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OPP: #SoSS - Anal - Part 3

This image is from May More's © Fishnets On A Night Out, a sexy work of
fiction written from the male P.O.V. There's no anal but she has such a nice butt!
The #SoSS meme is meant to be a roundup of favourite blogs you’ve visited that week, but this week I'm changing it a little and choosing blog posts that fit a theme. Click the links for the full stories, because these are all just short excerpts. These are in no particular order:

Dr. Megan Stubbs ~ 'Playboy' - "The Straight Man's Guide to Backdoor Basics"

I thought it might be useful to get advice on anal sex from a registered health professional. But since they can be very dry I thought I'd look at that advice through the lens of 'Entertainment' magazine Playboy ©. Being heteronormative I didn't get the advice I expected! But it's still valid so here's a taste...
Just because you like anal play does not make you gay. How you enjoy pleasure does not define your sexual orientation. Our culture still suffers from homophobia, so admitting to enjoying an act that is commonly associated with gay men can lead to shame or stigmatization. The anus is a hot bed of nerve endings that result in it being an oft-overlooked erogenous zone. Everyone of any orientation can enjoy anal play

One of the first 
hygiene concerns I frequently encounter is “that's where the poop comes out.” Yes, you’re not wrong, but in a healthy person (meaning frequent, normal movements), the rectum is merely a temporary storage area for feces. There shouldn’t be any remnants left over. If you’re still concerned, you are welcome to use an enema for extra assurance. 
Anal play isn’t something you just jump into either, so make sure you take plenty of time for foreplay and to get aroused. It may even take multiple attempts to achieve penetration, so don’t go into this with expectations of taking that huge toy on the first go. Start small and go slowly. Use a tongue or a finger to get used to the sensation. Make sure your nails are short and well-maintained.
Before you start any penetration, make sure you have lubricant at the ready. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not naturally lubricate. Lube makes everything more comfortable and can help avoid injury. Do not use numbing lubricants. It sounds like that would be the way to go, but unfortunately it can end in disaster. Because you cannot discern pain, you can get hurt. Think rectal tearing and bleeding — not fun or sexy. Pain is your body’s way of letting you know to slow down. If you’re doing it right, it shouldn’t hurt. Try a silicone lube for anal play or a lubricant formulated specifically for back door pleasure. These lubricants are typically a thicker viscosity and longer lasting than water-based lubricants.... [much more*]
*Bear in mind that I have edited the above so you've missed the advice 'Always use a condom'! Click their link for the full column ~ Nero 

Ash ~ 'Sexilicious Ash' "Threesomes and pegging"

This post involves 'pegging' a.k.a a strap on dildo. I have no interest in being pegged but it's a common (if minor) fantasy amongst plenty of 'straight' women. I thought in fairness to the title '#SoSS ~ Anal Sex' we should also include the other side of the coin. What's good for the goose is good for the gander:

I decided that I wanted to fuck him in the ass, so I grabbed my strap-on (and) put it on. After he climbed onto the bed he started to suck on the cock. Oh god! I almost lost it! That is a huge fantasy of mine. I often imagine that I have a cock when I masturbate and it turns me on a lot. 
Watching him suck my cock while rubbing my clit was so hot. He inserted a couple of fingers into my pussy and I moaned. He continued to finger me for a while and then he started to put more fingers inside me. Next thing I knew, he was fisting me and I was gushing all over. Fuck, I squirted so much that the mattress pad was SOAKED.

After I was done cumming, I reached around and started to finger his ass and continued to suck his cock while massaging his penis with my tongue. I could taste his precum and it excited me.

I asked Husband to lie down and spread his legs. I grabbed an anal toy, lubed it up, and stuck it inside his ass. I fucked him with it slowly as he moaned in pleasure. After a while, I asked if he was ready for my cock. He smiled and said, "Yes!" So, I flipped him over, lubed up my cock, and inserted it slowly. It had been a while since the last time I pegged him, so he needed some time to adjust. After a while, I started to fuck him. All of his moaning was making my pussy so wet...

Krystal Minx ~ "My First Pegging"

Okay, it seems we have moved from 'Anal' to 'Pegging' so let's just go with it. In Part 1 we featured Krystal's "First Time Anal" so I thought we'd also include her first time pegging for Part 3. This is a frank and rather delightful account of her first experience pegging Mr Minx. These are just excerpts (heavily edited) so follow the link to entire the post.
He watched me stand and don my harness intently. He had bought it for me to use with our lady friends, and probably never expected this turn of events. I attached the smallest of all the dildos - a comfortable, flexible, and slender black one. I poured copious amounts of lube all over my shiny ‘cock’ and his tight ass, then positioned the tip against his pink pucker and breathed into his ear, “I want to fuck your ass tonight.”  
I slid it in, slowly and carefully. 
After several long strokes, I had it buried to the hilt. In no time he took it all and was moaning like a total man-slut. Once we got into a rhythm, I stroked his cock as I fucked him with mine, and he was hard as stone! He lifted his legs up even higher, giving me an amazing view as I gently fucked his tight little asshole.  
It was really hot – his animalistic moans of pleasure, his hard cock throbbing in my hand, and my glistening dildo penetrating him with ease... sometimes slowly, sometimes faster.

I moved my right hand underneath my harness and quickly found my hard little button. Slowly rubbing myself added to the wonderful pressure I already felt every time I pushed into him. He saw the pleasure in my face as I massaged my pussy underneath the harness, and I saw the same in his as I stroked him inside and out.  
I came first, almost violently, but I kept fucking him. Returning my now-soaked hand to his super sensitive nipples and smearing my juices all over them, I wildly jerked his cock. He was writhing with pleasure, and we both knew it wouldn’t be long, as he was already on the edge during my climax... [much more] 

OPP: #SoSS - Anal - Part 1 can be found here and OPP: #SoSS - Anal - Part 2 can be found here. If you've tried pegging and blogged about it feel free to put your link in the comments section below. Since this is a defacto #SoSS on Pegging I might do another one on the subject later in the year.  

