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Last Night of the Conference - POOL PARTY!! ~ Final

[You can read the Prelude,  Part 1, and Part 2 if you haven't already but I promise you - this is the end of the story! You really should read the second half of Part 2 at least, if only to know that in addition to my wife and her 7 friends from her BNG 'pod' they'd been joined by Eddie and Jamie (who were getting a divorce after the conference - which explained why she was hitting on the other guys) and Scottie who had just told my wife that he and his wife had an open marriage and could fuck other people. Remember, this story is written as told to me by my wife, from her P.O.V.]
So after the 'last night dinner' came the 'last night party'. They're always pretty wild because of course it's the last night. Everyone leaves the following day and we're all on a high having had such a great three days, meeting new people, and making new connections. As I mentioned, I've been in BNG for just over 5 years and I have a rep (a good one!) as being a great person to know and a great person to party with. So I always find that at these international events there's no shortage of people willing to talk to me. I'm the Queen of Networking!

© Milo Manara
As I always tell my husband: I love being the 'Go to' Gal, I'm the facilitator, I love making things happen. Social things. I get the party started, and encourage others to let their hair down. But I never cross the line myself. Mostly. (There was that time we skipped LA one night on a whim and took a limo to Tijuana and spent the night in strip bar owned by Mexican bikers. One of our guys was so distraught about his wife leaving him we all chipped in and bought him a private lap dance in the VIP Room. We gave the girl so much money she fucked him back there - it was a wild night alright! It's what built our rep as the BNG party people - and I've only told my husband half of what happened)

The 'last night party' kicked off proper at 10pm when the DJ came on. We'd all been drinking through dinner and after dessert, just waiting for the music to crank up, and were hyped. We'd been told by the organizers she was one of Asia's top female DJ's and highly sought after. When she stepped up to the DJ stage we could see why. She had enormous breasts! They were huge - 44DD at least - and since she was Asian you knew they were implants. You could tell.

She wasn't trying to hide it either, given she was dressed in very tight shorts, exposed legs and midriff, and a bra top reinforced with very strong shoulder straps. One that still fully displayed her ample bosom of course! The guys thought she was fantastic and one of my Harem went right up the DJ booth and stood there for 20 minutes filming her! From the side, five feet away!

Naturally I had to get involved so I went up to her and told how great she was and how fabulous she looked, and how all my boys loved her tits. Okay, yeah, I was a bit loose by that time, but it was all good fun. She explained she was from Thailand and had been flown in especially for the conference. As we chatted she explained she normally wore a little bit more clothing but would start stripping off the layers as her set progressed. She said depending on the crowd, like if they were going off, she'd usually be topless by the end of the night! She said she wouldn't do that tonight because the organizers warned her the Chinese authorities would arrest her.

When I told my husband this (when I got home) he said there was whole sub-market of 'Topless DJs' who did exactly that - primarily in Asia and Eastern Europe. He said the women couldn't actually DJ, they were just paid to press play on a premixed CD, and 'perform' for the crowd by twiddling knobs on the DJ mixer and then progressively get their tits out.  He said YouTube was full of clips of them.

I told him he was mansplaining but that he was right. Her mixing wasn't that great and as the set progressed she got completely out of it, by which time her mixing was shit. She was just playing one track after the next, without mixing, so I guess she didn't even have a premixed CD. Luckily we were all quite drunk ourselves too so it didn't seem to matter. She played a great bunch of hits, and Jamie and I got up in the booth with her and boogied together.

We had a mock Battle of the Boobs!
Jamie had also had a boob job (not as huge as the DJs, but still obvious) and there are photos* of the three of us dancing. I'm pointing at both their tits in mock horror, or I'm in the middle of their 'sandwich' as they both grind up on me.  I have a nice pair of good sized tits too, proportionate to my body size (unlike the other two girls) so there's also a shot of the three of us holding up our boobs like Fembots, bouncing nipples against each other.  

As I said, we were all in very high spirits. The DJ finished her set at midnight and hung out with us for about half an hour but then disappeared. She was completely trashed by then so I guess one of the organizers dragged her away. Jamie was also drunk as fuck, and dirty dancing with my Harem while her husband Eddie looked on. For some reason he had attached himself to me so I had to hold fort while so the other guys could do their thing.

It started to get very messy, and since the next DJ was too underground we decided at 1am to head back to our compound 'for a swim' aka a private party. I think the boys just wanted to get the ladies back in their bikinis and in the pool! So we all piled into a mini-bus and headed back to ours - bringing with us Eddie, Jaime, Scottie and that girl Steven had picked up the night before.

