Thursday, June 28, 2018

Bikini Baristas serving Hot Coffee ~ Part 2 #NSFW

There's an interesting follow up to the story of that infamous police bust of Bikini Barista's that I first wrote about last March in Bikini Baristas serving Hot Coffee. Apparently the guy who owned the Grab 'N Go coffee stands disappeared after the baristas were arrested and was never seen again.
"Grab-n-Go owner Bill Wheeler, 50, went to Las Vegas to retrieve an espresso machine and his Toyota pickup truck, and hasn’t been seen since. “There has been no word. Nobody’s seen him, talked to him, nothing,” his daughter, Barbara Wheeler, said.
All photos supplied by the Everett Police Department
She reported him missing to police in Everett on June 2. Snohomish County sheriff’s spokeswoman Rebecca Hover said Wheeler’s girlfriend also filed a missing persons report. Wheeler’s wife was the last person to see him at their residence in Las Vegas on May 26, Hover said.

Wheeler’s espresso stands made headlines after five of his employees were investigated for performing lewd acts while serving coffee. The women were charged with prostitution — customers paid for the show — and for violating the city’s adult entertainment rules.

Wheeler denied knowing that his employees were breaking the law. He has not been charged with any crimes in connection with the investigation.

Wheeler’s pickup truck was found on May 29 abandoned and burned near Victorville, about 80 miles northeast of Los Angeles, California Highway Patrol Sgt. Mark Sunseri said. 

Situated in California’s high desert it’s a common place for vehicles to be dumped, he said. Detectives found no other evidence of foul play in or around Wheeler’s truck.“There was no indication of a body left at or near the scene,” said Sunseri..." [source]

I know what you're thinking: show us some more of those photos of the bikini baristas Nero! Okay, as you wish. All photos on this page were released by the Everett Police Department, pursuant to a court order following a request by local media for the photographic evidence in their case against the baristas. Your tax dollars at work...

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