Friday, June 29, 2018

#FetishFriday ~ Dressing for pleasure

This is a very simple and elegant piece, and I love how easily it communicates the wearer is ready for play. It's totally impractical but I imagine it would be fun to wear. For my wife to wear, I mean. I could wear the male equivalent if she wanted but I doubt it would look very good on my burly frame. 

I've mentioned previously how my wife has some sexy lingerie but never wears it 'for me' during any sex play. Indeed she removes it as soon as she gets home, lest I get 'any ideas'. She's worried I'll 'ruin it' - yes, I know for some women that's part of the fun, but in my wife's case the lingerie is expensive and not for ripping lustfully from her petite frame.

I grew up poor(ish) and as a kid we were never allowed to eat the fruit. It was to be displayed in a bowl for visitors to see when they came to our house, and my mother would carefully rearrange the fruit daily in order to hide the aging process. Old rotten fruit would be replaced with new fruit, and so on, but it was NOT for eating!

Anyway, I wish my wife would 'dress for pleasure' so I would have some explicit cues as to when she was feeling 'in the mood'. And yes, before you suggest it, I have bought my wife sexy lingerie (and clothes) to wear but she never reacts well when I do*. She thinks I'm trying to make her look like a slut  (yes, again, I know for some women that's part of the fun) and is clearly threatened by my gifts. So they would languish in the bottom of some drawer never to be seen again.

She did like the last thing I got her (after a long period of me not buying her anything lingerie related, due to her verbally abusing me on the previous occasion - it was quite a tirade) but I've only seen her wear it once, and never again. She told me she was wearing it when we were out on a date (and flashed me the proof) and I told her to make sure she didn't take it off when we got home because I planned to ravage her in it when we did! So of course when we got home she quickly took it off and got changed into her oversized t-shirt.

Message received, Mrs Nero.

But to get back to my point: it would be great if my wife enjoyed dressing sexy for my benefit, as it would remove much of the self doubt (mine!) as to whether she really wants sex or not. I'd imagine any woman who dressed like the model above (or in a pair of fishnets, or anything overtly 'sexy') would be guaranteed an immediate response from their partner!!

So what about you, dear reader? Do you like to 'dress for pleasure' or do you think its a waste of time and kind of sleazy? Like my wife, who thinks she should be enough and that she shouldn't have to 'dress up' in order for me to get turned on. Which is the complete opposite of me, in a nutshell. Your answers in the comments below please.

*my wife has a great body, and could carry off anything with aplomb. 


I am off on vacation today and will be gone for three weeks. I'll try to blog when or if I can, but I've learnt previously that trying to blog using my iPad is extremely difficult (I think the problem is that the Blogger platform doesn't like iPad typing, more than the iPad itself). I've left a few posts scheduled for during my time away so you'll see those pop up as well. 

Feel free to retweet them on Twitter when they cross-post there, and I'll definitely be tweeting and Instagramming while I'm away. If you follow me there you'll see where I'm going! 

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Bikini Baristas serving Hot Coffee ~ Part 2 #NSFW

There's an interesting follow up to the story of that infamous police bust of Bikini Barista's that I first wrote about last March in Bikini Baristas serving Hot Coffee. Apparently the guy who owned the Grab 'N Go coffee stands disappeared after the baristas were arrested and was never seen again.
"Grab-n-Go owner Bill Wheeler, 50, went to Las Vegas to retrieve an espresso machine and his Toyota pickup truck, and hasn’t been seen since. “There has been no word. Nobody’s seen him, talked to him, nothing,” his daughter, Barbara Wheeler, said.
All photos supplied by the Everett Police Department
She reported him missing to police in Everett on June 2. Snohomish County sheriff’s spokeswoman Rebecca Hover said Wheeler’s girlfriend also filed a missing persons report. Wheeler’s wife was the last person to see him at their residence in Las Vegas on May 26, Hover said.

Wheeler’s espresso stands made headlines after five of his employees were investigated for performing lewd acts while serving coffee. The women were charged with prostitution — customers paid for the show — and for violating the city’s adult entertainment rules.

Wheeler denied knowing that his employees were breaking the law. He has not been charged with any crimes in connection with the investigation.

Wheeler’s pickup truck was found on May 29 abandoned and burned near Victorville, about 80 miles northeast of Los Angeles, California Highway Patrol Sgt. Mark Sunseri said. 

Situated in California’s high desert it’s a common place for vehicles to be dumped, he said. Detectives found no other evidence of foul play in or around Wheeler’s truck.“There was no indication of a body left at or near the scene,” said Sunseri..." [source]

I know what you're thinking: show us some more of those photos of the bikini baristas Nero! Okay, as you wish. All photos on this page were released by the Everett Police Department, pursuant to a court order following a request by local media for the photographic evidence in their case against the baristas. Your tax dollars at work...

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

#WickedWednesday ~ Interesting!

The prompt for Wicked Wednesday this week is 'Interest'. I'll get to what I found 'interesting' shortly (it's about my wife) but first let me explain how I came to this 'interesting' thing...

Since I am on vacation for the next three weeks (starting this weekend) I thought I would do some forward planning - blogging on the Blogger platform is not easy on an iPad. Well, that's what I've discovered from previous attempts. It's hard to format text and add links.

So anyway, what I've just finished doing is drafting four TMI Tuesday posts for the next four weeks. They have headers and the TMI Tuesday badge at the bottom, so the plan is that all I have to do is copy and paste in the questions each week (and add the answers). This might mean the text looks badly formatted but hopefully its still readable.

TMI Tuesday always finishes with a 'Bonus Question' but when I first joined the meme I added my own 'Double Bonus' - which was always a link to something I'd posted in the previous 7 days. For the four future TMI draft posts (just waiting for the questions!) I've already done the "Double Bonus' links - but this time I've linked back to some of my earliest blog posts.

Which brings us to the 'Interesting' part of today's Wicked Wednesday post...

I went right back to late 2013 and early 2014 to pick some links, and in the process I realized something - something interesting!  

