Saturday, May 5, 2018

OPP: #SoSS - Erotic Fiction

This image is from The Wife Coach - Part 5 (see below). Nothing says 'I'm ready for sex' like
a mesh body stocking or playsuit IMO. Ladies, if you're not getting enough, get one of these!
The #SoSS meme is a roundup of favourite blogs I’ve visited this week. In order not to duplicate what others have done for #SoSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) (or Sunday if you forget/run out of time) I’m going to give you links to some of their older stuff - because I think their complete blogs are worth reading. Click the links for the full stories, because these are just excerpts.

Jerusalem Mortimer ~ Between The Lines - "Swinging"

This might not be the swinging you were thinking of. Mortimer has written a series of erotic stories about some grown-up adventures that happen in a playground after dark. You should start at the start of course, so click on the link above:
I swung my body round to the side of the steps so we could press together and kiss properly. Stephanie nodded, and pressed into me, hard nipples against my shirt. I held onto the metal bar at the top of the slide with my left hand so I could put my right hand on her bottom. Stephanie sighed.

I patted her pretty little bottom, so lightly. I heard a chuckle from her, so I smacked her a little harder. She kissed my neck. I smacked her again, a little harder still. I wondered if there was a point where she’d complain, but I didn’t want to find out. So I left my hand on her ass, kneading and fondling.

I focussed on the kiss. We opened our mouths. Her tongue touched my teeth. She put her arms round me, holding on to me and not the slide. She was depending on me. Literally. We kissed, changing the angle and exploring. My cock was pretty much entirely free of my underpants. It was, um, engorged. It was not cold.

Stephanie eventually opened her eyes again. “Shall we... [much more]

Brigit Delaney ~ Brigit Writes "The Wife Coach"

There are days when I despair that my wife is completely clueless, and needs a Life Coach. Delaney has gone one better. She's written a series of erotic stories based around what happens when a woman employs a man to be her 'Wife Coach'. You should start at the start of course, so click on the link above:
She took his hand and led him to the armchair, where he sat. Kneeling before him, she untied his boots and removed them, placing them next to the chair. Then she sidled between his knees, undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and eased him from the flap in his boxer briefs. She looked into his baffled face, bit her lip, and winked at him before she leaned forward and took him into her mouth. The heat of her breath and the softness of her tongue brought his confused cock to life.

“Tell me how you like it, Kurt…” She looked up at him through thick lashes and licked the underside of his shaft from base to tip.

“Ummm…I guess…slow…gentle…?”

“Mmmmhmmmm….” Jaime let the vibratory hum of her audible response massage his penis as she sucked his head between her tongue and the roof of her mouth.

“Don’t stop…suck harder…” He was finding his voice, and it was making Jaime wet. He placed his hand on the back of her head and guided her down, his cock edging deeper into her mouth to the back of her throat...
 [much more]

Cara Thereon ~ "Caught"

Thereon is a sex blogger and published author. She's generously made this long form serial available for free on her website, in 12 parts. You should start at the start of course, so click on the link above:
The sudden need throbbing through her was hard to ignore. Without thinking about why, Gazelle lay on the cool sheets, her hands reaching up to cup her breasts before she lay flat. They ached, the nipples standing taut, and she gave a soft moan as her fingers teased her flesh.

She closed her eyes and acknowledged the need driving her. It happened like this all the time, thoughts of Hunter overwhelmed her with longing and she had to satisfy it. She felt fevered as she tweaked her nipples, her cunt clenched around nothing as she imagining him watching her and egging her on.

Touch yourself. His words whispered across her mind. He had a way of gazing at her, demanding something of her that drove her desire higher. It worked even though he wasn’t near. She skimmed a hand down her body, tracing the skin on her ribs and stomach, and causing a shiver as her fingers teased through her pubic hair.

The moment her fingers circled her clit, she arched. Sensation arced through her body at the first tentative touch. She imagined Hunter leaning against the bed, watching her every movement, and splayed her legs wide. Gazelle didn’t want slow build up; she wanted a quick, hard orgasm, needed it. While the fingers of one hand pinched her nipple, the other
... [much more]

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