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Last Night of the Conference - POOL PARTY!! ~ Continued (Part 2)

It was the last night of the conference and the excitement was palpable... that's how Part 1 started and I was talking about Sunday night, the last night of the conference. But Part 1 only covered Friday night so I'll do my best to make this part brief. Read Part 1 now and then we'll continue from there...

My wife brought two new friends back to the compound...
Between midnight and 1am they started shuttling us back to the hotels, but as always we were the last group to go. We had a few hangers on, namely two young women the boys had picked up. Which we had renamed 'My Harem' by now. I make a heck of an icebreaker for the boys and I'm the ultimate Wingman. The women are all surprised that I'm staying in a private compound with 7 guys and when I explain that they're like brothers to me (sexy brothers!) they trust me when I tell them to go for it if they're interested in any one of them.

And so it was that these two hot babes with smoking bodies were lured invited back to our compound at 1am so the party could continue in private.

As soon as we got there more drinks were poured and it took all of 5 minutes before someone suggested we get in the pool. We all quickly got changed, with the exception of the two girls who stripped down to their underwear. The water was still warm and we all mellowed out quite quickly, since to had been a long day. And night.

We kept drinking and talking shit amongst each other and generally just larking about. Between the ten of us we seemed to be in three groups at various points around the pool, we all just kinda drifted around from group to group to gossip a little more, before moving to another group. The only exception was Steven who was working his game pretty hard on one of the girls we'd picked up at the club.

I say 'we' because our pod is pretty tight, and I know damn well I had a hand in him scoring. I told her he was a great guy and didn't mention his conquest the night before. It must have worked because I found out later that the two of them had fucked in one of the spare villas when they had gone off to get us 'more drinks' (each 'villa' is a self-contained one bedroomed unit). I was kinda wasted by then so I completely missed it:

Steven took her inside and immediately pushed her up against the wall and started kissing her. Hands were everywhere and soon the clothes were coming off. In order to maintain some privacy he pulled her into the bathroom, which was a large tiled wet room complete with vanity, bathtub, and shower. And that's where it gets messy. Steven had her up against the basin and was banging her hard from behind. Josh insists he was already in the shower washing off the pool water when they came in and started fucking.

That's the story he was insisting upon in the morning at breakfast. That he was in the guest villa bathroom, instead of his own, taking a shower when Steven and the girl burst in and were so consumed by lust they didn't notice him. Steven said he only noticed Josh at the end but didn't care because it wasn't the first time Josh had been in the room while he fucked someone. Apparently the girl didn't mind because she went back to Stevens room at the end of the night.

We asked Steven why he didn't take her there to begin with but he said they really did intend to get everyone more drinks. Hmmmm.

So Josh is more of a dark horse than I realized. I've known him through BNG for four years and I went to his wedding two months ago. His wife is absolutely gorgeous so I believe him when he says he didn't join in, but it's kinda weird that he would stay and watch the whole thing. We know all three were in there because it was Josh who came out with the beers afterwards (not that we knew then what had happened). The girl told her friend she was going back to Steven's room to sleep and off they went, so I told the other girl she was welcome to stay in the other bedroom.

She accepted the offer and stepped out of the pool, which pissed off four of my 'Harem' since they'd all been trying to make out with her themselves. Maybe if they hadn't been so half assed about it in their attempts one of them might have scored, but due to the BNG 'Bro Code' all four had danced around it for so long - each jockeying for position - that everyone went to bed alone (except Steven). It was 3am so I showed the girl her villa and then retired to mine. I fell asleep immediately.

The next morning we dragged ourselves out of bed, breakfasted, and made the first keynote speaker of the day at 9am. We all looked like death warmed up, but we had a long day (and night) ahead of us. It was Saturday and tonight was the official Last Night party at the conference. They'd organized a local zoo visit for Sunday morning at 10am ie no speakers and then later in the day we'd all check out and go our separate ways.

But not us. We had booked our compound for Sunday night as well, and had planned our own unofficial 'Last Night' party for anyone who was still in town. People were already talking about it and the buzz was getting strong. The other pod from our city were already coming, and some others said they were going to try and extend their stay.

The Saturday night party was at the same hotel the conference was in. Officially the night started at 6pm with a cocktail hour, followed by dinner at 7pm, followed immediately by the 'party' at around 9.30pm ie whenever dessert was finished. It didn't quite go to plan of course, since most of us were in the pool bar between 3-4pm getting our drink on. At 6pm the organizers were shooing us out and telling us to get dressed for the dinner and party - our pre-conference instructions had stressed we were to all dress in white for the last night extravaganza.

So we all dashed back to our rooms, got changed into white, and returned looking very splendid indeed. Jamie in particular looked fabulous, she was wearing a tight maxi dress with a very long slit up one leg. As we were to discover later in the night, she wasn't wearing any underwear. We'd met Jamie that afternoon by the pool and she was all over the guys so I nicknamed her 'Slut Jamie', as in 'Fat Amy' from Pitch Perfect 3 (which I'd watched on the plane coming over).

But Jamie wasn't overweight like Rebel Wilson; she had big tits and a very tight body, with which she would literally rub up against the guys in the pool. She was so drunk, but hilarious. She became my new bestie, and I figured if I wasn't as messy as her I was fine. I had to get out of the pool when her husband Eddie turned up an hour later and tried to rub on me like his wife was doing to 'My Harem'.

I got out of the pool quick smart but he followed me to the day bed and proceeded to give me his life story. Apparently the two were getting a divorce when they got back to the States, and she had only come with him because he was vying for a position on the BNG Global Board and he thought it would look better if he presented himself as a happily married man. Watching his drunk wife grind on my friends made me wonder if he'd thought this through.

Luckily Scottie turned up and told Eddie his wife was pretty drunk and he should take her home and sober her up in time for dinner and the party. Scottie was a British ex-pat from Hong Kong and had also brought his wife with him, but she had returned to her room for a nap. Scottie lay right down next to me and gave me his best brooding look as he seductively sipped his cocktail straw. He said he wanted to tell me something but didn't know if he could trust me, since we'd really only just met.

I reminded him that BNG rules decreed that what was said (and done) within BNG stayed within BNG. I told him he could tell me anything and it would go no further.

I don't know if he was playing me but he suddenly looked crest fallen and announced, sadly, that his marriage was also shakey. He and his wife had stopped having sex and talked about divorce. (My husband insists he was definitely running his game on me). They had decided to stay together for the kids, until they finished school, but in the meantime they'd have an 'open' relationship. It turned out what he was really saddest about was that his wife had scored five times compared to his three!

It was all I could do not to laugh out loud in front of him. Men!

He'd seriously thought that if his wife didn't want to have sex him then that meant she didn't want to have sex with anyone - boy, did he get that wrong! I laughed heartily when I told my husband this part of the story but then remembered we weren't having sex either so I stopped there and resumed the story by jumping to the 'Last Night' party after dinner.

I told him everything, including what happened after the party - back at the compound - because I felt I owed him that. In my defense we were all really really drunk... and it was the topless female DJ's fault, I swear!


The above is an account of that happened at the conference retreat, as told to me by my wife. I'm sorry to leave you hanging at this point but once again I couldn't make it any shorter than the 1500 words above. Part 3 on Thursday will be the final chapter, I promise! This post has also been submitted to Wicked Wednesday

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