My life now is pretty much the same now as it was then. Five years ago I was complaining about my wife:

  • binge reading so so many dirty stories, many in extreme genres
  • not having sex with me despite all that reading
  • having sex with me but losing interest once she'd got hers
  • not having sex with me but telling me to 'wait til our vacation starts'
  • not having sex with me while we're on vacation, aside from a blowjob or single fuck
  • being sexually vivacious and/or flirty in the presence of others
  • not having sex with me despite all that flirtatiousness
  • not having sex with me despite promising to have sex with me

So this is interesting because:

  • Her pattern of behavior is consistent, she hasn't changed
  • I keep chasing better outcomes but nothing changes
  • I'm like a rat in a cage, running on that Wheel, going nowhere
  • My blog must be terribly boring for you guys, given its the same shit repeated
  • I need to stop blogging this shit, given its the same shit repeated

Seriously, I can already predict what the next three weeks of my life are going to be like. We're on vacation, our daughter is with us, there's no opportunity for sex, my balls will turn blue, my brain will go squirly, and then finally I'll end up jerking off in a toilet because I can't take it anymore.

Ah, what a life I lead. 
"But you're on a three week vacation Nero - you need to learn to be more grateful for your privileged life!"
Yes, true dat. I know I'm becoming a whiney bitch. I need to readjust my expectations and find some serenity in my life. It is what it is. Besides, traveling the world aint so bad.




This post has also been submitted to Wicked Wednesday

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

#TMITuesday: June 26, 2018 ~ Sex Is Life!

1. Is your sex life more fantasy or reality?
~ It's neither at the moment. I'm heading off on vacation for 3 weeks on Friday and I'm busting my nuts to get things done before I go. I'm also not well - a rash on various parts of my body that I can't seem to get rid of. I'm sure it's stress related. We didn't have sex last Saturday night (regular readers know this lament) and it's unlikely we will have it on Wednesday. 
And it's unlikely we will have any on vacation since our daughter is traveling with us and we're sharing a hotel room for the duration!
So... to answer the question... we've both been too busy to have sex and I'm too busy to masturbate so it's neither fantasy or reality at the moment. I'm guessing there will be a lot of sneaky masturbation by me in the next three weeks, so that suggests fantasy will be in my future*

2. If you could hook-up with a past lover (with no repercussions or regret), who would it be and why? (No need to use real names just briefly describe the person and their relationship to you)
~ I can do one better: just go to the tag/label Ex at the bottom and you'll see a few post about my most favorite ex girlfriend. Because we were fucking dynamite in bed (pun intended) every.fucking.time.

3. You can only indulge in one of the following sex acts for the rest of your life, which would you choose to enjoy?
a. oral sex, only giving
b. 69
c. oral sex, only receiving
d. mutual masturbation
~ Definitely [D]. because when I'm 69 neither of us is going to want to have the other one lying on top of us! I think by that age we'd both be more comfortable facing each other in armchairs, whacking off!

The clitoris and the penis are the same thing during the
embryonic stage of development. It's only when the genitals
fully develop in the womb that the two become different.
Which is why some women can have a very large clitoris.
4. With each lover do you pay attention to what they want or do you have a repertoire that you stick to when having sex?
~ While I have a 'bag of tricks' I'd be crazy to trot them out by rote. Every woman is different so you damned sure better check what they like or you'll be sent packing sooner than you can say "Oops, did I stick it in your butt by accident?"

5. Do you initiate sex for healthful benefits, e.g., to sleep better or relieve pain?
~ Yes, but that more explains my reasons for masturbation. My wife seems oblivious to the mental anguish and the terrible sleep habits I have due to lack of sexual intimacy. I'm serious - after 25+ years together I totally recognize whats going on with my body. I sleep maybe 6-7 hours a night.

Bonus: Do you understand the clitoris?
~ I talk to my wife's pussy all the time but it's hard to understand. When it replies it mumbles -- you can see the lips moving but you can't hear what it's saying!
Oh, that's a terrible joke (I probably told it wrong) but seriously... I'm kind of aware of it. It's bigger than the little 'love button' we see when we stare at a woman's vagina. There's a whole 'wishbone' hidden behind the skin, full of a zillion nerve endings. That's why women like being rubbed around the vulva and not just on the clit. Rather than mansplain, here's Wikipedia!

Double Bonus: As I mentioned, no sex since last Wednesday so nothing new to report. My #SoSS post has some good links in it. (Oh, yes - there's some bonus sex hidden at the end of Saturday Sizzle - Part 2 (Final) which starts off quite boring) (and maybe finishes a bit long winded too!)

* Ladies, if you wish to assist my fantasies during the Long Family Vacation please feel free to send nudes via DM at Twitter or Instagram)

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

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OPP: #SoSS - June 23, 2018 @ThePinkSeam @Krystleinbed

This image is from one of the blogs featured below. You'll have to click
their links to find out which one.  Image © Evolve and Ascend
The #SoSS meme is a roundup of favourite blogs I’ve visited this week. In order not to duplicate what others have done for #SoSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) (or Sunday if you forget/run out of time) I’m going to give you links to some of their older stuff - because I think their complete blogs are worth reading. Click the links for the full stories, because these are just excerpts.

Beatrix B ~ The Pink Seam "Laundry Day"

This was such a hot story I'm gonna share more than I ordinarily would - but trust me, it's just an excerpt so click the link and read the whole thing: 
On the right day, laundromats were the kind of empty public spaces where a sexually adventurous woman like me could find all sorts of things to occupy her time. Of late, I was building up the nerve to masturbate in one, where the likelihood of me being seen were high. Between the video cameras and the glass windows that only reflected darkness from the interior, I had the perfect opportunity to fulfill a long-time fantasy of mine. Just the thought alone was enough to make my pussy throb and drip...

[As] I continued to dip my fingers within my sudsy warmth, my focus was literally only on the task at hand as his machine whirred through the wash cycle, cloaking my panting. Before long, I was aware of nothing but the machines and my hands and the liquid heat that flooded my core and spread throughout my pelvis, as I began to agitate my clit in time to the washer’s drum rotations.

I’d heard him undo what I’d guessed was his pants zipper earlier on. But, he’d remained silent and very still, except for a vague arm movement. I imagined him exposed, erect cock in hand as he masturbated and watched me do the same. When I heard his machine began the rinse cycle, I began to move my hips faster. His breathing grew harder, louder. So did mine.

