Wednesday, May 2, 2018

#WickedWednesday and the #HumpDay Blues!

The prompt for this week's Wicked Wednesday meme is 'Convictions'. I'd love to write you an erotic story about that time the Warden's Secretary seduced a ruff neck inmate while he waited to see the Warden, or maybe the Corrections Officer who took his pick from the female prisoners caged in Cell Block H, but I don't have time.

By the time you read this I will be either driving my wife to the airport, or driving myself back from the airport. She's going to a resort in China for a 4 day 'retreat' with her BNG buddies (all male) followed by a 4 day conference. Who even knew they had resorts in China? But they do.

As I mentioned in Monday's post (Birthday Sex!) my wife and I have not had sex for 60 days, and with this 'retreat' it will be two more weeks before she's in any position to have sex with me. Normally I'd be climbing the walls at this point but I maintained the courage of my convictions and stayed chilled. I did not try to manipulate her into pity sex, in fact I did her a favor. A sexual favor!

I reminded her on Monday that China don't allow access to certain websites (meaning no Literotica - but I didn't say that!) and said I hoped she'd got her Kindle up to date because I thought Amazon was a blocked site in China. She mumbled something about 'good to know' but carried on with her packing. She may have acted nonchalant but on Tuesday I discovered this (click on images below) on her computer.

She'd quickly done a lot of browsing - and made a few purchases! 

Hopefully these books will satisfy her thirst, and not make her decide to head down to the bar and get herself a long cool drink of water...


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  1. Goodness she enjoys a bit of smut doesn't she - you certainly have that in common - who knows she may read some masturbation Monday or wicked Wednesday posts? ;-)

    1. Yes, maybe I should write a story about a woman she might recognise? 😁

  2. And maybe she comes back hot and bothered and will jump you the moment she sees you ;)

    Rebel xox

    1. Yes, lets keep hope alive! From your lips to her ears...! 👍


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