Eddie sat up the front with me and behind us was Scottie, followed by Steven and his girl. They started making out straight away. Behind them were Jamie and the Harem. She started kissing two of the guys over the seat backs, while the others watched - with their tongues literally hanging out! She was seated on her own between two rows of guys and by the time we were halfway home there were more than two sets of hands on her. The other guys were copping feels!

Eddie was going green and Scottie told him if he had problem he should speak up. Scottie said even though he and his wife had an open relationship he wouldn't tolerate that kind of behavior in front of him (she had gone back to their hotel room after dessert BTW, saying she was tired. WTF she was really doing I have no idea). Eddie insisted he was fine and reminded us they were getting divorced - but I could tell he wasn't fine with it.

"Hey!" I shouted down to the back of the mini-bus "that's Eddie's wife guys! So take your tongues out of her mouth and your hands off her tits!"

Okay, maybe I was a bit loose too but it worked. Everyone sat up immediately, dead quiet, and all looking like naughty schoolboys. Jamie was lying on the seat with her legs splayed and her head against the window. She had a glazed look on her face but she didn't seem distraught. Her tight maxi skirt had a slit up the leg all the way to her thigh and I could see she wasn't wearing panties.

I'd suspected as much during the night since how could you with a dress that tight? She'd been flashing that leg all night and bending over to twerk the guys at various points along the way. Now we were on the mini-bus and I'm pretty sure someone had been finger banging her. I never found out because what happened later in the night superseded what happened on the mini-bus, but I knew that either way Eddie couldn't see how she was sitting from where he was seated - which was probably a good thing.

When we got back to the compound I took Jamie to my room and lent her a bikini since she didn't have one and yes, she was naked under that skin tight dress. I had to help peel it off her and by god, she did have a very nice boob job. Larger than I would choose but with her yoga body she did look hot. As fuck. Poor old Eddie, I thought to myself, he had paid for them only a few months before she told him '"it's not working out".

Jamie couldn't stop her breasts spilling out of my bikini
Jamie was drunk but not so drunk she couldn't put on my spare bikini (with my help) so we headed for the pool. It wasn't a string bikini but it looked like one on her. Her boobs were so big the cups just covered her areola. I double tied the string behind her neck to give her extra support but of course as soon as she jumped in the pool everything slipped sideways (more on that later!). Steve's girl was already in - she'd just slipped off her dress and dived in wearing her bra and panties. Which she managed to do without a wardrobe malfunction - unlike Jamie.

More drinks were poured and soon we were all in the water - but split into three groups at various places around the large pool. The guys mingled with each group, which was based around one girl. Steven's girl's group consisted of Steven, Josh, and someone else (it rotated); I had Eddie, Scottie, one of my Harem (it rotated)  and another guy who had apparently jumped into the passenger seat of the mini-bus as we shuttled back to the compound.

I'll compress the following three hours into a few paragraphs, as best I can.

Eddie, Scottie and I gossiped in our corner - mostly about the other two groups, but also about their 'slutty' wives.  I say 'slutty' but I honestly wasn't judging them - we were just shooting the shit and I was empathizing with the guys. Scottie was clearly pissed that his wife was having more sex than him in their 'open relationship' and Eddie was clearly unhappy about what was happening at the far end of the pool. Not that he would admit it.

The guys at the far end were 'helping' her float on her back, and gently moving her around in slow circles. Her eyes were closed and she seemed quite blissed out. Halfway down the pool was Josh, Steven, his girl, and one of the other guys talking about god knows what. I told my group that Josh had watched Steven fuck her the night before and we laughed and speculated they were probably organizing a more traditional threeway for later.

Jaime was clearly enjoying having five or six guys fawning over her at her end of the pool. My bikini top kept falling to the sides of her implants and the guys kept trying to 'fix' it but I could see they were just copping feels. One of the guys (the former pro-athlete) sat on the edge of the pool with his feet in the water and she lay on her back between his legs, her head resting in his lap. I know he had a hard on because when I shouted for him to bring me a drink he said couldn't move or he would embarrass himself.

Jamie still had three of my Harem in the water with her at this point, and they were all making out with her at various points. I'm pretty sure the athlete was massaging her tits while the other guys fingered her too because we could hear her long deep moans from our end of the pool. This was when Scottie told Eddie he really should go down there and check on her, divorce or no divorce.

Eddie swam down there and asked her if she was okay, and we could hear and see the other guys all also at great pains to check that everything was cool with her and (oh so bro casual) was everything cool with Eddie? Eddie said yes and swam back to Scottie and me. He said she was pretty messed up but knew what she was doing and seemed fine. And that the guys were looking out for her. Scottie snorted at that, and we all laughed out loud.

