiled wet room complete with vanity, bathtub, and shower. And that's where it gets messy. Steven had her up against the basin and was banging her hard from behind. Josh insists he was already in the shower washing off the pool water when they came in and started fucking. 
That's the story he was insisting upon next morning at breakfast. That he was in the guest villa bathroom, instead of his own, taking a shower when Steven and the girl burst in and were so consumed by lust they didn't notice him. Steven said he only noticed Josh at the end but didn't care because it wasn't the first time Josh had been in the room while he fucked someone. Apparently the girl didn't mind either because she...  [more]

In the end I chose something less confronting. You can see the pic I did use last Wednesday here, or read the full story here.

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OPP: A Completely Unforeseen Mouth Fucking

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous (scroll to bottom for more info)
(FYI: all links in this post are working)

Pervertically Virtuous posted: "Mama's Boy is one of my best and oldest friends in the US whom I haven't had sex with in almost 7 years. So when I went to crash at his place for the night after my weekend with Karlo and before I got on a bus back to Unitown the next morning, I had absol"

recovered post on Pervertically Virtuous

A Completely Unforeseen Mouth Fucking

by Pervertically Virtuous

Mama's Boy is one of my best and oldest friends in the US whom I haven't had sex with in almost 7 years. So when I went to crash at his place for the night after my weekend with Karlo and before I got on a bus back to Unitown the next morning, I had absolutely no idea that I would end up with his cock down my throat. Really. Zero idea, zero intention.

I met Mama's Boy in my first week of moving to the States. He and his roommates were a breath of fresh air in the sea of boring, unattractive, badly dressed, suburban or rural, socially conservative, drinking-game obsessed engineering grad students that were my housemates. Mama's Boy and his housemates were also All-American, suburban upper-middle class, fiscally conservative, drinking-game playing engineering grad students, but at least they were hot – tall, blond, pretty faces, in great shape, and decently well dressed. Mama's boy and I hooked up that same night, and a few other times in the upcoming weeks. It was alright, but he was too inexperienced (had only 1 sex partner before me – his ex-girlfriend), too insecure, and too awkward about whole sex thing to handle a fuck buddy situation. After he developed an imaginary (i.e., psychosomatic) STI out of fear for fucking this crazy, promiscuous Eastern European, we decided we should just be friends. We haven't hooked up since. There was no reason to think that weekend was going to be an exception.

After the amazing 20 hours spent with Karlo, followed by a fun few hours of lounging on my friends' roof in Brooklyn afterpartying with cocaine and ketamine (some of that had yet to slept from the night before), I went to SOHO for a lovely dinner and drinks with Tye, the oldest friend I have who was visiting from Africa and the main reason I was in NYC that weekend. I had been hoping we would end up in a hotel room fucking each other's brains out, but he was staying with an ex-girlfriend with whom he wasn't having sex, yet couldn't really fuck me either. Complicated. I'll have much more to say about Tye in the future – not least because he agreed to write up the many sexual adventures we have experienced together over the 16 years we've known each other. He apparently remembers them much better than I do.

When Tye decided to go home, I contemplated texting Karlo and going back to his place for round two, but decided against it – too inconvenient for catching the bus back to Unitown in the morning, my pussy was already quite sore, and it was more fun leaving something for next time. I was also looking forward to seeing Mama's Boy.

Mama's Boy had just returned from a dinner and drinks with an Australian girl he'd met on the subway a few weeks ago - which was a pretty major success given how shy he is around women he finds attractive. This night was her last night in NYC before heading back to Australia – yet despite their mutual attraction, no one had made the first move, and they had parted ways without even a kiss. When I walked into his apartment he had just gotten a text from her.

Her: "I'm curious. Did you wanna sleep with me?"

Him: "Honestly, yes. Did you?"

Her: "Yeah. Damn, missed opportunity."

I was furious. "Why, oh why, didn't you make the move?!"

"I wasn't sure if she were interested," was his excuse.

"Well of course you weren't sure! Usually signs that someone is attracted to you are subtle. What were you expecting? A neon billboard up on Times Square? A 'fuck me, please' whispered in your ear? Those don't happen very often," I was practically yelling at him. "Especially if your time is limited, as in this case, you have to make a move in that state of uncertainty and hope for the best. If it doesn't work out, you have nothing to lose."

"Yeah, but what if the sex was bad?" he tried to further justify his inaction.

"And what if it was amazing sex?" I wasn't letting go.

"Well, it's not that big of a deal. It's just a night of casual sex," was his final attempt at an excuse.