He’d forgotten to add the fabric softener, and I’d forgotten my book, now set aside. It was just him and I —and the machines— as we each gyrated through our own cycles of need together on a Sunday night.

I knew I was going to come soon, hard enough to be heard over the roar of domestic appliances and the unmistakable sound of flesh hitting flesh. I could hear him groan clearly now, deep and low, as our masturbatory emissions competed with the white noise produced by the running machines.

I open my legs wider, giving him an unobstructed view. My box was sudsing up as my fingers rubbed the cleft of flesh at the apex of my soft machine. My pelvis was churning, chugging as I held back, awaiting the sound of the spin cycle.

There was no going back now. Even were someone to come in, I doubted I could stop my fast-approaching orgasm...
 [much more]

Krystle ~ Krystle in Bed - Masturbating Next To My Sleeping Husband

Krystle is a sex educator who welcomes everyone into her 'bed space'. She believes there is so much to explore and nobody should be ashamed of their sexual desires, fantasies, or ideas. Her blog offers reviews, techniques, and vocabulary to help you better understand the sexual revolution that is taking place in society, whether it is historical or new age:
I’ve masturbated while my husband slept next to me, and I am secretly dying for him to catch me when I do it again.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a fantastic sex life. [So] you are probably wondering 'if your sex life is so great why did you masturbate while your husband slept next to you?' The answer is because I’ve always loved the thrill of getting caught.

The way I masturbate next to him is similar to a teenager who doesn’t want to get busted by their parents catching them in the act. I am quiet, my strokes are subtle, and I only allow myself to orgasm sometimes. It makes me crave him.

Although my husband is near, every time he shifts in his sleep I’m dying for him to wake up and catch me. As he lies next to me I get that feeling of wanting something I can’t have.

asturbating next to my sleeping husband has probably made me a better lover. I have a secret that he doesn’t know about, and I’m building up my orgasm until the day he finds out. I’ve mastered controlling my orgasm due to how much I masturbate. 

He knows I masturbate, but he doesn’t know when. I’ve tried telling him the time but his reaction of feeling as if he wasn’t good enough turned me on, so I decided to... [much more] ~ Sex & Women - "Sex Benefits: Doing It More Could Improve Your Memory When You’re Older, According To Research"

Not a website I normally read but with a clickbait heading like that how could I not look? It popped up on my Facebook feed and now I'm trying to figure how out how to share it so my wife can see it - without looking too obvious! (She'll kill me, I know it) This is just a brief excerpt so read the whole thing:
A recent study offers a new reason why men over 50 should maintain active sex lives: it could improve your memory.

According to data from more than 6,000 people over 50 years old, a healthy sex life could improve short-term memory for older adults. The findings were published in May in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Sex offers plenty of other health benefits, like making you happier. The stress-reducing hormone oxytocin floods your body after orgasm, leaving you relaxed and worry-free. There’s also evidence that people who have sex at least once a week have better immune systems, because they benefit from higher levels of immunoglobulin A: an antibody that wards off illness.

A healthy sex life can also reduce prostate cancer in guys — offering even more incentive to keep the passion alive as you age...
[much more]

Friday, June 22, 2018

#KOTW ~ Midweek Mutual Masturbation

That title is not strictly correct since it was really more mutual oral than masturbation, but I like alliteration so there you go. It happened like this:
No, I don't mean like in this picture. I mean as described below...
At the time of writing this post no-one seems to have noticed that in all my descriptions of the sex we had last Saturday night (here and here) there is no mention of me climaxing. That's because I didn't. The foot cramp got the better of me and I had to stop. I thought we had only paused, but wife thought differently. By the time I had dealt to my issue my wife had said "bad luck, I got mine, it's late, I owe you one" and rolled over into the 'look-I'm going-to-sleep' position.

Naturally this left Nero with a hard on and no-one to share it with. It also made Nero grumpy for a few days and it was all he could do not to jerk off and relieve his blue balls. But Nero held fast, trying to 'keep his powder dry' in anticipation of the Wednesday night fireworks.

Actually Nero failed miserably and masturbated on Monday afternoon. Which was a great release and would have fitted the Wicked Wednesday prompt perfectly, but he was committed to #WickedWednesday ~ Saturday Sizzle - which he'd already started. Anyway, it was a good wank and there was a lot of jizz. Nero was kinda hoping his wife would come home and catch him watching porn on the big screen in their movie room and maybe that would lead to something but... no.

Nero had misjudged his wife.

When Nero's wife texts him to say "Coming home now - see you in 10" she really means "I'll be home in ten minutes unless I bump into someone else or see something in a shop, in which case I'll be home in 30-60 minutes"

Anyway... on Wednesday night Nero was still a bit grumpy, despite the Monday afternoon wank, and felt his wife still 'owed' him something after the previous Saturday night sexscapade. So at 11pm Nero marched up to his bedroom, where his wife was in bed and reading her iPad, and gave her 'the look'. That look. Which immediately made his wife burst out laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" I asked, reverting to first person and proving I'm not afraid to break the rules. Yeah, that's right baby - I'm a maverick!

"I know that look" she replied, smiling. "I know what you want!"

"So it wasn't me dropping to my knees that gave it away?" I asked rhetorically. And indeed I had dropped to my knees, on the floor beside her side of the bed. My face was level with her crotch. In my minds eye I could see right through the faux fur rug on top of the bed and easily imagine the treasure that lay beneath. I dropped my head down into her crotch and playfully 'motorboated' the soft faux fur rug. "Hmmmm" I said, when I pulled my face up for air "you're very furry down there - I think you need to trim your bush a bit"

"Oh, really? laughed my wife, throwing back the covers to reveal her almost bare crotch. She had a soft downy covering, the regrowth after a Brazilian taking longer now that she's older.

I dropped my head again, this time directly into her crotch. I inhaled deeply.

My wife laughed and pushed me away.

"Hang on, lets get comfortable" she said, as she rearranged her pillows so she could lie completely flat.

"How about we get comfortable and you lie on the bed perpendicular to me so I can eat you out while I'm kneeling on the floor?" I said, as I manhandled her around a bit.

