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#SoSS - OPP: If Only...

This post was written by Cimmerian Sentiment and published a few weeks ago. It was written from the female POV, based on my blog post An Early Xmas Present (written from my male POV of course). She has given me permission to repost it on my blog, for reasons I'll explain later.

If Only...

I don’t normally get horny right after my period, but something about the way my husband was acting after our fight yesterday had me itchy. I can’t explain why I don’t have the guts to speak up and tell him what I want. I don’t know why I’m standoffish or distant at times. I don’t want to be.

I wondered what he was doing upstairs as I read some overly kinky smut. It’s not the taboo acts I like, some are even distasteful to me, it’s the boldness I envy of the characters. I clench and wiggle in my chair at the thought of men holding a woman down and pounding her hard - as I read of a man doing just that!

I glanced up at the ceiling, and thought “If only.”

Two loaded words. If only he would. If only I could ask. The man in my story fisted his lover’s hair whilst driving into her hard.  I worry that I’m not enough for my husband; the years have left their marks upon us - changing my confidence, thoughts and even desires.

My fingers flicked my nipples as I read.

Then my phone sounded with a text from my husband: "What are you doing?" it said.

I read his text and panicked. Would he be disgusted with me if he knew what I was doing?

I replied "Facebook, why?" but then thought I may sound guilty, so I quickly added, "What are you doing?"

I bit my bottom lip at the throb between my legs and hoped he was horny too.

"Reading dirty stories..." came his reply.

I stared at his reply, my hand shaking. Did he know? I wanted him to, but I was also afraid for him to find out. 

Hang on - did he say... reading?

His reply came quickly: "I'm almost ready to pop. Do you want it in your mouth, or should I just finish by myself?"

Just like that, I tighten and slicken with anticipation. I married him for many reasons - one being that I love his cock.

A laugh escaped my lips, it was the middle of the afternoon, and we were both masturbating alone like fools. I rushed up the stairs too aroused to waste time replying. Was he serious? I'd find out soon enough...

He was. I entered quickly, my eyes fixing immediately upon his hand jerking his beautiful penis. His eyes were fixed on the literary porn he claimed to be reading. I figured men watched porn, they didn't read it.

“Ohmigod!” I grinned, how brazen of him. I was stunned as heat rushed to my wet naked pussy.

I didn’t hesitate and went right for his balls to feel them in my hand as I squeeze gently. I removed his hand and gave into my insane urge to put him in my mouth. I wasted no time slurping and bobbing his rock hard flesh. Oh come on, just ask him to manhandle you, just ask… He twitched, ready to pop so I sucked him proper, the way we both like. I envisioned him shoving me to the bed having his way with me, claiming me… He was angry still from yesterday, it wasn’t a far-fetched fantasy, if only…

He moaned and warned me he was about to cum. He’s said that before and kept going. Taking that as an invitation to extend the play I rose, striped in one swift move and mounted him reverse cowgirl taking undesired control. He groaned as I enveloped him slowly with my too-tight pussy.

“I thought you were having your period?”

That explained why he offer-asked me to suck him off. 

“I finished yesterday” I replied. 

Finally, I was stretched enough to bob on his cock. God, how I love the feel of you inside me.

“You’re so tight,” he said, “do you want my legs in or out?”

I prefer him stretched outside when I reverse like this but I was too hot and eager to care and honestly, I just want him to do what I read moments ago. The words were on the tip of my tongue. ‘Take me, make me your dirty bitch.’ I got up to do something I’ve wanted to do since that first time. I swivelled around between his legs to taste my juices mixed with his. A move I wished he'd command of me since it happened that one time.

Ravaged by lust, I bobbed and sucked. As I tongued his balls enjoying the erotic feel of them I barely remembered to stroke with my hand. Maybe I can drive him to take me hard? I licked my fingers, salivating at the idea. I jacked my husband's cock as I ran my fingers around his balls and near the soft, sensitive skin of his anus. It was enough to make him abandon his cellphone as I desperately tried to swallow him. Come on, fill my mouth or fuck me!

My husband made a deep sexy noise, pushed me off and manhandled me into doggy position. I nearly came, oh shit, it’s exactly what I wanted. He pulled my hips, diving like an Olympic swimmer into my wet pool. With each hard thrust I grunted my delight.  Now if only he would hold me down.

He pulled out, dragging me to the corner of the bed. Yes! Make me your bitch! I ached so much to cry out the words. He shoved me flat on my stomach and spread my legs wide, forcing me to straddle the corner of the bed. His hands parted my ass-cheeks, and he pushed deep into my squelching heat. Unable to move as he held my hips firm, hitting my g-spot with each manic thrust. The pressure built up, it doesn’t happen often, I can’t move as he pounds me from above, and it’s so good. Slow and slower again, then faster he thrust as his strong hands held me firm.

