Thursday, June 7, 2018

Post Coital Conversations

In Mondays post You won't believe how the sex drought broke... Part 3 (Final) I promised to tell you today about the conversation I had with my wife after we had the sex described in what I see now was a very long post. Wednesday's Saturday's Lunch Was Late - But I Ate Heartily was also very long. I blame my failure to edit on my flu-addled mind. And I still have this damned cold now so I'm off to see a doctor because I want it gone. I have a European vacation in two weeks so I want to be better by then.

How did I have anal sex without realizing it? Or did I? Keep reading...

So, just to be clear on timelines, Monday's post was about the sex we had the previous Wednesday night (last week) and Wednesdays post was about the sex we had on Saturday afternoon (last weekend). Today's post is about the post coital conversation we had after the sex we had on Wednesday last week. We didn't have sex last night (Wednesday) so hopefully its not too complicated...

As I revealed in Wednesdays post I lied in Monday's post (although I prefer to call it 'dramatic licence'). The reason I did (and this was the first time I've done it, honest) is that I'd promised at the end of Part 2 that the final part would just be a hot sexy straight telling of the sex, without all the angst and inner monologue that filled out Part 1 and Part 2.

Which was a crazy promise to make since I knew that I had not actually climaxed in the sexual encounter that broke my three month sex drought. But I figured a failure to ejaculate and instead collapsing into a sneezing and spluttering coughing mess is not really the climatic finish to an erotic story that most people want to read about.

Anyway, the key points are these:

  1. During the three months that my wife was not interested in having sex with me I resolved that if she did ever express any desire for sex with me then I would refuse her - until we'd had a conversation about why. Because I wanted to address it first.
  2. The moment she did express a desire for sexual contact I folded like a pack of cards and agreed to it - without any conversation first about WTF had been going on.
  3. And I agreed to the sex even though I was sick and I'd just jerked off literally two minutes before she walked in the door and said "I've just had a Brazilian wax, maybe you could eat my pussy later tonight?"
  4. In the time between when she suggested sex later and the time we had sex later I had a million questions racing through my mind, and yet I still did not have the conversation I wanted to have first.
  5. Key among my questions were: Why do you want sex now? Is it because you've had some woman between your legs working on your 'intimate areas'? Why do you think it's okay to leave me twisting in the wind for three months but as soon as you want some...?  Am I even going to be able to 'perform' given how sick I am, how old I am, and that I've already ejaculated a few hours ago? (Yes, the latter seems to be more of a mental issue than a physiological issue)

So yes, we had sex and I pulled out all the stops to make sure it was multi-orgasmic for her, because I wanted to remind her of how good sex can be and then hopefully she would want more of it and hopefully more often.  And yet as good as it was I was unable to cum, which is not something that adds to a woman sexual self esteem.

Side note: What is Erectile Dysfunction? I always thought it meant you couldn't get it up (erect) but I have no problem getting hard (and staying hard) I just sometimes don't cum. Which invariable leads to my wife saying those seven awful words: "Are you going to cum or not?"

Side note 2: It's just occurred to me as I type this that maybe all my wife wanted was her pussy licked and an orgasm. Did I make a rod for my own back by pulling out all the stops? Looking back should I have just finished things in the TV room (where she got her first orgasm) and not dragged her into the Movie room (in the basement ie quieter) for the full on production with sex toys?

Anyway, the fact is we did have sex and we tried a bunch of positions and I finished in her ass. Well, that was where my cock ended up but as I've now admitted I didn't actually mange to 'finish'. I did not climax.

Posy Churchgate commented (on Part 3 (Final)"How did you not know you were butt fucking her?" and it's a fair question. It happened because of the way she was positioned, combined with the room being completely dark. She was standing up but bending down to use an Ottoman for support. She bent her knees a little and so as I came up behind her I found the wrong hole. She had lubed up my cock earlier and was very wet from riding me reverse cowgirl and cumming that way.