"How about I make it easy on you and put two pillows under my ass so you can really get in deep?" she laughed, arching her back and shoveling two pillows under her butt.  She spread her legs, pushing her knees apart, and presented her glistening cunt to me.

I kissed, licked, and nibbled that pussy until she came - and then started again because she always enjoys seconds.

When she was done she scooted off the pillows and tossed them aside.

"You can fuck me now" she said, propping herself up on her elbows so she could watch me enter her.

"Yeah, nah, you can suck me now, first" I said as I stood up on the plinth that surrounds our bed. I grabbed her and manhandled her face to my cock. She grabbed it and kissed, licked, and nibbled on it before swallowing me whole. She moved her hand to my balls and squeezed as she sucked.

It felt so good I decided I wanted a lazy blowjob, not a fuck, so I pulled out. Grabbing a big pillow I moved over to the plush armchair in the corner of the bedroom and plopped myself down. I spread my legs a little and dropped the pillow between my feet.

"Come over here" I said "and fuck me with that dirty little mouth of yours..."

Which is exactly what she did.

It was the best blowjob I'd had in ages. She knelt in front of me and tongued my balls, jerked my dick, and deep throated my throbbing cock. When I came it was for the longest time ever, and I grunted gutturally the whole way through. I would have howled were it not for our daughter in the next room. I try not to ever hold back, but I draw the line at frightening the children.

I'd pumped a gallon of cum down my wife's throat and she'd swallowed it all. When I finally released her she popped her head up with a beaming smile, clearly very proud of herself. In hindsight I should have patted her on the head and said "Good girl" but all I could manage was "that was fantastic"

"So were you" she replied, "one good turn deserves another, Even Stevens"

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Saturday Sizzle - Part 2 (Final)

I've called it Part 2 but this is really the prequel to yesterday's #WickedWednesday ~ Saturday Sizzle. 'Preamble' is probably a better word since it's just all the boring stuff before the sex started. I publish it only for those that are interested* in the minutiae of my life...!

The odds of having sex with my wife on Saturday night did not look good. I was quite frustrated and just a little tetchy - so she took offense at my 'tone' as we pulled out of the driveway and headed to the bar to meet our friends for drinks and dinner. I was frustrated because I was horny on Tuesday night and had tried to seduce her (knowing that she had been reading her dirty stories I thought she might be receptive) but she rebuffed me. 

But she rebuffed me with a big sexy grin and an assurance that tomorrow was 'sex night' and we could have some sexy fun then. She seemed quite excited and animated and so I took her at her word. The following night she was a different woman - she said she was tired and had an early meeting in the morning - so she left me to the TV and said goodnight. I guess in hindsight she was so bright eyed and bushy tailed the night before because she'd had a sneaky climax on her own. It's a thing apparently (women having stealth wanks while their men are oblivious) I saw it on Twitter. 

So my wife got upset with me because when she asked me to text our daughter to find out where she was, even though my wife had already done exactly that just before we left the house moments ago (we were now only half a mile from our house) I replied with "I will, as soon as the car stops bouncing around". My wife took that as a diss of her driving skills, when all I was referencing was that we were going downhill on a very narrow winding road with tight turns and it was hard to text which all the movement of the car.

She asked me why I had to talk to her like that and when I mentioned the winding hill we were driving down she promptly pulled the car over to a stop and then asked "Is that better? Are you able to type now? Can you do that now, or don't you care where our daughter is?" 

I told her that she shouldn't stop halfway up or down a narrow winding road on a hill and that we were less than five minutes away from the restaurant so I figured I would text our daughter as she (my wife) found a parking spot. Which I didn't need to do because as my wife parked the car our daughter texted my wife back and said she would be home by 10pm - she was with her friend having dinner because she knew we were out with our friends.

So, as you can imagine, all my plans for some Saturday night loving were duly incinerated in that imaginary trash heap I keep in the back of my head. Instead I reminded myself of the immortal words of legendary bard Flavor Flav who said "Fuck that shit, homey!" and... I proceeded to get wasted. Which I did by drinking two beers, and three bourbon and cokes during dinner. The latter taste especially sweet when the rest of the table is drinking wine.

I was sober but surly by the time my wife drove us home, and not in the mood for sex myself. I stewed in my office for half an hour, checking my blog, but really doing nothing other than avoiding going to bed at the same time as my wife. Which I eventually did anyway because she was dragging her heels in her boudoir. When I climbed into bed I did not feel horny at all - I'd eaten too much and I was tired. It occurred to me that those were usually my wife's excuses for not having sex with me and I marveled at the irony.

After stewing for a bit I decided if we didn't have sex now then I wouldn't get another chance until Wednesday, at which point my balls would be bluer than Papa Smurf. And given my wife usually seeks a postponement on Wednesdays I figured I better make my move. Like most men my age I decided to go with what worked last time.

"Would you like me to smack your arse again?" I asked her....

Which brings us back to where I began in yesterday's #WickedWednesday ~ Saturday Sizzle.


If you've bothered to read all the boring stuff above I feel you deserve a reward! How about a little BONUS SEX? Yes, this bit below is what I edited out of yesterday's post because it was too long. It explains why I ended yesterday's post with: 
Even nicer was later. when she admitted she had come three times. "Possibly four!"
This bit below may or may not have been her third or fourth orgasm? (Who really knows? If only women flashed green when they came, then we'd ALL know). Anyway, here's your bonus content...

Unfortunately what I was feeing was a foot cramp! WTF?! (Note to self: Nero you are old now - you need to do stretches and a warmup before attempting sexual exercise!) I pulled out and stepped off the plinth and dropped to my knees. With my nose buried in her vagina I began licking her pussy lips and clit, all the while grabbing my foot and trying to massage away the knot.

It didn't help at all so I stood up again and tried to flex and bend it (my foot!) ...

That didn't help either so I knew I had to walk it off. Being a resourceful gent I masked what I was doing by walking around the bed from my side to hers, to her nightstand. I pulled out the Verge cock ring vibrator, switched it on, and walked back to where my wife remained prone on the pillows. With every step I pressed the sole of my foot hard against the floor and attempted to work out the kink. 

