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OPP: #SoSS - Wicked Wednesday Replay - Part 2

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The #SoSS meme is a roundup of favourite blogs I’ve visited during the month. 10 days ago I had the honor of 'judging' the submissions to Wicked Wednesday. It was very difficult since all the writing was so great, but I managed to choose what I thought were the best three (you can find those here).  This left a lot out, so here's another three that I thought were also great. [See last week's #SoSS for more Wicked Wednesday stories] Click the links below for the full stories, because these are just excerpts:

Althea Hunt ~ When I'm On My Own "Courage (Part 2)"

Althea has started a series about Jac, a strong woman who like to take the dominant role during sex. And peg the guys. I've never been pegged but I did once have sex with a woman who was stronger than me. She tossed me around that bed like I was a doll, and it was fantastic:
I scoot my hand under my shorts and wet my fingers. Paint my lips and kiss him again. No complaints this time. My hand finds his cock, heavy and full against his stomach and I let my fingers capture his slick. Licking their tips, I ask him to open for me. He doesn’t at first, flinching away for a second or two, lips clamped shut before he finally opens his mouth and lets my fingers in, cleans them with his tongue.
A smile curves his lips as we move together for a kiss.
“Some kinky shite alright,” he murmurs against my mouth.

“’bout to get more kinky,” I smile back and slide my hand purposefully over his cock and down between his thighs. “You got lube?”

“God. Yeah. Here…somewhere.”

I used to hate my height, my build. When the growth spurt hit at puberty it put me a foot taller than anyone I fancied and they didn’t catch up for years. Some of them never did. Now, with his matching body beneath me everything made sense. These moments, few and far between, when suddenly I fit in my skin, are just something else. Something to cling to.
His hair caught between my fingers, I steer our kisses and wait for him to relax. Hands curl around my waist, rubbing lightly against my sides, the motions slow and gentle and with each pass he settles further into the slide of our lips. Lubing my other hand, thank fuck for pump action bottles, I slide two fingers into the tight crease of his backside, seeking and finding my goal.

“Open up for me.” He murmurs something and tried to reach back into the kiss. I pull back on his hair, pull my hand free of his arse and slap his thigh. “Open up. Bring you knee higher and... [much more]

Livvy Libertine ~  "The Show Begins"

Livvy has crafted a highly erotic tale about a woman who is treated to an erotic show but gets more than she bargained for. Curiosity can be a dangerous thing to a woman of good character :
Her benefactor had told her these were not generally mixed sex affairs and here she was alone with three strange men about to watch a show of decadence and debauchery. A frisson of fear tingled along her spine and she straightened herself in her seat, took a sip of wine, and stared straight ahead. This was supposed to be a thrilling thing, yet she was so nervous.

The lights came up and there was a couple on the stage, locked in a lover’s embrace. A spotlight shone upon them and illuminated every curve and bend of their bodies, the way his strong arms cradled her and the way she clung tightly to him. As she became more absorbed in what was happening on stage, she did not notice that the men were moving to surround her. She watched only as the couple moved from a simple embrace to something more intimate, much more foreign to her and she gasped as she watched the salaciousness unfold on the stage.

Before too long she was unwittingly squirming in her seat. She could feel a dampness between her thighs that she’d never felt before and wondered what it was, what these new feelings of lust meant. Was she a wanton at heart and had never known it? Would she fall prey to her own desires? Or to the men around her? That last thought made her head spin a little and she poured herself another glass of wine, fairly gulping it down this time, hoping to calm herself. 
One of the men drew her attention and she turned gasping as she saw that his… his member was out and erect and he spoke to her. “Sure you don’t wanna play? It seems from your movements you just might want a little something.” And he rubbed himself while flashing her a devilish grin. Jacqui’s eyes closed and she...  [much more]

Posy Churchgate ~ "A Dragon Tale - Part 4"

This is Part 4 of a fantasy series about... a Dragon. Like the Dragon I'm a bit of a voyeur so Posy's description of Violetta's self pleasure 'struck a chord' with me :
“Here,” the dragon’s voice was soothing now, “lean against my chest for warmth". Despite the harsh surroundings, Violetta was so tired that she was soon asleep, breathing softly but deeply. The dragon closed his eyes, feeling content.

A tickling sensation roused the dragon as the dawn light began to streak the sky, illuminating the shadowy cave interior. He smelt a sweet, spicy musk and felt tickling and brushing against his ribs. He watched with fascination as Violetta pleasured herself in her sleep, her hands stroking and rubbing at the apex of her thighs, while soft mewling sounds of frustration and pleasure escaped her parted lips. The curtain of her red hair obscured most of her face but he saw and heard her hands working harder and faster to take her to a joyous climax.
The deliciously liquid sounds her fingers made dipping in and stroking around her warm wet cunny lips made his mouth water, while his forked tongue flickered out to taste the fragrance of Violetta’s lust on the air. Oh how he longed to let its split tip taste the nectar that was gathering there, in her fleshy pink folds, while she rubbed at the nub of her clitoris. He could easily let it slither inside her to tickle and tease while savouring her juices, but he didn’t want to startle her and she was still so wrapped up in her clothes.

He watched her delicious self-torment build to its climax, her head thrashing, legs straining painfully, before she began to throb and convulse with involuntary spasms which made her belly and pelvis twitch and jerk with waves of pleasure. While he watched he hatched a plan. He’d get her out of her clothes and...
[much more]


  1. Great Soss choices Nero and well done for your WW roundup - i have not done much erotic reading this last week which is why i shared some past posts in my soss - but will check out your choices

  2. Thank you for this round-up. I need to follow up on the other 2 pieces of erotica which you shared, I had missed them. Love that picture of May too!


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