Friday, May 11, 2018

This Years Retreat [2018]

"That damn private pool has a lot to answer for! It was like it was possessed - everyone who went in it did some real crazy shit"
- actual quote from my wife. Who went in the pool.

I'll write this quickly before I forget. If you haven't been following then check out yesterday's post for the background. Basically my wife went away for a 4 day 'retreat' at one resort, followed by a 4 day 'conference' at another resort, followed by 2 more days at a 5 Star Hotel to 'recover'. Two days after arriving she told me there was a lot of jaw-dropping 'naughty stuff' happening and she would tell all when she got home. Then two days before coming home she sent me an email saying how much she loves me and she was determined to be a better wife to me and that included us having more sex. 

FYI: The last time we had sex was Feb 28 - even my birthday between then and now couldn't get her on my dick. Not even a hand job!

But I digress, you've heard all my whining before (plenty of times) so lets just get to the gossip. I'll use bullet points because there's too much info.

  1. My wife went on the retreat with the 7 other guys in her BNG pod (Business Networking Group). Each pod has 6-8 people and they all came together for the conference (300 BNG people) 
  2. It was very hot where they were. All the resorts had big pools with big pool bars. 
  3. My wife and her pod had booked 'private villas' at their resort, meaning they were in their own private compound with 10 bedrooms and their own private swimming pool (big).
  4. Day 1 was arrival day. By early afternoon everyone was there so the drinking began. Then they took a break for dinner, then went to the pool bar for more drinking. And dancing, as the alcohol kicked in. There is only one single guy in the pod but that didn't stop all the guys from flirting with women (other resort guests). Half the pod are married, the rest have girlfriends.
  5. Day 2 had some exercises (both body and business) to do, but it was all over by 1pm. Time for lunch and then... drinking. Then they took a break for dinner, at which point one of the other pods (from their home city, also there for the retreat/conference thing) turn up.
  6. They all went to the pool bar for more drinking. And dancing, as the alcohol kicked in. It was getting competitive at this point. Not the dancing, the 'scoring' with women. Points were being awarded.
Shit, this could take a while, let's just say every day was like this and get to the key info:
  1. Half of her BNG bro's were actively pursuing hook ups with women while there, the rest acted as 'wingmen'
  2. She didn't admit it straightaway but as her long story of 'what went down' unfolded it was clear my wife was also acting as 'wingman' by befriending these pickups and saying it was okay to come back to their private compound for an 'afterparty' - in fact she was proactive in making it happen. Every night.
  3. One of the guys (not single) scored 3 out of the 3 women he hit on. One of them was just a one nighter, the others were 3 nights each. The last one was a fellow BNG'er at the conference but the first two were just randoms at the pool bars. They would stay with him or he would go back to their hotel.
  4. Basically the group were drunk every night and partied til about 2-4am, depending on how soon the drinking had started in the afternoon. 
  5. Other guys in the group did not fuck other women but they were almost there. They were making out with the women and openly groping and feeling them up once they all got back to the their private pool in the villa compound. (See #2 above)
  6. The conference itself was 'pretty cool' but some of the keynote speakers were ass and a core group of about 40 (including the 2 pods from our city) would gravitate to the pool bars in the afternoon, by skipping the seminars after lunch.
  7. By evening that group of 40 would swell by another 100, depending on what hotel pool bar they went to, but only the core group would be partying every night. The other 100 were drawn from the other 250 attendees who would drop in and drop out depending on their stamina.
  8. My wife of course was determined to stay the distance, and did. She admitted they were drunk every night. She mistakenly showed me one photo of one morning after and she looked shattered.
  9. She claimed that by the end of the week she was a little disgusted by the cheating behavior of her BNG bro's, but she still loved them as brothers. 
  10. This did not marry with the excited look in her eyes and the way she told the stories. She was grinning with every tale she told. She won't tell their partners, who she knows quite well, because 'BNG Rules'.
  11. As much as she claimed to be sad by how they behaved she also clearly loved it - it was wild and exhilarating and she was living vicariously through their actions.
  12. My wife has, since joining BNG, suffered greatly from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). 
  13. On the last night of the conference she did not miss out. Someone encouraged her to 'participate in the fun' and 'because she was really really drunk' she did.

I'll tell you that story of 'The Last Night' in full as soon as I get the chance to write it up properly. Suffice to say, I was correct when I said in yesterday's post that I suspected that her 'I want to be a better wife' was written out of guilt....


  1. Wow! Just Wow! I am glad she didn't wobble until the last day, but I'm sorry she wobbled at all. Hope you're OK and that it was only slight and it's something you can both move on from, I know she's your world. xx


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