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OPP: #SoSS - Anal - Part 3

This image is from May More's © Fishnets On A Night Out, a sexy work of
fiction written from the male P.O.V. There's no anal but she has such a nice butt!
The #SoSS meme is meant to be a roundup of favourite blogs you’ve visited that week, but this week I'm changing it a little and choosing blog posts that fit a theme. Click the links for the full stories, because these are all just short excerpts. These are in no particular order:

Dr. Megan Stubbs ~ 'Playboy' - "The Straight Man's Guide to Backdoor Basics"

I thought it might be useful to get advice on anal sex from a registered health professional. But since they can be very dry I thought I'd look at that advice through the lens of 'Entertainment' magazine Playboy ©. Being heteronormative I didn't get the advice I expected! But it's still valid so here's a taste...
Just because you like anal play does not make you gay. How you enjoy pleasure does not define your sexual orientation. Our culture still suffers from homophobia, so admitting to enjoying an act that is commonly associated with gay men can lead to shame or stigmatization. The anus is a hot bed of nerve endings that result in it being an oft-overlooked erogenous zone. Everyone of any orientation can enjoy anal play

One of the first 
hygiene concerns I frequently encounter is “that's where the poop comes out.” Yes, you’re not wrong, but in a healthy person (meaning frequent, normal movements), the rectum is merely a temporary storage area for feces. There shouldn’t be any remnants left over. If you’re still concerned, you are welcome to use an enema for extra assurance. 
Anal play isn’t something you just jump into either, so make sure you take plenty of time for foreplay and to get aroused. It may even take multiple attempts to achieve penetration, so don’t go into this with expectations of taking that huge toy on the first go. Start small and go slowly. Use a tongue or a finger to get used to the sensation. Make sure your nails are short and well-maintained.
Before you start any penetration, make sure you have lubricant at the ready. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not naturally lubricate. Lube makes everything more comfortable and can help avoid injury. Do not use numbing lubricants. It sounds like that would be the way to go, but unfortunately it can end in disaster. Because you cannot discern pain, you can get hurt. Think rectal tearing and bleeding — not fun or sexy. Pain is your body’s way of letting you know to slow down. If you’re doing it right, it shouldn’t hurt. Try a silicone lube for anal play or a lubricant formulated specifically for back door pleasure. These lubricants are typically a thicker viscosity and longer lasting than water-based lubricants.... [much more*]
*Bear in mind that I have edited the above so you've missed the advice 'Always use a condom'! Click their link for the full column ~ Nero 

Ash ~ 'Sexilicious Ash' "Threesomes and pegging"

This post involves 'pegging' a.k.a a strap on dildo. I have no interest in being pegged but it's a common (if minor) fantasy amongst plenty of 'straight' women. I thought in fairness to the title '#SoSS ~ Anal Sex' we should also include the other side of the coin. What's good for the goose is good for the gander:

I decided that I wanted to fuck him in the ass, so I grabbed my strap-on (and) put it on. After he climbed onto the bed he started to suck on the cock. Oh god! I almost lost it! That is a huge fantasy of mine. I often imagine that I have a cock when I masturbate and it turns me on a lot. 
Watching him suck my cock while rubbing my clit was so hot. He inserted a couple of fingers into my pussy and I moaned. He continued to finger me for a while and then he started to put more fingers inside me. Next thing I knew, he was fisting me and I was gushing all over. Fuck, I squirted so much that the mattress pad was SOAKED.

After I was done cumming, I reached around and started to finger his ass and continued to suck his cock while massaging his penis with my tongue. I could taste his precum and it excited me.

I asked Husband to lie down and spread his legs. I grabbed an anal toy, lubed it up, and stuck it inside his ass. I fucked him with it slowly as he moaned in pleasure. After a while, I asked if he was ready for my cock. He smiled and said, "Yes!" So, I flipped him over, lubed up my cock, and inserted it slowly. It had been a while since the last time I pegged him, so he needed some time to adjust. After a while, I started to fuck him. All of his moaning was making my pussy so wet...

Krystal Minx ~ "My First Pegging"

Okay, it seems we have moved from 'Anal' to 'Pegging' so let's just go with it. In Part 1 we featured Krystal's "First Time Anal" so I thought we'd also include her first time pegging for Part 3. This is a frank and rather delightful account of her first experience pegging Mr Minx. These are just excerpts (heavily edited) so follow the link to entire the post.
He watched me stand and don my harness intently. He had bought it for me to use with our lady friends, and probably never expected this turn of events. I attached the smallest of all the dildos - a comfortable, flexible, and slender black one. I poured copious amounts of lube all over my shiny ‘cock’ and his tight ass, then positioned the tip against his pink pucker and breathed into his ear, “I want to fuck your ass tonight.”  
I slid it in, slowly and carefully. 
After several long strokes, I had it buried to the hilt. In no time he took it all and was moaning like a total man-slut. Once we got into a rhythm, I stroked his cock as I fucked him with mine, and he was hard as stone! He lifted his legs up even higher, giving me an amazing view as I gently fucked his tight little asshole.  
It was really hot – his animalistic moans of pleasure, his hard cock throbbing in my hand, and my glistening dildo penetrating him with ease... sometimes slowly, sometimes faster.

I moved my right hand underneath my harness and quickly found my hard little button. Slowly rubbing myself added to the wonderful pressure I already felt every time I pushed into him. He saw the pleasure in my face as I massaged my pussy underneath the harness, and I saw the same in his as I stroked him inside and out.  
I came first, almost violently, but I kept fucking him. Returning my now-soaked hand to his super sensitive nipples and smearing my juices all over them, I wildly jerked his cock. He was writhing with pleasure, and we both knew it wouldn’t be long, as he was already on the edge during my climax... [much more] 

OPP: #SoSS - Anal - Part 1 can be found here and OPP: #SoSS - Anal - Part 2 can be found here. If you've tried pegging and blogged about it feel free to put your link in the comments section below. Since this is a defacto #SoSS on Pegging I might do another one on the subject later in the year.  

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  1. I love how Ash describes the sounds and reactions of her partner, after all, that is what it's all pleasure!

    Thank you Nero for including me in this post. I am so honored when someone finds my words worthy of repeating.


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