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#MasturbationMonday ~ Marked! - Part 2 (final)

This is a complete work of fiction, originally published as one 2,500 word piece. On the advice of some readers I have cut it into two halves. You should read Part One first otherwise it may not make as much sense... 

...So when he offered to give her a series of tasks to perform she accepted readily. He said they would open her up sexually and if she completed all the tasks in the order prescribed then she would earn the opportunity to meet him in person and call him by his name: Master K. The tasks were all of a sexual nature and her heart skipped a beat as she ran her eye down the list. They started easy but got harder as they became even more daring and more complicated. Her final task was to fuck her husband Mark on their Wedding Anniversary and whilst in one sense it would be easy she also knew that it would be the toughest one.

Toughest because at that point all bridges would be burnt and there was no going back. Their marriage would be over. There was no way it could survive the list of tasks Master K had assigned her.  Jenny looked at the list for a third time, exhaled aloud, and reminded herself that she had done all she could to keep the marriage alive. She had done all the work but Mark had failed to met her even half way. As much as she was angry their marriage had failed, she was thrilled at the new life that awaited her under the care of Master K.

And that was what she focussed on as she climbed into bed with her husband on their 15th Wedding Anniversary - her new life as an empowered woman who could be the woman she wanted to be and live the life she wanted to live.

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"Do you know what day it is today - aside from our Wedding Anniversary?" grinned her husband as he leaned over and clumsily placed his hand on her breast. "It's Hump Day!" he giggled, unattractively "I guess that means there's no avoiding it!"  To cement his point Mark tweaked her nipple and then ran his hand down to her pussy - and goosed that too. Was she supposed to honk or purr?

"You want to have sex do you?" she replied drily as she lay on her back, moving only her eyeballs in his direction.

"Well, I know we've been a bit disconnected lately, and it's been a while... but...." he paused for dramatic effect, whilst simultaneously massaging her vulva "it is our wedding anniversary - I think we should... y'know...?"

Jenny's cunt started to moisten slightly as she imagined it was Master K's hand rubbing her so roughly. It was one of the exercises they had done remotely and she realized now that he had trained her for just this moment. That thought excited her further and she became even wetter.

"Okay, but it's my special day too so if you wanna fuck me then we have to do it it my way" she said, provocatively. She'd never spoken to him in that manner before, but now, surprisingly, was not the time to be submissive. This was her final task and she was going to get it DONE!

"What did you have in mind?" he said dopily, looking like a man who had been jerking off for six months and now decided he would do pretty much anything to get his dick back inside her warm wet hole. Her tight hole she reminded herself, chiding him mentally for being such a fool. He had no idea what he had, and what he was now throwing away, all because of some misguided sense of masculinity.

"I want you to fuck me doggy-style" she said simply, "I want you get up behind me, grab my hips, and pound my ass as hard as you can for as long as you can."  It was a simple instruction and not an unnatural request but it still managed to affront her husband.

"Sure, I can do that" he said, pouting. "It's no big deal. I can do it if that's the way you really want it" The fact that he even had to say it was no big deal made it a big deal, thought Jenny to herself. What kind of man thought doing it doggy style was verging on the abnormal? A man she couldn't stay married to, that's who. "But I thought you found it more comfortable, more pleasurable, on your back?" continued her husband, digging himself in deeper.

"A little variation won't kill you" she said, as she got up on the bed, kneeling upright to face him. Mark was in a similar position, with a confused look on his face. "C'mon" she admonished, "it's not like we've never done it doggy-style before - you remember when we were first married? We used to do it twice a week back then!"  Jenny used her hands to shuffle him back further on the bed, as she reached over and pulled down his boxers, revealing his semi-erect cock.

"Aw, what's the problem?" she teased. "Don't like to be told what to do? I love it, and maybe you will too after we're finished... or not!" She actually laughed out loud at the latter - the look on her husband's face was priceless. Even Jenny was surprised by own her sassy attitude, since she'd never spoken to him like that in all their fifteen years together. She decided to push the envelope a little further.

"C'mon mister, lets make it big" she taunted as she grabbed his cock and started jacking it. Her husband scowled as she continued to pump it, but the swelling in her hand betrayed his lust. His erection throbbed in her hand and Jenny realized she could easily finish him off then and there with a few more quick jerks from her tight little fingers - but that was not the task Master K had assigned.

Jenny stopped what she was doing and, facing her husband, slowly and seductively lifted her nightdress up over her head - revealing her fulsome breasts and sensuous body. Part of her journey had included improving her fitness and if her husband had bothered to take an interest he might have realized those twice weekly exercise classes had paid off. Jenny had curves in all the right places and her breasts sat pert and proud.

Just to tease her husband further she ran her hands softly up from her hips, stroking her sides, and dancing her fingertips lightly across her breasts - circling back for good measure to graze her now swollen nipples. She wanted her husband riled up and angry at her provocative demeanor, in the hope that he would take her roughly and pound her hard. The anticipation of that made her wet and she could feel herself getting slicker below as her pussy twitched at the thought of it.

"Do me!" she growled urgently, making direct eye contact with her husband but deliberately holding it a moment longer than was comfortable. When she saw him swallow, she turned catlike and slowly knelt down on all fours in front of him. She wiggled her apple bottom ass in his face in a come hither fashion. Even in the darkness Mark could see she was wet and ready. He could smell it.

She closed her eyes and clenched them tightly as the knot in her stomach returned and she felt the butterflies punching again. "Any moment now" she said to herself, "any moment..."

Her thoughts were cut short as he grabbed her hips and pressed his cock forward. Jenny offered him no assistance but he found her entrance and pushed the tip of his cockhead in roughly. The nervous anticipation had been worth it, she was so wet the rest of him slid in easily and he started fucking her quickly - just like he always did. His technique had never been great she realized, but he had a nice sized cock and it felt good inside her. Not as good as the large black dildo Master K had made her buy and try earlier that week but...

"Omigod, what's that?" her husband blurted out suddenly. He continued to grip her hips but his thrusting slowed to half speed.

"Here we go" she thought to her herself - but said nothing.

"Is that a... Tramp Stamp?" he asked, incredulously "Omigod did you get a tattoo?"

Still she made no reply, choosing instead to let Mark figure it out himself. She chuckled inside because her husband had slowed his thrusts completely. He was now down to a snail's pace, trying to bend down and see what was on her tailbone, but his dick was still unable to let him stop fucking her. Enjoying her power over him Jenny teased him further by clenching her cunt, gripping his cock tight, and doing some kegels. She couldn't wait to tell Master K - maybe she was a Switch?

When he did finally stop thrusting Jenny knew he'd finally seen her tattoo properly. His hands slipped from her hips and she felt him slump down on his heels behind her. She hadn't moved so she couldn't see him but she could picture the scene in her minds eye anyway - her lying prostrate before him as he stared closely at her brand new tattoo, re-reading it, unable to look away. And how could he, it was a beautiful tattoo.

The tattoo represented the new Jenny, the woman she'd become, the woman who knew what she wanted and had decided to have it. This was the second to last task on her list from Master K who had designed it especially for her - and she loved it. The pain she endured getting the ink done had been worth it and she considered it her badge of honor. It was a small but tasteful outline of a naked woman - a sexy babe with devil horns and angel wings that stretched out wide. Surrounding the graphic was a ring comprised of four simple words in bold gothic lettering:

Property of Master K


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