Monday, May 7, 2018

OMNIBUS - The Mysterious Case of the Brazilian Pussy

Since I'm aware some women have a love/hate relationship with how their vagina's/vulva's look I have refrained from
inserting a 'pussy pic' here. Instead I have placed it at the bottom of this post - because it's about 'Brazilians'

My wife is away in China, at a resort (yes, in my ignorance I hadn't imagined those in China either). She was there for four days on her annual 'retreat' with her BNG buddies, followed immediately by another four days at another resort for a BNG Conference. This year I didn't get to join her at the retreat because this year it wasn't organized the same weekend as our wedding anniversary. Believe it or not but in the two previous years she organized those retreats to co-incide with our wedding anniversary. For both those years I got a last minute invite to join them at the end of their retreat, after it was over, and I would stay the weekend with my wife. And any of the guys who also hung around a few extra days.  I've borrowed my #SoSS template to give you some highlights from what happened in 2016:

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 ~ The Mysterious Case of the Brazilian Pussy - Part 1

I'd been told I could join my wife on Friday, after her 'Retreat' finished. That we'd spend the weekend together and celebrate our Wedding Anniversary. I had to leave home at 7am to made it to the resort by 7pm. When I arrived I texted her to say I was in the room - and she replied "I'll be along shortly". But the story really started in 2015:

We were vacationing last year with some other couples and while on a road trip we stopped for gas. I got out to pay for the gas and when I got back to the car my wife was riled up about bald pussies. I don't know what started the conversation but there she was, in the back seat between the two other wives going off big time. 
If any of those wives were 'bare' themselves there was no way they were gonna speak up in defence of 'brazilians' now, were they? Not when my wife had just said men who like them were effectively pedophiles. Which is what stung me the most - my wife knew I really enjoyed it that time she got a brazilian as my birthday present, but now she was ruining the whole experience. Now it was a bad memory, not a good one.  
Anyway, that happened last year - let's get to what happened last weekend: 
My wife went on a 'retreat' at a resort with 7 men [link] in her 'Business Networking Group' (BNG) last week. She had 4 days with them before I joined her last Friday night, and I stayed for the rest of the weekend. 
When I arrived I discovered my wife had got -{GASP!}- a'brazilian'... [much more]

Thursday, June 9, 2016 ~ The Mysterious Case of the Brazilian Pussy ~ Part 2

When I got there it was immediately apparent I was the third wheel. Her BNG 'pod' was a tight unit and I was not a part of their clique. I wasn't a 'dynamic businessman' like them, and my wife's headspace was firmly with them. Clearly my invite was only to cover her error in organizing the retreat for the same weekend as our anniversary. My wife finally came to see me in our room, but only so she could change for dinner - with them, not me:
Apparently the 'retreat' didn't officially finish until after dinner, so she was going off to have dinner with 'the guys.' She said I could join her after that for drinks at the bar. I got the impression there had been a lot of 'drinks at the bar' (and back at their cabanas) from the stories my wife shared about her four days without me (told as she got changed for dinner). My eyes widened as I saw what she was getting changed into - and what she'd changed out of. 
She'd arrived from their cabana in a two piece bikini with a sheer see-through shirt over the top. Perfect for daytime beach or resort wear but possibly not really appropriate for going to a cabana with a bunch of men in the early evening. That's when I learnt their private cocktail session had started at 4.30pm - and it was now 7.30pm. (I'd arrived at 7pm but she didn't rush over to meet me) 
What she changed into was just as mind-boggling. She was wearing a short black skirt with a diaphanous blouse. All very classy and upmarket, but it would possibly have been even more classy if she had worn a bra. Yes, her breasts looked great but I could already see her nipples poking out. What sort of treats had she been giving these guys before I got there? 
As she kissed me goodbye (to go to the resort restaurant) I pinched her nipple. "Hey!" she cried out, "don't do that, I don't want to flash my headlights" (a phrase I'd never heard her use before - had it been mentioned by the guys?)
To late for that, I thought. They were already poking through the flimsy material before I tweaked them, and besides, they already felt stiff when I got to them. She was clearly excited by what she was wearing already - her nipples were rock hard and jutting out.... [much more]

Friday, June 10, 2016 ~ The Mysterious Case of the Brazilian Pussy ~ Part 3 (final)

If you've read the full original version of Part 2 you'll know that at dinner all they talked about was sex - I found this out when I joined them after dinner. The drinking continued (not by me - they'd been drinking all day so there was no way I could catch up so I didn't bother) and I finally got my wife back to our room about 1.30am:

We got on the bed and started making out, hot and heavy. Then she said she had 'a surprise' for me, and stood up. She dropped her skirt and revealed her bald pussy - I was both elated and confused (for the reasons I've mentioned already). She however was oblivious and grinning like a Cheshire cat. She jumped back on the bed, turning herself around so her pussy was facing me. 
"Eat me!" she laughed. 
So I did. 
Her pussy looked great, so smooth and bare, and I started licking and nibbling at her folds. My wife seemed to be enjoying it immensely and was soon writhing around on the bed, holding my head between her legs and giving me instructions: "Yeah, ungh, that's it, hold it right there, ungh, JUST THERE, mmmm that's it, nnnngh, oh god..." etc etc. Then her back arched steeply and she clamped her thighs around my head as she came, hard. 
Then it was my turn. 
I got up and kneeled between her legs and fed my cock into her wet hole. She brought her knees up to her chest, and then spread herself for me. Or herself perhaps, since she had now wet her index finger and was running it up and down her slick slit. She fingered her clit as I thrust in and out her, pounding away as we both marvelled at the sight of my fat cock sawing in and out of her bald pussy. She really did look just like a pornstar, so I told her how hot she looked. She replied in kind: 
"Yeah baby, look at my smooth pussy, mmmm, yeah, fuck me with that big cock, cum all up inside my cunt, yeahhh, spray it all over my hot bald pussy" 
Wow! My wife really was mastering the dirty talk now - although I was a little confused as to where she wanted me to deposit my load. I decided it would be fun to paint her bare pussy so I pulled out and sprayed my sticky mess all over her bald cunt. She immediately started rubbing my jism over her smooth skin, purring as she did so "mmmmmmm!"  
She seemingly now loved the shaved/waxed look as much as I did. Was she a convert? I found out the following day that she... [much more]


If you want to see mouthwatering pictures of smooth/bare/shaved/waxed pussies then click on any of the links above marked 
[much more]. Those images are all in the original posts. Today's post has also been submitted to Masturbation Monday. Click this link for more stories like mine!


  1. I so enjoy the zest and energy you put into your erotic posts Nero. They always put a smile on my face. They also have a very filmic quality which I love.

    1. Thanks CP - and yes, I once had filmic aspirations. Killed off early I'm afraid!

  2. Great post - you should do more compilations of your work like this. You have been posting for so long its good to get some history ;-)

    1. It's also good to edit long posts down to the salient points! :-)


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