Friday, June 22, 2018

#KOTW ~ Midweek Mutual Masturbation

That title is not strictly correct since it was really more mutual oral than masturbation, but I like alliteration so there you go. It happened like this:
No, I don't mean like in this picture. I mean as described below...
At the time of writing this post no-one seems to have noticed that in all my descriptions of the sex we had last Saturday night (here and here) there is no mention of me climaxing. That's because I didn't. The foot cramp got the better of me and I had to stop. I thought we had only paused, but wife thought differently. By the time I had dealt to my issue my wife had said "bad luck, I got mine, it's late, I owe you one" and rolled over into the 'look-I'm going-to-sleep' position.

Naturally this left Nero with a hard on and no-one to share it with. It also made Nero grumpy for a few days and it was all he could do not to jerk off and relieve his blue balls. But Nero held fast, trying to 'keep his powder dry' in anticipation of the Wednesday night fireworks.

Actually Nero failed miserably and masturbated on Monday afternoon. Which was a great release and would have fitted the Wicked Wednesday prompt perfectly, but he was committed to #WickedWednesday ~ Saturday Sizzle - which he'd already started. Anyway, it was a good wank and there was a lot of jizz. Nero was kinda hoping his wife would come home and catch him watching porn on the big screen in their movie room and maybe that would lead to something but... no.

Nero had misjudged his wife.

When Nero's wife texts him to say "Coming home now - see you in 10" she really means "I'll be home in ten minutes unless I bump into someone else or see something in a shop, in which case I'll be home in 30-60 minutes"

Anyway... on Wednesday night Nero was still a bit grumpy, despite the Monday afternoon wank, and felt his wife still 'owed' him something after the previous Saturday night sexscapade. So at 11pm Nero marched up to his bedroom, where his wife was in bed and reading her iPad, and gave her 'the look'. That look. Which immediately made his wife burst out laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" I asked, reverting to first person and proving I'm not afraid to break the rules. Yeah, that's right baby - I'm a maverick!

"I know that look" she replied, smiling. "I know what you want!"

"So it wasn't me dropping to my knees that gave it away?" I asked rhetorically. And indeed I had dropped to my knees, on the floor beside her side of the bed. My face was level with her crotch. In my minds eye I could see right through the faux fur rug on top of the bed and easily imagine the treasure that lay beneath. I dropped my head down into her crotch and playfully 'motorboated' the soft faux fur rug. "Hmmmm" I said, when I pulled my face up for air "you're very furry down there - I think you need to trim your bush a bit"

"Oh, really? laughed my wife, throwing back the covers to reveal her almost bare crotch. She had a soft downy covering, the regrowth after a Brazilian taking longer now that she's older.

I dropped my head again, this time directly into her crotch. I inhaled deeply.

My wife laughed and pushed me away.

"Hang on, lets get comfortable" she said, as she rearranged her pillows so she could lie completely flat.

"How about we get comfortable and you lie on the bed perpendicular to me so I can eat you out while I'm kneeling on the floor?" I said, as I manhandled her around a bit.

"How about I make it easy on you and put two pillows under my ass so you can really get in deep?" she laughed, arching her back and shoveling two pillows under her butt.  She spread her legs, pushing her knees apart, and presented her glistening cunt to me.

I kissed, licked, and nibbled that pussy until she came - and then started again because she always enjoys seconds.

When she was done she scooted off the pillows and tossed them aside.

"You can fuck me now" she said, propping herself up on her elbows so she could watch me enter her.

"Yeah, nah, you can suck me now, first" I said as I stood up on the plinth that surrounds our bed. I grabbed her and manhandled her face to my cock. She grabbed it and kissed, licked, and nibbled on it before swallowing me whole. She moved her hand to my balls and squeezed as she sucked.

It felt so good I decided I wanted a lazy blowjob, not a fuck, so I pulled out. Grabbing a big pillow I moved over to the plush armchair in the corner of the bedroom and plopped myself down. I spread my legs a little and dropped the pillow between my feet.

"Come over here" I said "and fuck me with that dirty little mouth of yours..."

Which is exactly what she did.

It was the best blowjob I'd had in ages. She knelt in front of me and tongued my balls, jerked my dick, and deep throated my throbbing cock. When I came it was for the longest time ever, and I grunted gutturally the whole way through. I would have howled were it not for our daughter in the next room. I try not to ever hold back, but I draw the line at frightening the children.

I'd pumped a gallon of cum down my wife's throat and she'd swallowed it all. When I finally released her she popped her head up with a beaming smile, clearly very proud of herself. In hindsight I should have patted her on the head and said "Good girl" but all I could manage was "that was fantastic"

"So were you" she replied, "one good turn deserves another, Even Stevens"


  1. Wow...what a hot read! I'm glad you were finally able to cash in on that her IOU!


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