"Sure, it's just a night of casual sex, but it's those little moments of fun and pleasure that make our lives exciting. And I want you to have an exciting life," I countered.

I really do. I've been trying to get him out of his timid, insecure shell for a long time. I feel like he's letting his life slip away in incessant doubt and anxiety, missing out on so many amazing opportunities NYC has to offer...

It was late and we got ready for bed: we always share his bed when I crash in his one-bedroom apartment . Before turning the lights off, I asked for the usual "abs check": Every time I see him, I like to lift up his shirt, get a good look at his torso, and run my fingers over his hard, toned stomach. This is never meant to arouse him or lead to something more. It's just a fun, playful way of showing him that his persistent workout efforts are paying off and that he should appreciate his beautiful body more, all the while relishing the wonderfully sculpted muscular flesh under my fingertips.

He usually lets me do this for a minute, then gets uncomfortable and pushes me away. But this time, he didn't push me away. Not only did he not push me away, he actually muttered something about how good that felt. I was a little puzzled, but kept rubbing his chest, stomach, and arms. Slowly and gently, savoring his soft and mostly hairless skin, each bulging muscle, each protruding vein. He really has a delightful body. After about 6-7 minutes of this, the naughty thoughts started cagily forming in my mind.

"What's going on with you tonight? You never let me do this for more than a minute?" I asked.

"I don't know. It feels good," he replied.

"Yeah, but it always feels good," I wasn't happy with that answer.

"I don't know. I guess I'm just horny, after all that happened with the Australian girl..." he offered.

I took that as a potential invitation to go further. The next time my hand was on his abdomen, I didn't stop there, I kept going down and briefly ran my hand over his boxers. He was soft, but, again, he didn't try to stop me. I went back to rubbing his torso. A minute later, I returned to his cock. He was semi-hard now. Promising. I gave his cock a few squeezes over the boxers. He got fully erect. After having had Karlo's monster dick in my hand, Mama's Boy's average-sized member felt small, but I remembered to put things in perspective. I fished his erection out of the boxers and started gently jerking him.

Mama's Boy circumcision has been done pretty tightly, with very little extra skin left on his shaft, so it's impossible to jerk him off without lube. I also didn't want to just give him a handjob; I wanted an orgasm myself. The feverish lust built up in me from the weekend with Karlo lingered on, and I knew it wouldn't take long to add one more orgasm to the daily count. But I didn't really want to fuck. My pussy was sore and swollen, and fucking just seemed like a lot of work for my exhausted body. Mama's Boy didn't wanna fuck either – it'd be too big of a jump from nothing to penetration for his shy, cautious self. So I decided on the one thing I knew was going to make both of us cum easily, quickly, and without too much effort or bodily involvement.

"Fuck my mouth," I suggested. "Not a blowjob, a mouthfucking. That way I can come too."

I quickly threw the t-shirt and sweats off my body, and positioned myself underneath him so I could look at his hard body kneeling over me. He slid his cock in my mouth and started pounding. My hand reached down into my panties and started playing with my clit. I couldn't stop thinking about how ridiculously slutty and insatiable I was being. Surely one shouldn't be allowed to have this much fun?

I knew it was going to be hard to cum with him on his knees and me on my back, so after a bit I flipped both of us over to our sides. In less than a minute, I was screaming into his cock in an orgasm, almost immediately followed by the sensation of his sperm hitting the back of my throat.

"Nice. I needed that," he said smiling.

"Yeah, I bet," I nodded knowingly. "So did I."

We put our clothes back on and went to sleep. In the morning, we got coffee at the local coffee shop, and chatted about life, work, relationships, and sex. He swore he was OK with what happened the night before, and promised he wouldn't get all weird on me. He walked me over to the subway, and off I went back to Unitown.
Pervertically Virtuous | May 23, 2013 at 10:15 am | Tags: friendship, Mama's Boy, mouth fucking, sex stories | Categories: Casual sex, Sex Stories
In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of P.V.'s. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

TMI Tuesday: Mary 22, 2018 ~ Yanny or Laurel or… the Royal Wedding!

Yanny or Laurel…Royal Wedding…blah blah blah. The real excitement is it’s time for TMI Tuesday.

1. If you had a whole week (no work, no kids) to do things with your significant other, what would you do?
~ Probably an intensive week long 'workshop' to repair our marriage. My wife told me when she was in China at the beginning of the month that that she realized our relationship with our daughter is dysfunctional and that to a certain degree so is ours. She said she really wanted us to fix our relationship (as well as our daughter, of course) and promised to work on it when she got back. She's been back almost three weeks and... zilch.