I didn't quite get rid of it but the sharp pain was now a dull pain and I figured I would still be able to fuck. (Is it just me or is that the prevailing thought of all men? "Yes, my left ear has just been sliced off by the swinging chandelier but I think I'll just keep fucking and deal with the pain later"

I put on the Verge and climbed back up onto the plinth and re-entered my wife. Regular readers will know I don't wear it as the makers intended (seriously, there's no way I can fit my balls through that ring) so I just looped it over my cock and swung the curved part down, so it vibrated against my balls. I grabbed her hips and began thrusting, stopping at the end so I could press my balls against her and really feel those vibrations. As could she. 

I continued thrusting but the cramp was not going away. Finally I pulled out and stepped backward, taking the opportunity to turn the Verge around so the curved bit was facing forward. When I re-entered my wife it was now pressed up against her cleft, splitting her pussy lips. It was probably a bit rough on her but she made no complaint, indeed she was tapping it with her fingers against herself as I continued thrusting. 

My foot was now in sharp pain mode so again I withdrew, this time standing on the floor and flexing my foot against the carpet - trying to make it click back into its usual position. It was just a muscle spasm after all. When I pulled out the Verge stayed where it was, wedged between my wife's legs and affording me a good view of her wet hole. Clearly I had burrowed in deep!

My wife must have known I had withdrawn but that didn't slow her down one iota. She was pressing the vibrating toy hard against her pussy, her butt still jiggling from her own movement. She was moaning softly but possibly not quite hitting the spot because suddenly she grabbed the Verge and pulled it from its wedged position between her legs. Turning it around in her hand she held onto the O ring, using it like a handle to run the flat curved pointy bit up and down her slit.

... while I stared at the delicious round booty before me. I licked my fingers and inserted one slowly into her, which made her groan. So I slipped another finger in, which made her groan louder - and then she started fingering her clit as well.  

The toy got lost in the melee and I heard it fall to the floor as I continued fingering her from behind.

I ran those two fingers in and out of her cunt like a cock and then curled them a little so I could massage her g-spot. She started massaging her clit and then whacking it with her open hand. I could tell she was getting close to something more so I started talking dirty, telling her what a wanton slut she was...  [more]

*That would be me. This blog is also my diary, remember?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

#WickedWednesday ~ Saturday Sizzle

In Sunday's post I mentioned we had sex on Saturday night, and I promised you all the details today. So here they are...

"Would you like me to smack your arse again?" I asked her, in the darkness.

"What? Why" she questioned. She seemed bewildered.

"Well, last Saturday you seemed to enjoy it" I explained.

"Oh" she said, understanding now. She said nothing else. 

"So... what kind of foreplay do you like?" I continued, to fill the silence "I'm really not that sure anymore"

"Well..." she paused for thought, "I like it when you kiss and nibble my neck. And then do the same to my ear"

"Hmmmm" I responded, snuggling in close behind her "do you like me to kiss you behind the ear or on the ear?"  I gave her examples of both, whispering softly but deeply into her ear for good measure. My warm breath cascaded behind her ear and down the back of her neck.

"Both" she said, shivering with delight.

It was on. I began kissing, nibbling and biting on the back of her neck and ear. This made her squirm and writhe - she was loving it.

"What kind of foreplay do you like?" she asked, as she pressed herself back against me.

"Oh, I'm easy to please" I reopened, "your hand or mouth on my dick is pretty good. You have such a great mouth..."

My wife moved my hand down to her pussy at that point, pressing me deep into her cleft. I moved my left arm around behind her neck and clasped her left breast as my right hand squeezed her cunt. Meanwhile my lips worked their magic on the back of her neck - kissing, licking and biting. She moaned and writhed against me, her lips wet against my fingers. She placed her hand over mine, pushing me in hard against her, my palm smashing her pubic bone.

She seemed to be cumming but then she stopped suddenly and repositioned herself. She snuggled down into the crook of my arm, leaning against me like a bean bag, her body about 30 degrees away from me. That meant my hands could not reach her pussy, so I cupped both her breasts instead and began massaging them. With her left hand on her vulva she reached right back around and grabbed my cock.

She began pumping it, jacking it off in long steady strokes. My dick was already hard and this felt great. Her left hand was now moving faster on herself and her right followed suit on me. My wife started to pant and moan. And talk dirty: "Oh yeah, that's a nice big cock. Mmmmm, it feels good, nice and meaty" She was jerking me really fast now, and it was starting to feel a little painful. My wife was getting lost in her own lust.

Without warning she stopped and grabbed my hand and placed it on my dick. "Yeah, jerk that cock for me, make it big..." 

No sooner were the words out of her lips than she had both of her hands on herself. She spread her legs just a fraction wider and clasped her vulva tightly, gripping it firmly with both hands. I jacked my dick as requested but was distracted by the sight of my wife going hell for leather next to me. Distracted as in "oh, thats definitely for your pleasure, not mine" not "wow, that's hot"

I presume she had one hand fingering her wet slit with the other one on top of it pushing hard to squash it down tight. Whatever I had done to spark the flame had clearly exploded the gun powder within - within a minute or two she was thrusting upwards violently, humping her hand for all she was worth. I'm guessing that was her first orgasm because she slumped down and took a breath.

It didn't take long for her to collect her thoughts because she only had one thought on her mind: More!

She sprang up and flung her leg over my hip. Sitting astride my stiff prick she grabbed it and positioned it at her wet hole - and then slowly inserted it inside herself. She sank slowly, feeling the length, but once she felt my balls on her ass she began riding me fast. The Cowgirl position only just makes her Top 5 but it was clearly hitting the spot for her tonight - she rode me hard and fast, with an energy I haven't seen in a while.

She would occasionally grab my balls and play with them but mostly she would grab her own breasts with both hands and squeeze them quite roughly. I did the same to her butt, grabbing both cheeks with both hands and massaging them with an iron grip - or slapping them without warning. She seemed to like this as she bounced up and down on me quite wildly. I don't know if she came again, because there wasn't much hand-to-clit action, but her head was thrown back and she was giving her boobs a good workout.

