Thursday, June 14, 2018

Back In The Same ol' Rut So Quickly? ~ Part 2

Does the fact that I'm already writing a post that is a sequel to last week's Back In The Same ol' Rut So Quickly? mean I'm also in a rut? Probably! I will fix that tomorrow by blogging less often. 

Anyway, on Monday I posted Saturday Night Spanking and as much as it was great to be having sex again (after the 3 month drought!) it was tempered by the discovery that my wife was immediately back to her dirty books on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday again. I could post dozens of new screenshots from this week like the ones below but why bother? These are the holdovers I didn't have room to post in Back In The Same ol' Rut So Quickly? so I'll just publish them here to give you an indication of what she's reading. 

UPDATE: On Tuesday night I was feeling amorous and tried to share that with my wife (since I could tell she was binge reading Kindleporn) but she rebuffed me - with a cheeky grin. She told me it was 'only Tuesday' and that I should 'wait until tomorrow night' because that was Wednesday, our scheduled sex night, and I should 'keep my powder dry'. The latter comment irked me, but whatev.

On Wednesday night (last night) she came home late from a meeting with a box of pizza. We ate that watching TV (a House & Garden renovation show) and then watched another show, and then she yawned and said how tired she was and how much work she had to get done before we left on our vacation at the end of the month. She yawned again and kissed me and told me she was going to bed but 'you can keep watching' (the Late News was on by now).

Half an hour later I went to the bathroom and there she was, in the kitchen, reading her iPad. When I came back she was gone, taking her iPad with her. I just went back and watched TV, falling asleep on the couch. I'm over this shi!t, really. Clearly the Saturday Night Spanking wasn't as good as I thought it was.


  1. Hi Nero, this is not a judgement on your sexy romp at the weekend, that would be like saying "the roast dinner I cooked on Sunday cant be any good cos I've seen her eating candy bars on subsequent days since". Not the same at all, she is just getting a tittilating thrill from reading these stories. Why she turned down actual sex on your 'date' night to read them instead, now that might be a bit insulting. I really think you need to either talk to her or go all 'Hollywood action hero' on her and make the moves to get her into bed / on the TV room sofa - sometimes a "No" means "but I could be persuaded" (I am not suggesting forcing her, only risking a firmer re-buff) Good Luck John McLean!! xx

    1. I hear ya Posy and if it was you I might have - because I know you’re open to a bit of rough play. The problem is that I have tried that in the past with my wife and the results are always 50/50. When it works there is not positive reinforcement from her after, and when it doesn’t i am left feeling like shit (or worse, a bit rapey ). That’s why I say “I’m sick of this sh!t”. She needs to acknowledge her desires/kinks and yes, I have tried to get her to do that. No luck.


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