2. What is your idea of a long-term relationship?
~ Marriage is a long term relationship! When I was much younger I figured things were getting serious after 3 months and by the 6 month mark they were getting real serious. 1-2 years was a 'long term relationship' when I was 18-22.

3. What is a healthy relationship?
~ when you get 5+ A Day.

4. How did you meet your current (or last) lover?
~ My wife and I met in a nightclub. Where we both worked. (So the correct answer is 'at work!) 

5. What is the first thing you do after having sex?
~ Agonize over whether it was any good for my wife or was she just pretending to make me feel better? When I was younger and having one night stands I would think "Oh god, why did I do this? How do I get out of here?"

Bonus: Do you have any bad habits that you hide from your significant other? You can tell us… or not.
~ Yes. But they're way too TMI !! Nothing evil or dangerous or weird though - just oddball stuff.

Double Bonus: I finally finished the Last Night of the Conference - POOL PARTY ~ Finale and maybe you'd like to hear about how I jumped into a Time Machine on Friday night and went back to the 80s and 90s and did some coke and ecstasy again? Don't do Drugs - #SinfulSunday 

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

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Last Night of the Conference - POOL PARTY!! ~ Final

[You can read the Prelude,  Part 1, and Part 2 if you haven't already but I promise you - this is the end of the story! You really should read the second half of Part 2 at least, if only to know that in addition to my wife and her 7 friends from her BNG 'pod' they'd been joined by Eddie and Jamie (who were getting a divorce after the conference - which explained why she was hitting on the other guys) and Scottie who had just told my wife that he and his wife had an open marriage and could fuck other people. Remember, this story is written as told to me by my wife, from her P.O.V.]
So after the 'last night dinner' came the 'last night party'. They're always pretty wild because of course it's the last night. Everyone leaves the following day and we're all on a high having had such a great three days, meeting new people, and making new connections. As I mentioned, I've been in BNG for just over 5 years and I have a rep (a good one!) as being a great person to know and a great person to party with. So I always find that at these international events there's no shortage of people willing to talk to me. I'm the Queen of Networking!

© Milo Manara
As I always tell my husband: I love being the 'Go to' Gal, I'm the facilitator, I love making things happen. Social things. I get the party started, and encourage others to let their hair down. But I never cross the line myself. Mostly. (There was that time we skipped LA one night on a whim and took a limo to Tijuana and spent the night in strip bar owned by Mexican bikers. One of our guys was so distraught about his wife leaving him we all chipped in and bought him a private lap dance in the VIP Room. We gave the girl so much money she fucked him back there - it was a wild night alright! It's what built our rep as the BNG party people - and I've only told my husband half of what happened)

The 'last night party' kicked off proper at 10pm when the DJ came on. We'd all been drinking through dinner and after dessert, just waiting for the music to crank up, and were hyped. We'd been told by the organizers she was one of Asia's top female DJ's and highly sought after. When she stepped up to the DJ stage we could see why. She had enormous breasts! They were huge - 44DD at least - and since she was Asian you knew they were implants. You could tell.

She wasn't trying to hide it either, given she was dressed in very tight shorts, exposed legs and midriff, and a bra top reinforced with very strong shoulder straps. One that still fully displayed her ample bosom of course! The guys thought she was fantastic and one of my Harem went right up the DJ booth and stood there for 20 minutes filming her! From the side, five feet away!

Naturally I had to get involved so I went up to her and told how great she was and how fabulous she looked, and how all my boys loved her tits. Okay, yeah, I was a bit loose by that time, but it was all good fun. She explained she was from Thailand and had been flown in especially for the conference. As we chatted she explained she normally wore a little bit more clothing but would start stripping off the layers as her set progressed. She said depending on the crowd, like if they were going off, she'd usually be topless by the end of the night! She said she wouldn't do that tonight because the organizers warned her the Chinese authorities would arrest her.

When I told my husband this (when I got home) he said there was whole sub-market of 'Topless DJs' who did exactly that - primarily in Asia and Eastern Europe. He said the women couldn't actually DJ, they were just paid to press play on a premixed CD, and 'perform' for the crowd by twiddling knobs on the DJ mixer and then progressively get their tits out.  He said YouTube was full of clips of them.

I told him he was mansplaining but that he was right. Her mixing wasn't that great and as the set progressed she got completely out of it, by which time her mixing was shit. She was just playing one track after the next, without mixing, so I guess she didn't even have a premixed CD. Luckily we were all quite drunk ourselves too so it didn't seem to matter. She played a great bunch of hits, and Jamie and I got up in the booth with her and boogied together.