I was burning up, frantic for release and he pulled out to press against my asshole. I wanted to scream with joy Take me, take me! but I just can’t.

“What are you doing?” I ask, to preserve my unwelcome modesty.

“I’m gonna cum in your ass.”

Yes, you are.

“Okay, hang on a minute…” I said, quickly.

As fast as my revved up body allowed I retrieved the hand lotion, smeared it liberally over his beautiful penis, then I fingered some over my asshole. Resuming the position face down over the corner of the bed, I panted, hot with anticipation, full and ready to explode.

The smooth head pushed against my starfish and he pushed forward slowly. I love that he takes his time, I breathed through the not-quite-pain and relaxed, the throbbing deep inside begging for more. The head popped in, and he waited a moment before pressing in. Holy shit, oh it feels so good, so good! I reached down and rubbed my clit as he began thrusting. I was too overcome with the pleasure to make a sound. I came wet and hard, squirting as his cock slammed by swollen g-spot through the walls of my ass.

I wasn’t done, I was too horny, I rubbed, and he gripped a sensitive breast and an ass cheek as he fucked my ass hard.

Savage and relentless he took me as I wanted. I had no say, no control and I was at his mercy. He pulled out, I was beyond thrilled he lasted this long, I jumped up to roll onto my back, pulling my knees up and spreading for him. I reached down with both hands and started fingering my clit and pussy lips. I know he likes to see this. My eyes drooped with pleasure and lust as I looked up at my beloved husband. I spread my southern lips wide like one of the women he likes to look at online. I was aching for him, enough to try dirty talk.

“I squirted before.” I smiled slyly. It had been years since I did that during sex, “now it’s your turn, cum for me.” I wanted to say in my ass. However, that was the best I could do.

He jerked as I fingered myself. Watch me like the women on your screen. Take me! I’m your dirty bitch! His hot balls pressed up against my opening, my juices wetting him as he fisted himself fast.

“I’m gonna cum now,” he said in that voice that said he was but wanted something.

I dove my fingers deep, the wet sound nearly enough to make me beg him to take me hard.

He grabbed my ankles, pulling my legs higher and plunged into my eager asshole. With my legs held wide, he thrust, swelled and began to cum. He released my legs, grabbed my hips like a man possessed and took my ass hard. I was close again. It felt too good. Fill me, cream my ass! If only I could say those words aloud, would he like it?

He grunted, moaned in that sexy satisfied way that said he was pumping me full. The pleasure in his eyes told me how sexy the anal cream-pie looked as he pulled out. I could feel his hot thick cum slipping out of my ass and dripping down onto the bed - before I tightened my pelvic muscles. It was erotic. I pumped my fingers, the orgasm that took my body was fast and fabulous.

A surge of embarrassment took hold, and I raced to the bathroom to clean up. I returned with a warm wet flannel to clean him. I grinned recalling how visceral it was, how he held me down and took me like the dominant man in a sexy ‘taken’ story.

“When did you squirt?” He asked.

“When you had me pushed face down on the corner of the bed and were fucking me hard.” A grin curled my lips, I'd said it! Was it enough? Oh, yes dear husband while you took me in the ass and dominated me. I came so hard I couldn’t make a sound.

I slipped out to take a shower. I’m not a submissive woman, but sometimes I want him to dominate me. I sighed remembering the pleasure of his hands moving me to his will, taking me with force to give pleasure not hurt. I shivered delectably with the memory. If only it could happen again.

“If only.”

Cimm sent me the above as a text file so I did a little sub editing to make it look like it does. I was unable to see how she intended it to look since she has now deleted ALL her blog posts - with the exception of this one, which explains why. Go to her link and read it.  
I've always rated Cimm as an exceptional erotic writer and her stories always got me aroused - some to the point I would have to relieve a little built up tension! What I didn't fully appreciate at the time was that she does it all without using too many explicit words. In the text above I changed the word anus to 'asshole' and 'starfish', and added in a 'cock' at one point - they weren't there in her version. The graphic images in this post are mine, not hers, from the original An Early Xmas Present.
I look forward to seeing her writing again, she's too good to stop now...


  1. yeah totally agree with you Nero - Cimm's writing always got me pretty hot too, and I never realised she achieved it without being overly explicit! I really hope she has success self-publishing, she has too much talent to just put a lid on it!!

    1. I'm sure she has something up her sleeve.Maybe one of those '30 Short Erotic Stories' compendiums you often see on Amazon/Kindle?


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