Saturday, May 12, 2018

OPP: #SoSS - Wicked Wednesday Replay

The #SoSS meme is a roundup of favourite blogs I’ve visited during the month. This week I had the honor of 'judging' the submissions to Wicked Wednesday. It was very difficult since all the writing was so great, but I managed to choose what I thought were the best three (you can find those here).  This left a lot out, so here's three more I thought were also great. Click the links below for the full stories, because these are just excerpts:

Floss ~ Floss Does Life "Daddy's Little Kitten"

Floss and her Daddy get into what I would call some extreme role playing. They probably just call it 'a lifestyle'. Either way it's hot fun:

I’m not invited into Daddy’s bed tonight. My misdemeanours mean I am to remain on the outside while Daddy entertains our guest. 
I accompany her to the bedroom, and I see my bed on the floor. Even though I’m being punished I still get to sit in my bed. It helps me know my place. Good kitten gets to sleep beside Daddy. Bad kitten has to sleep in her own bed, leashed to the special hook Daddy screwed to the wall. 

He removes his clothes in front of me, and I can see he is already hard with the knowledge of what is to come. He doesn’t remove his underwear, that is something she loves to do, first stroking and and teasing through the fabric. He will moan at her touch, nibbling at her flesh in protest of her ability to seduce him so quickly. She will respond with the same, biting and scratching until he tears at her clothing, taking her roughly and quickly, and their primal dance of beauty against beast will begin. 
It begins quickly, as I knew it would and my cunt clenches the instant I hear the sounds emanating from behind the curtains. I need to come and I with glee I realise Daddy said no touching, not no coming. With that in mind I close my eyes, and I focus on every expletive uttered, every whimper and groan and the sounds of flesh upon flesh as he pounds into her as if he is trying to break her... [much more]

Submissy ~  "Hotel Scene"

Submissy details a very hot scene in a hotel with her man. I was immediately so so jealous - who wouldn't want to play out a scene like this? :

I have a relaxing soak in the roll top bath and am told to wait on the chair for him. He comes in and removes my robe. He asks me to kneel and feeds me his cock. He strokes my hair and talks to me, then thanks me and asks me to stand. He begins by stroking my skin and looking at me. He tweaks my nipples and kisses me hard. He instructs me to answer all questions he asks me and to address him as Sir.

He gets positioned on the bed and pulls me over his knee. He begins to spank me and I feel myself slipping into it easily. I begin to moan slightly as it feels good. He touches me and I immediately push into his fingers to feel that pressure on my clit. He reaches for the wand. He pushes it onto me and each time he spanks me it sends me higher and higher and I am close to coming. He realises and comments, turning the wand off and continuing to spank, rub and pinch my bum. 
I realise that he has stopped using the whip when I feel the coldness of the lube trickle between my cheeks. I know what is coming and I let out a deep groan even before the cold glass pushes between my cheeks. He is talking to me about the dirty things that I like, the sounds I am making and the way that I look. He engages my mind so I stay with him, desperate for him and needy of him. By the time he is fucking me with the dildo and it is deep in my arse, I know that... [much more]

Dr J. ~ "Purchased Knob Tattoo"

Dr J tells a great story about a walk in the hills that led to a chance encounter between hikers. The sights and smells of their vista is replaced with something more feral:

In a flash, he was on his knees with his face in my bush. I’d never seen someone move so fast in my life. He rubbed his face on me, gathering my scent and blew on my skin. I fought to breathe. As his tongue swirled around my vulva and clit over and over, I clutched his hair confident I’d found earth heaven. He sucked so hard that when he pressed into me, my ass ground into the mountain. 
There was no other foreplay needed. 
When Bryan’s cock surged inside me, we became woods sex, animal sex, mountain lion sex, mountain goat sex. Mount… mount… mounting me. Rocked in two directions by the mountain and him. His primal grunts echoed down the trail. Mating hard and fast, full of grit and drive, I screamed. My orgasm broke through me like a tectonic plate shift. I rumbled, and so did he. 
He reached around, and those warm hands met the imprinted stones and rock on my skin. He brushed with a tender touch like a researcher taking care of his... [much more]

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