We had a mock Battle of the Boobs!
Jamie had also had a boob job (not as huge as the DJs, but still obvious) and there are photos* of the three of us dancing. I'm pointing at both their tits in mock horror, or I'm in the middle of their 'sandwich' as they both grind up on me.  I have a nice pair of good sized tits too, proportionate to my body size (unlike the other two girls) so there's also a shot of the three of us holding up our boobs like Fembots, bouncing nipples against each other.  

As I said, we were all in very high spirits. The DJ finished her set at midnight and hung out with us for about half an hour but then disappeared. She was completely trashed by then so I guess one of the organizers dragged her away. Jamie was also drunk as fuck, and dirty dancing with my Harem while her husband Eddie looked on. For some reason he had attached himself to me so I had to hold fort while so the other guys could do their thing.

It started to get very messy, and since the next DJ was too underground we decided at 1am to head back to our compound 'for a swim' aka a private party. I think the boys just wanted to get the ladies back in their bikinis and in the pool! So we all piled into a mini-bus and headed back to ours - bringing with us Eddie, Jaime, Scottie and that girl Steven had picked up the night before.

Eddie sat up the front with me and behind us was Scottie, followed by Steven and his girl. They started making out straight away. Behind them were Jamie and the Harem. She started kissing two of the guys over the seat backs, while the others watched - with their tongues literally hanging out! She was seated on her own between two rows of guys and by the time we were halfway home there were more than two sets of hands on her. The other guys were copping feels!

Eddie was going green and Scottie told him if he had problem he should speak up. Scottie said even though he and his wife had an open relationship he wouldn't tolerate that kind of behavior in front of him (she had gone back to their hotel room after dessert BTW, saying she was tired. WTF she was really doing I have no idea). Eddie insisted he was fine and reminded us they were getting divorced - but I could tell he wasn't fine with it.

"Hey!" I shouted down to the back of the mini-bus "that's Eddie's wife guys! So take your tongues out of her mouth and your hands off her tits!"

Okay, maybe I was a bit loose too but it worked. Everyone sat up immediately, dead quiet, and all looking like naughty schoolboys. Jamie was lying on the seat with her legs splayed and her head against the window. She had a glazed look on her face but she didn't seem distraught. Her tight maxi skirt had a slit up the leg all the way to her thigh and I could see she wasn't wearing panties.

I'd suspected as much during the night since how could you with a dress that tight? She'd been flashing that leg all night and bending over to twerk the guys at various points along the way. Now we were on the mini-bus and I'm pretty sure someone had been finger banging her. I never found out because what happened later in the night superseded what happened on the mini-bus, but I knew that either way Eddie couldn't see how she was sitting from where he was seated - which was probably a good thing.

When we got back to the compound I took Jamie to my room and lent her a bikini since she didn't have one and yes, she was naked under that skin tight dress. I had to help peel it off her and by god, she did have a very nice boob job. Larger than I would choose but with her yoga body she did look hot. As fuck. Poor old Eddie, I thought to myself, he had paid for them only a few months before she told him '"it's not working out".

Jamie couldn't stop her breasts spilling out of my bikini
Jamie was drunk but not so drunk she couldn't put on my spare bikini (with my help) so we headed for the pool. It wasn't a string bikini but it looked like one on her. Her boobs were so big the cups just covered her areola. I double tied the string behind her neck to give her extra support but of course as soon as she jumped in the pool everything slipped sideways (more on that later!). Steve's girl was already in - she'd just slipped off her dress and dived in wearing her bra and panties. Which she managed to do without a wardrobe malfunction - unlike Jamie.

More drinks were poured and soon we were all in the water - but split into three groups at various places around the large pool. The guys mingled with each group, which was based around one girl. Steven's girl's group consisted of Steven, Josh, and someone else (it rotated); I had Eddie, Scottie, one of my Harem (it rotated)  and another guy who had apparently jumped into the passenger seat of the mini-bus as we shuttled back to the compound.

I'll compress the following three hours into a few paragraphs, as best I can.

Eddie, Scottie and I gossiped in our corner - mostly about the other two groups, but also about their 'slutty' wives.  I say 'slutty' but I honestly wasn't judging them - we were just shooting the shit and I was empathizing with the guys. Scottie was clearly pissed that his wife was having more sex than him in their 'open relationship' and Eddie was clearly unhappy about what was happening at the far end of the pool. Not that he would admit it.

The guys at the far end were 'helping' her float on her back, and gently moving her around in slow circles. Her eyes were closed and she seemed quite blissed out. Halfway down the pool was Josh, Steven, his girl, and one of the other guys talking about god knows what. I told my group that Josh had watched Steven fuck her the night before and we laughed and speculated they were probably organizing a more traditional threeway for later.

