Thursday, May 3, 2018

Tentacle Thursday

Dream of  the Fisherman's Wife Hokusai
The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife - Hokusai (1814)

I had a minor and brief discussion with some sex bloggers on Twitter this week about Tentacle porn.  A couple of us ‘fessed up and admitted it was a guilty pleasure - but those admissions were made in hushed tones. Tentacle porn is very dodgy. Especially when it is animated Japanese hentai. Women are taken, usually against their will, by an octopus-like creature who’s slithery wet tentacles wrap themselves around the women and enter every orifice. The dodgy part is because the woman usually succumbs to her violation and becomes an orgasmic willing participant.

As Sienna Saint-Cyr says in her article 'Why This BDSM Author Loves Tentacle Porn' (hat tip: May More):
If I were to guess, I’d think that much of this fantasy comes from unfulfilled sexual desires. There was a time—and in some places, it’s still this way—where women are not allowed to enjoy themselves sexually. To do so would be slutty, against the chosen deity/ies, and could bring shame to generations of the household. When you can’t act on your sexual desires, you’re left with fantasy to meet your needs.
A fantasy for many women I know is to be penetrated in more than one hole simultaneously. But for a virgin or married woman coming from a ‘less sexually liberated’ place, picturing a man in a sexual fantasy might cause feelings of shame or guilt. If the human element is removed and focus is placed on, for example, a mystical being that fucks you in every hole, it helps the brain cope because we know that’s not possible. A nonhuman takes the imagined scenario from real and shame-based to fantasy and fun-based.
Well, that might explain why some women might like it but what about straight men? I'd guess that some might get off on seeing a woman subjugated and abused, but for me it simply appeals to my voyeuristic nature. Just as I enjoy porn clips of real women masturbating I also enjoy Hentai (Japanese for perverse sexual desire) videos of women being pleasured by alien tentacle creatures.

The common denominator in both porn genres is that I get to see a woman surrendering and succumbing to pure sexual pleasure. I have no idea what Freud would make of it - maybe I am so full of sexual self doubt I'm drawn to images of women (both real and cartoon) lost in a pleasure that can't be disputed? I wouldn't be the first husband to wonder if his wife fakes it sometimes, but as you get older (and the sex more infrequent) you wonder if you were ever any good.

But I digress, enough about me...

The problem with Hentai (in general, not just the tentacle porn) is that you can never be sure what you're getting or where it will lead you. One clip is erotic and the next clip is just someone getting raped. One clip features hot babes but in the next clip you're wondering "how old is she?"

It's always a mixed bag, a Forrest Gump kind of said. Wriggly Kitty found a great online comic 'Bait', which I found both very enlightened vis a vis gender sexual politics and erotic.

A movie I saw last year was 'The Untamed' which I can recommend, but some people didn't like it. This is from the NY Times review:
The Untamed” behaves like a quiet horror movie with a lot on its mind. Its main characters, who live in the central Mexican city of Guanajuato, are young, gloomy, attractive men and women connected by friendship, family ties and sexual longing - and divided by those same things. The movie might [just] be an observant study of modern relationships among the urban middle class were it not for the presence of a slimy, many-tentacled space creature living in a cabin in the countryside.
The thing ostensibly arrived on an asteroid, but its more salient provenance is a pornographic tradition, notably but not exclusively Japanese, that occasionally slithers into the cinematic mainstream. The alien, whose gender is indeterminate, is awesome in bed, though not always gentle. While its partners, male and female, experience inexpressible and addictive bliss in its company, some of them also suffer grievous and even fatal injuries.
But they keep going back for more, of course! I found it quite erotic in parts, and sad in others (the protagonist's marriage is dis-intergrating). It's also a bit of a 'Chiller' too - I wasn't scared but my wife was! You can watch the trailer here:

This is the safest clip I could find for 3D Tentacle Hentai. It's just a short clip so not very erotic (but still NSFW). You'll have to trawl Pornhub yourself to find what you like:


  1. Nero - great post, fascinating and elucidating. As you know (from our discussions) I am intrigued by this as I'm writing on the theme and you have summarised several sources very effectively.

    1. Yes, it is freaky stuff. And sometimes very erotic! 🐙🦑


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