When she was done she stopped and twisted herself around. Now in the Reverse Cowgirl position she resumed her breakneck ride on my dick. She was bouncing up and down and back and forth (if you've done it like that you'll know what I'm talking about) but this time she definitely had her hand on her clit. It must've been good because she lent over and propped herself up on one hand so she could push back harder. 

She felt tight and my cock felt great (thanks for asking) and I think she was feeling the same way. She was now almost in a one handed doggy position, riding my dick backwards and slapping her cunt with her free hand. It was an open slap and I think she came again because she suddenly dropped down onto both elbows and slowed down a bit. She was riding me in long strokes but I sensed she was wanting me to tag in and take over.

Which I did.

I pushed her forward and climbed out from beneath/behind her. Grabbing two pillows I placed them perpendicular with the edge of the bed and told her to climb on top. Which she did. I manhandled her a bit and pulled her back closer to the edge of the bed, so I could mount her doggy style - but from a standing position at the side of the bed. I grabbed her. hips and slid myself back in - and then proceeded to pound her firmly but not too roughly.

She started moaning and groaning and it was clear she was in a lustul state. I climbed up on the plinth around the bed and started fucking her from an even more upright position. She likes this because if I hold her hips softly all she feels is the width of my cock sliding in and out of her wet hole. I know she likes it that way because said said words to that effect as I fucked her from behind!

I don't know if she came again but I was certainly feeling it. Unfortunately what I was feeing was a foot cramp! WTF?! (Note to self: Nero you are old now - you need to do stretches and a warmup before attempting sexual exercise!) I pulled out and stepped off the plinth and dropped to my knees. With my nose buried in her vagina I began licking her pussy lips and clit, all the while grabbing my foot and trying to massage away the knot.

It didn't help at all so I stood up again and tried to flex and bend it (my foot!) while I stared at the delicious round booty before me. I licked my fingers and inserted one slowly into her, which made her groan. So I slipped another finger in, which made her groan louder - and then she started fingering her clit as well. 

I ran those two fingers in and out of her cunt like a cock and then curled them a little so I could massage her g-spot. She started massaging her clit and then whacking it with her open hand.  I could tell she was getting close to something more so I started talking dirty, telling her what a wanton slut she was.

"Look at you, on all fours, getting fingered from behind, and loving it..."

That was all I could manage before I felt her pussy twitch, clamp around my fingers, and pulse wildly.  She was cumming again! I stopped my pistoning movement but left my fingers where they were - when she was done she slumped forward and rolled to the side of the pillows I'd stacked. She groaned very loudly and said "!" which was/is always nice to hear. 

Even nicer was later. when she admitted she had come three times. "Possibly four!"


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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

#TMITuesday: June 19, 2018 - Take a Look at Me Now.

1. What was your biggest worry five years ago, do you still have that same worry or feel the same about it at this minute?
~ That my wife was going to blow all that money she made from selling her company. Suddenly she was an 'angel investor' and 'seeding startups'. She lost $1.5m in the first venture she backed, despite it looking promising (it was) it all went pear shaped. I still have similar fears but I have resigned myself to the fact that it is her money (in the sense that I can't get half unless I file for divorce) so she can blow it if she wants to. She doesn't want to of course, but some of her investments decisions/strategies do not align with mine.

2. Do you have a positive or negative body image? What factors contribute to your self body image?
a. advertisements
b. media and social media
c. comments from others
d. introspection and analysis of self
~ All of the above! And it's mostly negative, if that wasn't already clear. I used to be happy with myself, and even thought I was a good catch. Now, not so much.

3. How confident are you as a person?
a. no confidence at all
b. confident around friends and family
c. confident at work, and in my job
d. very confident in my surroundings – work, social settings, with strangers
~ I'm fine around people I've known a long time but I have minimal interest in meeting new people. I have no new stories to tell. My wife is the complete opposite - she loves meeting new people. And winning them over ie making them love her.

4. How creative a person are you? Why?
a. not creative
b. average creativity
c. creative in some situations
d. very creative
~ Again, I used to be very creative in my younger years but now... not so much. My daughter seems to have inherited the gene from me. All she cares about is her art.

5. Do you resent things being uncertain and unpredictable? Why?
a. agree
b. undecided or don’t know
c. disagree
~ I do now, but didn't used to be. Now I am older and wiser. 'Resent' is probably the wrong word - I totally expect things to be uncertain or unpredictable and I plan accordingly! What I have learned over the years is that human nature follows certain patterns. Once you can see these then nothing will really phase you.

Bonus: What do you wish you had invented?
~ I often see things that were things I had thought of but didn't get off my ass and make happen. So thats on me. I have an idea for an App that I think is a winner, but I'm not telling you because someone may steal the idea - and make it happen before I get off my ass and make it happen!!
I wish I had invented Post It Notes - who knew that would be a thing?

Monday, June 18, 2018

#MasturbationMonday ~ Marked! - Part 2 (final)

This is a complete work of fiction, originally published as one 2,500 word piece. On the advice of some readers I have cut it into two halves. You should read Part One first otherwise it may not make as much sense... 

...So when he offered to give her a series of tasks to perform she accepted readily. He said they would open her up sexually and if she completed all the tasks in the order prescribed then she would earn the opportunity to meet him in person and call him by his name: Master K. The tasks were all of a sexual nature and her heart skipped a beat as she ran her eye down the list. They started easy but got harder as they became even more daring and more complicated. Her final task was to fuck her husband Mark on their Wedding Anniversary and whilst in one sense it would be easy she also knew that it would be the toughest one.

Toughest because at that point all bridges would be burnt and there was no going back. Their marriage would be over. There was no way it could survive the list of tasks Master K had assigned her.  Jenny looked at the list for a third time, exhaled aloud, and reminded herself that she had done all she could to keep the marriage alive. She had done all the work but Mark had failed to met her even half way. As much as she was angry their marriage had failed, she was thrilled at the new life that awaited her under the care of Master K.

And that was what she focussed on as she climbed into bed with her husband on their 15th Wedding Anniversary - her new life as an empowered woman who could be the woman she wanted to be and live the life she wanted to live.

