Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday Flash Fiction (a.k.a. Karma is a Bitch)

If you've come for the popular meme then I'm sorry to disappoint you. This is not a quick piece of fiction I wrote myself as per some prompt. I thought there was a 'Friday Flash Fiction' meme for sex bloggers, but a quick Google search only revealed some 'straight' SFW ones, like this and this.

Anyway, it's Friday and I like alteration, so Friday Flash Fiction it is (as a post title). 

What you see below is a photo of a photo I found on my wife's computer yesterday. Yes, I'm snooping. Let me tell you why...

Why did my wife take a screenshot of this? I am intrigued...

On second thoughts I'll spare you the 800 words (all angst) and tell you instead why karma is a bitch.

The photo is a screenshot saved of her iPad (I presume, it looks like one). By googling one of the sentences I discovered it was from the story The Summer That Changed Everything by 'Cokeman' and published on The screenshot is interesting for a number of reasons:

  1. Why did my wife take a screenshot of this? 
  2. Was she worried she'd lose her place in the story? 
  3. When did she start reading Mother/Son stories, since she's always read Father/Daughter stories?
  4. Did she take the screenshot by mistake, in a hurry to close the window before I saw it?
  5. Did she send it to someone else? As a sext?
  6. Did I take the screenshot? I have a nagging doubt - did I take this back in early February?
  7. Did I take the screenshot by mistake, in a hurry to close the window before she walked back into the room?
  8. Should I delete the photo? 
  9. Has she already seen the photo?
  10. It's in her cloud album, not her regular album, which means I probably took the screenshot but deleted it, without realizing it had already been sent to her cloud account - right?
  11. If she's seen the photo already and I delete it now she'll know I've been on her computer - right?
  12. If she's seen the photo and didn't take it then she would think someone else must have taken it and it must have been me, so why hasn't she said anything?
  13. Maybe she hasn't said anything because she took the screenshot?
  14. Return to #1 and continue in a loop until you go crazy...

Morale of the Story: Be careful what you're looking for because you might get more than you bargained for!

To see what else my wife has been reading check out What’s my Wife reading now? and The #HumpDay Blues!

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