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OPP: #SoSS ~ June 2nd, 2018

Image by Alan Lawrence ©
The #SoSS meme is a roundup of favourite blogs I’ve visited this week. Click the links for the full stories, because these are just excerpts.

I saw the image on the right via May More's latest blog post 'Recap ~ 1997 Diaries Blog' She has revamped how she publishes her old diary posts (recounting her early sexual exploits) and they're well worth checking out - but in this case I was so fascinated by the image she chose I did a reverse image search to see more. 

May's cropped version is probably more erotic since you get a close up view of the 'arse' but either way they're both silly little drawings that I still found oddly arousing.

I don't consider myself 'into' this stuff and yet even in this enlightened and evolved age we live in I still sometimes want to bend my wife over my knee and spank her bare ass until she cries. And then make her suck my cock, which is getting hard as I type this. Does that make me a misogynist or a horn-dog?

And if I'm a misogynist then what does it make all the women in this enlightened and evolved age we live in who want to be bent over someone's knee and spanked until their butt is red? 

But I digress... on with the #SoSS:

Marie Rebelle ~ Rebel's Notes - "Men's Sex Toys"

Marie finished Masturbation Month with this post about sex toys for men. It's a subject that's fascinated me in recent time too, since there seems to be a huge double standard. Women are 'empowered' when they buy and use sex toys, but men... well, there's just something off about a guy that uses them isn't there? A real man should be out there fucking real women, not jerking off in his basement - amiright? If Marie wants to flick me any male sex toys I'd be happy to review them: 

I remember in my teenage years and maybe even in my twenties that the only sex toy for men I knew about was sex dolls. And believe me, fun were made of those dolls as well as the men who used them. Not that I knew any men who used them, but there were jokes all around about it and a man using a sex doll was seen as pathetic. Thankfully I have grown up and learned that using any kind of sex toy should be something totally natural.

That’s why I had an open and honest conversation with our teen about sex toys, and I continue to do so. I believe the day she’s ready to buy a sex toy, she will come to me. And, I hope that if her boyfriend expresses the desire to have a sex toy of his own, she will come to me for advice too and I can direct her to the right place for more information.

That there are sex toys for men out there and that more seem to be brought to the market is a good thing. Just like women can derive pleasure from vibrating or penetrating toys, men should be able to do so too. I cannot tell you more about the male sex toys, but thankfully there are websites out there that are devoted to male sex toys, and where you can find the information you are looking for.

Whenever I am in a sex toy store or I visit an online sex shop, I only look at sex toys for women. However, there are a lot of sex toys out there for men. Think of masturbators, about penis pumps, prostate stimulators, cock cages and the most simple of all, the cock rings ...
 [much more]

Kate Lister ~ The Whores of Yore -  A Nasty Name For A Nasty Thing: A history of 'Cunt'

Dr Kate Lister is intellectually slutty. She spends most of her time peeping up the skirts of history and reporting what she finds to her followers on Twitter as @WhoresOfYore. She is a lecturer at Leeds Trinity University, where she researches the history of sexuality and curates Whores of Yore. Given the furore this week when US comic Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a 'Cunt' I thought this post was well worth sharing:

Cunt may be classed as an offensive word, but it’s an ancient and honest one. It’s also the original word; everything else came after. Words for women’s genitals tend to be clinical (vagina, vulva, pudendum, etc.), childlike (tuppence, foof, fairy, minky, Mary, twinkle, etc.), detached (down there, bits, special area, etc.), highly sexual (pussy, fuck hole, etc.), violent (axe wound, penis flytrap, gash, growler, etc.), or refer to unpleasant smells, tastes and appearance (fish taco, bacon sandwich, badly stuffed kebab, bearded clam). Cunt doesn’t convey any of these. Cunt is cunt. Words for the vulva seem to be in a constant state of trying to deny the very thing being described - your genitals aren't a 'twinkle' or 'fur pie'.
Sadly, just as cunt the word has been censored, cunts themselves have been culturally censored to the point where the only cunts that we feel are acceptable are plucked, waxed, surgically trimmed, buffed, douched with perfumed cleaning products and served up covered in glitter. The vaginaplasty business is booming and you can have your labia cut off, your hymen rebuilt and a car air freshener installed (I joke). Is it any wonder we can't cope with cunt and resort to "down there". Cunt may never be allowed off the naughty step, but it is surely far less offensive than many synonyms on offer? And whilst people insist on calling cunt a Vagina or a Vulva so not to cause offence, it's worth remembering that we are actually calling cunt a scabbard - a cock holder, a sausage pocket.

​Isn’t it ironic that the oldest, most enduring, direct and honest word for a woman’s genitals is also considered to be the most offensive in the English language?

Vagina turns up in the seventeenth century medical texts and comes from the Latin vagina, which means a sheath or a scabbard. A vagina is something a sword goes in to; that’s its entire etymological function – to be the holder of a sword (penis). It relies on the penis for its meaning and function. We may as well still be calling the poor thing 'cock alley’ (1785)’ or the ‘pudding bag’ (1653). There are many cunning linguists who get their proverbials in a twist when you confuse vagina with vulva; to be clear, the vagina is...
 [much more]

Geeky Nymph ~ KINKLY - "One-Handed Reading: 5 Reasons to Read Erotica"

GN is a regular contributor to the aggregate blog site Kinkly. Her job is to provide content for you to read in amongst all the ads for sex toys. It's a good website but very 'lite' for a site supposedly dedicated to Sex & Kink. It reminds me of the old 'sealed section' you used to find in Cosmopolitan Magazine (do they still do those? I haven't read a Cosmo since the early 80s). Since my wife is such a keen reader of 'erotica' (which, like GN, she differentiates from 'pornography') I thought this would be fun to share:

Whereas romance novels are more like a fairy tale love story that may include some racy scenes, erotica is all about the sex. It's not quite as graphic as pornography; sometimes, it's not that graphic at all, but it does focus on the characters' sexual lives. Most see it as an art form that exists somewhere in-between romance and pornography. 
All too often, books brush over, allude to, or completely ignore the sex that characters have with each other. This could not be more different from erotic literature. Erotica is all about the topics that are found to be sexually stimulating. In most cases, erotica aims to hit that sweet spot between explicit and artistic: It has just enough sensual detail to get your pulse racing, with plenty of room left for your imagination to roam. (For a great list of hot erotica classics, check out 5 Books That Will Make You Forget About "Fifty Shades")

Erotica is a slow, sexy form of art. It may be more explicit than romance novels, but unlike pornography, it isn't designed for a quick hit of stimulation. It's more like a slow burning love affair, that slowly and steadily gets sexier with every page, all for your reading pleasure. So, what will you be reading tonight? (Try a few from 10 Must-Read Erotic Novels: Classic and Kink Gems) ...
 [much more]


  1. Great SoSS - love the Cunt article- it appears to me that as we get more evolved we actually are going backwards. Cunt is just a word - who started the word Police?
    Many women love to be spanked and forced to suck cock - they consent! It is their choice - I LOVE IT ;-)

    1. Yes! - oh that more women were as liberated as you May! :-)

  2. Great shares. I'm with May. Cunt is just another word. I have a love/hate relationship with how divided the nation gets over its use.

    And I had not heard of Kinkly before. I was stuck on Literotica so I shall head over for some alternative one handed reading.

    1. Kinkly will just give you more links to other sites, like this one:


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