© Shutterstock
"Do you know what day it is today - aside from our Wedding Anniversary?" grinned her husband as he leaned over and clumsily placed his hand on her breast. "It's Hump Day!" he giggled, unattractively "I guess that means there's no avoiding it!"  To cement his point Mark tweaked her nipple and then ran his hand down to her pussy - and goosed that too. Was she supposed to honk or purr?

"You want to have sex do you?" she replied drily as she lay on her back, moving only her eyeballs in his direction.

"Well, I know we've been a bit disconnected lately, and it's been a while... but...." he paused for dramatic effect, whilst simultaneously massaging her vulva "it is our wedding anniversary - I think we should... y'know...?"

Jenny's cunt started to moisten slightly as she imagined it was Master K's hand rubbing her so roughly. It was one of the exercises they had done remotely and she realized now that he had trained her for just this moment. That thought excited her further and she became even wetter.

"Okay, but it's my special day too so if you wanna fuck me then we have to do it it my way" she said, provocatively. She'd never spoken to him in that manner before, but now, surprisingly, was not the time to be submissive. This was her final task and she was going to get it DONE!

"What did you have in mind?" he said dopily, looking like a man who had been jerking off for six months and now decided he would do pretty much anything to get his dick back inside her warm wet hole. Her tight hole she reminded herself, chiding him mentally for being such a fool. He had no idea what he had, and what he was now throwing away, all because of some misguided sense of masculinity.

"I want you to fuck me doggy-style" she said simply, "I want you get up behind me, grab my hips, and pound my ass as hard as you can for as long as you can."  It was a simple instruction and not an unnatural request but it still managed to affront her husband.

"Sure, I can do that" he said, pouting. "It's no big deal. I can do it if that's the way you really want it" The fact that he even had to say it was no big deal made it a big deal, thought Jenny to herself. What kind of man thought doing it doggy style was verging on the abnormal? A man she couldn't stay married to, that's who. "But I thought you found it more comfortable, more pleasurable, on your back?" continued her husband, digging himself in deeper.

"A little variation won't kill you" she said, as she got up on the bed, kneeling upright to face him. Mark was in a similar position, with a confused look on his face. "C'mon" she admonished, "it's not like we've never done it doggy-style before - you remember when we were first married? We used to do it twice a week back then!"  Jenny used her hands to shuffle him back further on the bed, as she reached over and pulled down his boxers, revealing his semi-erect cock.

"Aw, what's the problem?" she teased. "Don't like to be told what to do? I love it, and maybe you will too after we're finished... or not!" She actually laughed out loud at the latter - the look on her husband's face was priceless. Even Jenny was surprised by own her sassy attitude, since she'd never spoken to him like that in all their fifteen years together. She decided to push the envelope a little further.

"C'mon mister, lets make it big" she taunted as she grabbed his cock and started jacking it. Her husband scowled as she continued to pump it, but the swelling in her hand betrayed his lust. His erection throbbed in her hand and Jenny realized she could easily finish him off then and there with a few more quick jerks from her tight little fingers - but that was not the task Master K had assigned.

Jenny stopped what she was doing and, facing her husband, slowly and seductively lifted her nightdress up over her head - revealing her fulsome breasts and sensuous body. Part of her journey had included improving her fitness and if her husband had bothered to take an interest he might have realized those twice weekly exercise classes had paid off. Jenny had curves in all the right places and her breasts sat pert and proud.

Just to tease her husband further she ran her hands softly up from her hips, stroking her sides, and dancing her fingertips lightly across her breasts - circling back for good measure to graze her now swollen nipples. She wanted her husband riled up and angry at her provocative demeanor, in the hope that he would take her roughly and pound her hard. The anticipation of that made her wet and she could feel herself getting slicker below as her pussy twitched at the thought of it.

"Do me!" she growled urgently, making direct eye contact with her husband but deliberately holding it a moment longer than was comfortable. When she saw him swallow, she turned catlike and slowly knelt down on all fours in front of him. She wiggled her apple bottom ass in his face in a come hither fashion. Even in the darkness Mark could see she was wet and ready. He could smell it.

She closed her eyes and clenched them tightly as the knot in her stomach returned and she felt the butterflies punching again. "Any moment now" she said to herself, "any moment..."

Her thoughts were cut short as he grabbed her hips and pressed his cock forward. Jenny offered him no assistance but he found her entrance and pushed the tip of his cockhead in roughly. The nervous anticipation had been worth it, she was so wet the rest of him slid in easily and he started fucking her quickly - just like he always did. His technique had never been great she realized, but he had a nice sized cock and it felt good inside her. Not as good as the large black dildo Master K had made her buy and try earlier that week but...

"Omigod, what's that?" her husband blurted out suddenly. He continued to grip her hips but his thrusting slowed to half speed.

"Here we go" she thought to her herself - but said nothing.

"Is that a... Tramp Stamp?" he asked, incredulously "Omigod did you get a tattoo?"

Still she made no reply, choosing instead to let Mark figure it out himself. She chuckled inside because her husband had slowed his thrusts completely. He was now down to a snail's pace, trying to bend down and see what was on her tailbone, but his dick was still unable to let him stop fucking her. Enjoying her power over him Jenny teased him further by clenching her cunt, gripping his cock tight, and doing some kegels. She couldn't wait to tell Master K - maybe she was a Switch?

When he did finally stop thrusting Jenny knew he'd finally seen her tattoo properly. His hands slipped from her hips and she felt him slump down on his heels behind her. She hadn't moved so she couldn't see him but she could picture the scene in her minds eye anyway - her lying prostrate before him as he stared closely at her brand new tattoo, re-reading it, unable to look away. And how could he, it was a beautiful tattoo.

The tattoo represented the new Jenny, the woman she'd become, the woman who knew what she wanted and had decided to have it. This was the second to last task on her list from Master K who had designed it especially for her - and she loved it. The pain she endured getting the ink done had been worth it and she considered it her badge of honor. It was a small but tasteful outline of a naked woman - a sexy babe with devil horns and angel wings that stretched out wide. Surrounding the graphic was a ring comprised of four simple words in bold gothic lettering:

Property of Master K


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