When I did push inside her I mentioned that she felt very tight and her response to my entry was "Oh.Fuck!"  The truth is I did start to question what hole I was in right about the time I was noticing penetration was getting drier. This lead to another inner monologue, as I was fucking her:

  1. How did my cock slide into her butthole so easily? Does it mean I have a small cock, or does she have a big asshole? I know I have an average sized cock so how come her ass is so accommodating now? Did she have butt sex with someone on that retreat/conference in China? Some people say it's not cheating if its not in the vagina don't they? Am I hurting her? 
  2. Why is she making those noises? Did she just say "I'm gonna cum, oh god, yes"? Does she like it in the ass or is she just trying to get me off quicker so its over quicker? Am I hurting her? We've never done stand up bent over anal before - maybe this is hitting the spot for her? Maybe its not but she's enduring it for me because she feels bad for leaving me in the cold for so long? Am I hurting her? 
  3. She should feel bad, three months is a long time. She deserves to be punished, thats no way to treat a man you say you love. I should punish her. I should smack her ass and fuck her ass hard and teach her a lesson. [At which point I did smack her ass and fuck her ass hard] Damn! Am I hurting her?
  4. Return to 1 above and repeat. 

And so it was that I ended up in the wrong headspace to climax, but not so messed up that I didn't realize I had to stop and admit I wasn't going to cum. Which I did, which led to 'the post coital conversation'. She asked why I hadn't cum (I was sick and I'd jerked off earlier) and why was I jerking off (because we hadn't had sex for 3 months, what did she expect me to do?!) and I asked her why we hadn't had sex for 3 months.

She admitted it was 'her fault', but didn't go into any real detail. She made some vague reference to having issues 'down there' but didn't get into details, instead saying it wasn't a problem now so we should be able to have more sex more often. I should have asked for more specifics because after she went to bed (remember, I started sleeping the Movie Room that night, because I was sick) I tried to decipher whether she was referring to a gynecological issue or an STI issue. Had she been cheating on me and caught an STD (sexually transmitted disease)?

One thing I did tell her was how distressing it was to just be sexually cut off like that, without any communication from her. I told her it was very distressing to discover that she'd got herself a Brazilian wax for my birthday but then decided not to do anything with it ie continue with her abstinence program. I also told her that I knew she was reading dirty books on Kindle regularly so I knew she still had sexual desire, just not for me. I said that made me feel bad.

In hindsight, as I type this, I realize my wife didn't really say much to explain herself. Like any good politician or CEO she apologized and said she would try harder in future and promised to make changes. But then gave no details of what those changes might be. One thing she did say was that she didn't mind if she didn't cum every time, and that she enjoyed watching me get off, and she enjoyed getting me off,  and she'd be happy if we sometimes just had quickies where we only worried about getting me off since I had the higher libido.

I know thats meant to be a positive thing, but you could also take that a. different way - that she doesn't really enjoy sex that much with me and wishes it was over quicker. I have to admit when she said after last Saturday's sex (see here) "2-1 to me - I win!" I was a little surprised. Pardon my vanity but I thought she'd cum three times, not twice. Which raised a question or three in my mind, notably 'is she really enjoying the sex as much as I think she does?'

I'll stop now, before I get even more morose. Suffice to say {spoiler?} we're already back in our rut. She told me we'd resume our scheduled sex but last night (Wednesday!) she once again demurred. Tune in tomorrow to hear about that - it's only three paragraphs because there's not much to say! (I went the pictorial route, rather than saying a thousand words!!)


  1. Sometimes (if I've already come) I find my butt is more ready for penetration, and with the amount of lube that was around, I'd imagine that helped you storm the forbidden bastion!

    1. Yup, anal sure is a strange beast. So many variables involved!

  2. So many things here.
    First please give your regular readers more credit and not repeat parts of your previous posts and repeat time lines etc. We are brighter than u think ;-)This will also mean u dont have so much editing.
    Arse fucking - u have managed to get in that hole quite a lot over the last 6 mths so judt by doing that u have kinda relaxed the muscles a bit - and if she was generally relaxed and lubed it could happen without u realising. It does not mean shes been arse fucking the boys from her work!
    She may have had thrush? or as she is getting older the eco balance in her cunt will be changing and can cause irritation problems for her. So again it does not mean shes been catching STI's from the boys at work.
    As to the quickies - she wants to keep you happy. I love having quickies with my man as on the whole he needs more orgasms than me. In fact I owe him a quick blow job today as i have neglected his cock the last few days thru tiredness. So it is not a bad thing she said that. I think its positive if she concentrates JUST on your pleasure on occasions. You could instigate this by saying - just a quickie, get your head down there.


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