Thursday, May 10, 2018


By the time you read this I will be on my way home after picking my wife up from the airport. As you should know from Monday's and Wednesday's posts* she has been in China for 10 days on a 4 day 'retreat' and a 4 day 'conference'. During that whole time the communication with my wife has been minimal. I got one brief phonecall the day she arrived, which was short because she had some thing she had to go to and the shuttles was waiting. And then late on Tuesday night I got an email from her which was equally brief - but it did contain the following:
I want you to know that I love you very much.

I’d like us to work on our relationship so that you get what you need from me (including lots more sex)!! At the moment I don’t think I am as supportive of you as you are for me.

Anyhow, that's another discussion for when I get home...

So this is good news, inasmuch that she has obviously learnt something on this 'retreat', but after 25+ years together I know her well enough to know this feeling (of hers) never lasts. She means it right now, when she says it, but based on past behavior I know once she is back in her comfort zone she will ... well, get comfortable! And return to the life as normal.

"C'mon Nero, don't be so cynical," you're probably saying "keep hope alive!!"

You're 100% right and I am holding out some hope, but it's just a sliver. As you would have seen in the 3rd excerpt from Wednesday's OMNIBUS: The Retreat 'Learnings' she has said this stuff before and it lasted less than a month. Call me a cynic but when I see those words above all I think is that there were probably some serious sexual shenanigans going on at that retreat and now she's feeling very bad/guilty.

I base this on what I saw happening at the two retreats and the three conferences I attended with her in previous years (this is the first time her BNG pod ran them back-to-back). There's always 10-12 hours of drinking and partying and people getting drunk and making out with people who are not their partners, if not outright fucking. And this is every day, rinse repeat.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, I haven't seen her yet so maybe I'm just imagining the worst - even though she did say "Omigod there's so much going on here, some really naughty stuff, I'll tell you when I get home". That was her second and last phonecall to me on what was Day 2 of the retreat. I never heard from her again after that, save for the lovely-but-brief email she she sent me prior to coming home**.

Advice form Nero: don't call your partner on Day 2 of a 10 day 'business trip' and hint at some sort of Roman bacchanal going on but then never contact them again.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, maybe she had an epiphany? Maybe seeing her drunken BNG buddies cheating has made her see the light and she doesn't want that happening with us? I guess I'll find out today when I see her. I'll keep you posted...***


* Monday's and Wednesday's posts were about retreats from 2016, but they follow a pattern.
** But she wasn't coming home immediately. They stayed 2 extra days to recover from their 4 day
'retreat' and a 4 day 'conference'. And this was planned ahead, so what does that tell you?
*** or not. Tell me if you think I'm over sharing!

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