Jaime was clearly enjoying having five or six guys fawning over her at her end of the pool. My bikini top kept falling to the sides of her implants and the guys kept trying to 'fix' it but I could see they were just copping feels. One of the guys (the former pro-athlete) sat on the edge of the pool with his feet in the water and she lay on her back between his legs, her head resting in his lap. I know he had a hard on because when I shouted for him to bring me a drink he said couldn't move or he would embarrass himself.

Jamie still had three of my Harem in the water with her at this point, and they were all making out with her at various points. I'm pretty sure the athlete was massaging her tits while the other guys fingered her too because we could hear her long deep moans from our end of the pool. This was when Scottie told Eddie he really should go down there and check on her, divorce or no divorce.

Eddie swam down there and asked her if she was okay, and we could hear and see the other guys all also at great pains to check that everything was cool with her and (oh so bro casual) was everything cool with Eddie? Eddie said yes and swam back to Scottie and me. He said she was pretty messed up but knew what she was doing and seemed fine. And that the guys were looking out for her. Scottie snorted at that, and we all laughed out loud.

Eddie was the first to say that she was probably going to bang one of the guys so we all started trying to guess which one. We agreed it would be the former athlete since he had the best body and so we moved on to trying to guess who would be her second choice, if she decided togo that far. The talk got very sexual and Scottie started sharing stories about his three sexual conquests during his burgeoning 'open marriage'. He was very proud of himself, but became morose when he was reminded of his wife's five encounters during that same period.

I felt bad for bringing that up again so I tried to change the subject by commenting that the four guys Jamie had on the hook were chicken shits really and still hadn't done anything other than feel her up and make out. The group in the middle of the pool had left by now, meaning it was just me and Jaime at each end, with our respective men. Eddie said Jamie would probably appreciate some help getting things started so Scottie suggested I go down there and sort the guys out.

Jamie seemed to enjoy getting fondled and making out with my guys
(not actual photo - Jamie was brunette with magnificent breasts)
I swam down there and sure enough my bikini top was floating around her neck, her big boobs sitting in the water like floatation devices. I asked her how she was and she moaned and told me how great the pool was and how fucking relaxing it was. I attempted to fix her bikini top back in place so of course one of the guys told me to have a feel and tell them what I thought of her tits. Y'know, from a woman's perspective.

I reached over and grabbed both breasts and gave them a little squeeze. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly so I massaged them a little, just for a laugh, but then I saw the lustful looks on the guys faces and suddenly I was the chicken shit.

When I told my husband this part of the story he laughed and asked me if her nipples were hard, but I didn't fall for it. He smiles when he asks but I know he's just baiting me - trying to get me to let slip what really happened. Her boobs felt great and of course her nipples were hard (and poking out like pencil erasers), but I told him nothing. I told him I just swam back to Eddie and Scottie, as the guys behind me called for me to come back.

I told Eddie that Jamie seemed fine, and happy, but that he should probably take her back to the hotel - or they could crash in one of our spare guest villas if they wanted to. He gave me a hug and told me what a great woman I was for looking out for Jamie all the time, and then Scottie moved in and we had a group hug. Eddie said he wasn't sure Jamie would appreciate leaving just yet, and repeated that she probably just wanted me to give her permission to 'play' (since she already had his) because I was the only other woman left and they were my friends and she wouldn't want to seem like a total slut.

I said "she can do what she likes, I won't judge" but as I said it I realized that although Scottie had released me from the group hug he was still standing awfully close to me. Eddie hadn't released me at all. He had his arms around my waist and his chin on my shoulder, almost whispering in my ear as he continued to hug me from behind. He pulled me in close and Scottie stepped in front of me - he reached out and started massaging my shoulders.
There was nothing threatening about what they were doing but I realized then that what Eddie had meant when he said Jamie would probably appreciate some help 'getting things started' was that he and I should start fooling around at our end of the pool so that she could do her thing at her end.  I may have been very drunk myself but I would never cheat on my husband, so I removed myself fro the guys (before it became a sandwich) and told everyone it was late and I was going to bed.

Which is what I did because it was almost 4am. I stumbled to my room and collapsed onto my bed. The room was spinning and I blacked out.**


The above is an account of that happened - as told to me by my wife. Many other things happened, but always with other people, so I've condensed the 'Last Night Party' story because it was already too long. Whether other things happened involving my wife I obviously can't know since she hasn't told me. But I did see some photos I wasn't meant to so I've used them in the above story as well. **The last paragraph is something I overheard her telling someone else last Friday night.

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