Eddie was the first to say that she was probably going to bang one of the guys so we all started trying to guess which one. We agreed it would be the former athlete since he had the best body and so we moved on to trying to guess who would be her second choice, if she decided togo that far. The talk got very sexual and Scottie started sharing stories about his three sexual conquests during his burgeoning 'open marriage'. He was very proud of himself, but became morose when he was reminded of his wife's five encounters during that same period.

I felt bad for bringing that up again so I tried to change the subject by commenting that the four guys Jamie had on the hook were chicken shits really and still hadn't done anything other than feel her up and make out. The group in the middle of the pool had left by now, meaning it was just me and Jaime at each end, with our respective men. Eddie said Jamie would probably appreciate some help getting things started so Scottie suggested I go down there and sort the guys out.

Jamie seemed to enjoy getting fondled and making out with my guys
(not actual photo - Jamie was brunette with magnificent breasts)
I swam down there and sure enough my bikini top was floating around her neck, her big boobs sitting in the water like floatation devices. I asked her how she was and she moaned and told me how great the pool was and how fucking relaxing it was. I attempted to fix her bikini top back in place so of course one of the guys told me to have a feel and tell them what I thought of her tits. Y'know, from a woman's perspective.

I reached over and grabbed both breasts and gave them a little squeeze. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly so I massaged them a little, just for a laugh, but then I saw the lustful looks on the guys faces and suddenly I was the chicken shit.

When I told my husband this part of the story he laughed and asked me if her nipples were hard, but I didn't fall for it. He smiles when he asks but I know he's just baiting me - trying to get me to let slip what really happened. Her boobs felt great and of course her nipples were hard (and poking out like pencil erasers), but I told him nothing. I told him I just swam back to Eddie and Scottie, as the guys behind me called for me to come back.

I told Eddie that Jamie seemed fine, and happy, but that he should probably take her back to the hotel - or they could crash in one of our spare guest villas if they wanted to. He gave me a hug and told me what a great woman I was for looking out for Jamie all the time, and then Scottie moved in and we had a group hug. Eddie said he wasn't sure Jamie would appreciate leaving just yet, and repeated that she probably just wanted me to give her permission to 'play' (since she already had his) because I was the only other woman left and they were my friends and she wouldn't want to seem like a total slut.

I said "she can do what she likes, I won't judge" but as I said it I realized that although Scottie had released me from the group hug he was still standing awfully close to me. Eddie hadn't released me at all. He had his arms around my waist and his chin on my shoulder, almost whispering in my ear as he continued to hug me from behind. He pulled me in close and Scottie stepped in front of me - he reached out and started massaging my shoulders.
There was nothing threatening about what they were doing but I realized then that what Eddie had meant when he said Jamie would probably appreciate some help 'getting things started' was that he and I should start fooling around at our end of the pool so that she could do her thing at her end.  I may have been very drunk myself but I would never cheat on my husband, so I removed myself fro the guys (before it became a sandwich) and told everyone it was late and I was going to bed.

Which is what I did because it was almost 4am. I stumbled to my room and collapsed onto my bed. The room was spinning and I blacked out.**


The above is an account of that happened - as told to me by my wife. Many other things happened, but always with other people, so I've condensed the 'Last Night Party' story because it was already too long. Whether other things happened involving my wife I obviously can't know since she hasn't told me. But I did see some photos I wasn't meant to so I've used them in the above story as well. **The last paragraph is something I overheard her telling someone else last Friday night.

This post has also been submitted to Masturbation Monday. Click this link for more stories like mine!


  1. Ok expected something like that - On this account i almost quite believe her

    1. I agree. But then I only hear about what really happened at BNG months or years later, usually from other BNG'ers. So who knows what I'll learn by Xmas? Her admission about the Wet T Shirt contest she entered (while on 'conference') only came out two decades later!

  2. I agree with May, she might have edited a little to keep in your good books, but I think all the time she can see both sides of things and probably didn't let it go too far. Great re-telling though! What a 'messy' party night!

    1. I actually left a whole lot out. There was a lot of sex stuff going on (but not always intercourse). Its fascinating to think my wife could be in the thick of it and not be involved. But then I’m a bit of a voyeur myself so maybe she’s doing the same - getting in amongst it but not participating directly.

  3. Wow. And to think this leaves out a lot of stuff? I've seen wild parties at conventions and events but nothing like this. Just...WOW.

    1. Yeah, I’ve only given y’all 3 nights worth of stuff. The ‘retreat’ and ‘conference’ combined totalled 8 nights. As I’ve blogged previously, my wife only ‘recently’ came into money when she sold her business 5 years ago for millions. Through that I’ve gotten to see how ‘rich people’ live (and party).
      But it’s all relative. My wife is ‘a millionaire’ - yesterday for the first time we met ‘a billionaire’. Those guys are next level on how they live. And party!


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