Friday, June 8, 2018

Back In The Same ol' Rut So Quickly?

In yesterday's Post Coital Conversations I finished with:
Suffice to say {spoiler?} we're already back in our rut. She told me we'd resume our scheduled sex but last night (Wednesday!) she once again demurred. Tune in tomorrow to hear about that - it's only three six paragraphs because there's not much to say! 
So basically what has happened is this:

We had sex last week Wednesday (not this week) after not having any sexual contact whatsoever for three months. I was ill and pretty much confined to my sick bed ie a big couch in the Movie Room but I would emerge from time to time and discover my wife on her iPad in the kitchen avidly reading something. I presumed it was Kindleporn because she was always furtive. Sometimes I would wake up at odd hours (well after midnight) and when I went up to the kitchen (from my basement sick bed) I would see her bedroom light was still on ie she was still engrossed in her reading.

This went on for Thursday, Friday and Saturday and I kinda think that is why she left me down in the basement for so long. I'm sure she thought "Oh, he's binge watching Netflix, he's fine" (and I was) but I think it suited her to leave me down there so she could read unimpeded. She did watch a movie with me on Thursday evening wile we ate dinner, but having ticked that box she went back upstairs and disappeared again.

I did get some action on Saturday afternoon (see here) but then it was back into the hole for me as she went back to her iPad. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were pretty much a repeat but as you'll see from the screenshots below, this time she had switched to reading the free porn on Literotica instead of Kindleporn. (I can't see what she reads on her Kindle app, but I can see her browser history - there was no Literotica prior to Sunday).

During our post coital chat last week she had suggested we bring back our 'scheduled sex' arrangement. I thought 'great!' but I also wasn't surprised when she rebuffed me on Wednesday this week. So we seem to be back into our old rut already. What you see below is only half of the stuff she was reading Sunday through Wednesday. To follow it you start at the bottom right and wind your way back up the pages to see all the stuff she read. If you can be bothered.

I will schedule the other half of the screenshots for a post on Sunday. If it actually posts that means we didn't have sex on Saturday, meaning another promise broken and we are well and truly back to square one. If you see an image of a naughty nun then ~Huzzah!~ it means we had sex on Saturday night. Fingers crossed for the Nun!

Start down over here and read backwards --->


  1. The two of you should read our blog together in bed. - mysexlifewithlola - or she should get the ebook of Match, Cinder & Spark. That might help things. But definitely read together.


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