Monday, May 14, 2018

Last Night of the Conference - POOL PARTY!!

These are not my wife's breasts, but they are very similar to the pair her new friend brought back to the compound...

It was the last night of the conference and the excitement was palpable. Three hundred people from our Business Networking Group had flown in from around the world for a four day conference in a five star resort in south China and it was good to see so many familiar faces. The BNG held two conferences a year, plus a few 'two day workshops', so that our 5,000 members worldwide could come together in fraternity.

My husband jokes that it's a Cult, and questions what real value I get out of it, but he never objects when I offer to take him with me. The great thing about BNG is that the host city or nation always usually puts on a great event and you see things you'd never get to see in that city or town otherwise. Truth be told we do all mostly go just for the 'after parties' - sure, sometimes there's a great keynote speaker invited in and you learn a lot, but you can guarantee some of the second tier speakers can be tedious.

That's why the Pro's (I've been in BNG for just over 5 years now) usually skip the afternoon breakout sessions and head for the bar. Or a power nap back at the room, depending on how late you partied the night before. Over the years I've kinda learnt to pace myself better, so I can party every night. I say that advisedly - it always depends on which of my BNG buddies are also going on conference with me.

BNG separate us into 'pods' of eight people, and you stick with that pod for as long as you're a member (with some exceptions - don't screw the crew people, it never ends well!). Two pods from my city went to China and our city is known to party hard. As everyone knows from previous conferences we are always the last to leave, and when we leave it's usually to another club or bar for another unofficial after party.

This year we rented a private compound within the resort hotel that was adjacent to the official accommodation of the BNG conference. This meant we had our own private pool and ten one bedroom 'villas' - with eight for us and two extra for guests if our after parties got out of control. We also each brought with us the maximum amount of alcohol that we were allowed into the country, in our suitcases. We figured it would be easier than trying to buy it locally, and we were right.

Half the pod flew together into China and the other half found their own ways there, having taken side trips first for business. We all congregated at the pool bar on Thursday afternoon, after registration, and the fun began. The hotel resort had been designed with Western business travelers and expats in mind and was very cool. There was nothing really too 'Chinese' about it, having been designed by an Italian. The architecture was cool and everything pointed out across to the ocean, including the cliff edge infinity pool.

Having all flown about 14 hours to get here we took it easy and returned to our compound at midnight. We were short one person - Steven had managed to pull some 30y.o. blonde in the pool bar and gone back to her hotel across the road. She wasn't a part of the conference but having spent 3 days at her hotel she'd come over to check out the action. Steve had a girlfriend at home but, as he hastened to tell us during the night when his intentions for the blonde became all too clear, they weren't living together and he didn't think they were going to work out.

Really? He'd been seeing her for a year, and they seemed pretty tight!

But we didn't judge. Half the pod are married and of the other half only Tim is single. Tim is an outrageous flirt and taught Steven everything he knows about being a Player (the two are very good friends, even beyond BNG), but now he's hit 60 he's a bit more circumspect. Tim had a 'friend' arriving the following day, flown in at his cost. What exactly the arrangement is we never know (Don't ask, Don't tell) but he usually has at least one or two gorgeous women on his side at all times for major events.

They're always half his age (at the most) and we don't even bother learning their names anymore - they're lucky to last two weekends. Tim is still very good looking for his age and tremendously fit. Owning a chain of Yoga studios will do that I suppose. Tim can stand on his head and hold that pose for 5 minutes if he wants, a pool party trick he pulls with regularity. I once asked him if it was the yoga that got him the girls half his age and he laughed.

"No, it's because I'm RICH!" he chuckled, "but the yoga doesn't hurt - it makes them sexually curious."

On Friday my pod ditched the last session at the conference and headed back to the pool bar. The other pod from our city soon joined us, and by late afternoon there were about 100 of us drinking, dancing and having an awesome time. The music was pumping and by sunset everyone was grinding up on everyone else on the dance floor - I enjoyed a few 'sandwiches' myself!  I may be in my early fifties but everyone thinks I'm early forties - and that's not my vanity talking, honest! Most women can't believe it when I tell them how old I am. (When they do, maybe I'll stop telling them - ha!)

It felt so freeing not having my husband around, I don't have to worry about him judging me all the time. So what if I want to order a $200 bottle of Bollinger from the bar and polish it off with my new bestie (I make friends easily, and hanging with hot chicks keeps me young)? So what if I want to climb on the shoulders of a man half my age and play imaginary water volleyball?

My husband would be lucky to hold me up for two minutes before collapsing, whereas this boy was fit! I sat astride his muscled shoulders, my thighs clamped around his thick neck, and I rode him to victory. We beat the other team, and then retired to our pod's daybed so he could meet the rest of my crew. One of our guys is a thirty-something former pro-athlete, also as buff as hell, and the two got on like a house on fire.

And that's why we're here, right? To network! To meet new people who may be able to help you in your business - and if they can't then maybe they know someone who can help you. And that's why I'm such a social butterfly at these events, I like to mix and mingle, something I can't do if I have to drag my husband around with me. He's become a millstone around my neck so it's better if I leave him at home. Besides, she's his daughter too and someone has to look after her. We can't keep dumping her at her grandparents.

After dinner they piled all of us (300 people!) into coaches and drove us to another hotel 30 minutes away, under Police escort. Their flashing lights got us there quickly - and in the mood to party on arrival! The hotel had a more traditional nightclub inside, full of mirrored walls and flashing lights, and some old school green lasers.  The theme was 'Retro' and they played nothing but 80s and 90s hits.

Best of all they had a two-for-one drink special all night long! And it wasn't just 'wine and beer' as we quickly discovered when we ordered a round of cocktails. Christ, we all got hammered pretty quickly. The problem with BNG people is that we're all Type A Dynamic Individuals. If someone orders a round of beers to start then the next guy is going to order a round of shots. And the next guy orders cocktails or whiskey for everybody. And then someone orders bottle service and so on it goes.

It was after twice the number of expected shots arrived that we realized how the 'drinks special' worke'. And then Scottie ordered a 3 liter bottle of Grey Goose for everyone and two arrived (and 24 cans of Red Bull in a large bucket of ice). Naturally we were the most popular table at the club and we made a lot of new friends that night. Ahem, I mean 'contacts'! And what's a little 'Dirty Dancing' between friends, right?

Between midnight and 1am they started shuttling us back to the hotels, but as always we were the last group to go. We had a few hangers on, namely two young women the boys had picked up. Which we had renamed 'My Harem' by now. I make a heck of an icebreaker for the boys and I'm the ultimate Wingman. The women are all surprised that I'm staying in a private compound with 7 guys and when I explain that they're like brothers to me (sexy brothers!) they trust me when I tell them to go for it if they're interested in any one of them.

And so it was that these two hot babes with smoking bodies were lured invited back to our compound at 1am so the party could continue in private...


The above is an account of that happened at the conference retreat, as told to me by my wife. I'm sorry to leave you hanging at this point but I needed to set the scene and couldn't make it any shorter than the 1500 words above. Part 2 on Wednesday will explain the relevance of the big boos in the wet shirt pictured above, trust me!This post has also been submitted to Masturbation Monday. Click this link for more stories like mine!


  1. I enjoyed the scene setting, and I am burning with curiosity to find out what happened next. You have put yourself in your wife's shoes pretty well it seems.

  2. Looking forward to reading more. :-D


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