Friday, June 29, 2018

#FetishFriday ~ Dressing for pleasure

This is a very simple and elegant piece, and I love how easily it communicates the wearer is ready for play. It's totally impractical but I imagine it would be fun to wear. For my wife to wear, I mean. I could wear the male equivalent if she wanted but I doubt it would look very good on my burly frame. 

I've mentioned previously how my wife has some sexy lingerie but never wears it 'for me' during any sex play. Indeed she removes it as soon as she gets home, lest I get 'any ideas'. She's worried I'll 'ruin it' - yes, I know for some women that's part of the fun, but in my wife's case the lingerie is expensive and not for ripping lustfully from her petite frame.

I grew up poor(ish) and as a kid we were never allowed to eat the fruit. It was to be displayed in a bowl for visitors to see when they came to our house, and my mother would carefully rearrange the fruit daily in order to hide the aging process. Old rotten fruit would be replaced with new fruit, and so on, but it was NOT for eating!

Anyway, I wish my wife would 'dress for pleasure' so I would have some explicit cues as to when she was feeling 'in the mood'. And yes, before you suggest it, I have bought my wife sexy lingerie (and clothes) to wear but she never reacts well when I do*. She thinks I'm trying to make her look like a slut  (yes, again, I know for some women that's part of the fun) and is clearly threatened by my gifts. So they would languish in the bottom of some drawer never to be seen again.

She did like the last thing I got her (after a long period of me not buying her anything lingerie related, due to her verbally abusing me on the previous occasion - it was quite a tirade) but I've only seen her wear it once, and never again. She told me she was wearing it when we were out on a date (and flashed me the proof) and I told her to make sure she didn't take it off when we got home because I planned to ravage her in it when we did! So of course when we got home she quickly took it off and got changed into her oversized t-shirt.

Message received, Mrs Nero.

But to get back to my point: it would be great if my wife enjoyed dressing sexy for my benefit, as it would remove much of the self doubt (mine!) as to whether she really wants sex or not. I'd imagine any woman who dressed like the model above (or in a pair of fishnets, or anything overtly 'sexy') would be guaranteed an immediate response from their partner!!

So what about you, dear reader? Do you like to 'dress for pleasure' or do you think its a waste of time and kind of sleazy? Like my wife, who thinks she should be enough and that she shouldn't have to 'dress up' in order for me to get turned on. Which is the complete opposite of me, in a nutshell. Your answers in the comments below please.

*my wife has a great body, and could carry off anything with aplomb. 


I am off on vacation today and will be gone for three weeks. I'll try to blog when or if I can, but I've learnt previously that trying to blog using my iPad is extremely difficult (I think the problem is that the Blogger platform doesn't like iPad typing, more than the iPad itself). I've left a few posts scheduled for during my time away so you'll see those pop up as well. 

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