Monday, June 11, 2018

Saturday Night Spanking

As we drove home from a friends birthday dinner at a local restaurant my wife told me that some random woman in the ladies bathroom had told her she had nice tits. She didn't say 'boobs' or 'breasts' she'd just blurted out "Nice tits!!" - apropos of nothing. Apparently the two had collided at the door as my wife walked out while the other woman was walking in. I could tell my wife was very flattered by the comment she'd received from the younger woman so I told her, truthfully, that I too had noticed her boobs - I just hadn't mentioned it.

"Nice tits!" said the stranger to my wife in the Ladies Bathroom...
It was hard not to notice - when my wife came downstairs ready to depart for dinner she was wearing a low cut scoop top that displayed her breasts prominently. With my daughter present I couldn't say anything other than 'you look great' - I suppose I could have said something in the car but I didn't think of it. What I did think was 'is my wife's period starting?' because her breasts seem to swell a little when she's due. Or maybe they don't but that's when she subconsciously shows them off more? Either way my next thought is always "she's usually more horny/receptive when her period is close - I might get 'lucky' later tonight"

And indeed I did!

So for the rest of the drive home I stoked the fire a little. I asked my wife whether the woman was hot and theorized that maybe she was hitting on her? Maybe she wanted to push my wife back into that cubicle and ravage her? Maybe my wife missed out on a moment?

My wife laughed and said I was silly and that the woman was just drunk, but at the same time I could tell she also secretly thought that it was one possible scenario. Something I played up on later that night when we were in bed. I snuggled up behind my wife, spooning her as I reached around to grab her breast. "I think she wanted these" I teased, as I massaged her boob, feeling her swelling nipple "I think she wanted to push you up against the wall and get her hands on these magnificent tits"

My other hand had snaked around behind her neck as she settled back into me, allowing me full access to both her breasts. My hands swirled in unison, each doing the same movement to each breast. They did feel warm and heavy in my hands and her nipples were hard to my touch. My wife settled down further onto her back, lying flat on the mattress and parting her legs slightly. My free hand took its cue and made its way down there, caressing her hips and stomach along the way.

She gasped and arched as my hand found her vulva. I pushed and pressed her outer lips with my fingers as she groaned and writhed against me. She could feel my thick fat cock pressing against her thigh as I ground my hand deeper, a finger slipping inside her wet folds. And wet she was, I had two fingers slipping inside her wet slit in no time. Her velvet hole felt hot to my touch, she was primed and ready.

To prove it she jumped up and grabbed some lube from the nightstand. She poured a generous amount onto her hands and then rubbed some both on herself and me as she climbed back into bed. She had her left hand on her self and her right hand on me, lathering me up in long slow strokes designed to cover every inch of my cock. It felt very good so I let her do that for a bit as I returned both hands to her breasts and continued massaging. I then began tweaking her nipples, twisting them a little and getting rougher, and she made no complaint.

I decided I wanted to tease her some more.

I pushed her down flat on her stomach and smacked her ass. We were still under the covers so I could only give her a short sharp slap but it gave a resounding thwack and I finished by rubbing the butt cheek where I had delivered the blow. Which I then quickly followed with another smack.

"I think we need to try this again," I said quietly in her ear, "let's see if I can do it right this time!"

This was a reference to the last time I'd smacked her, when she asked me to spank her but later said I'd done it wrong - I'd made it hurt. It happened a long while back and as I coincidently commented online this weekend I'm pretty sure I was doing it right but, whatever, it didn't match what happened in her erotic stories so we never tried it again. Until now. The memory of the comment I'd posted online spurred me on to try again. This time I made sure to rub her asscheek after I'd spanked it, as well as a few rubs and squeezes without smacking her first. Just to keep up the anticipation.

My wife seemed to enjoy it this time - she moaned and squirmed beneath me - and so I alternated between both butt cheeks and varied the intensity of the spanks. When she stopped squirming I figured she was done so I stopped and climbed up behind her and pulled her into the doggy position. She reached between her legs to grab my stiff prick and guided me inside her wet tunnel. My shaft was rock hard and slid in easily.

As soon as I was in deep she dropped her head, moving into the 'head down, ass up' position. I held her hips and started thrusting my cock inside her warm wet walls - she felt very tight and wet. Gripping her butt cheeks I started hammering her faster as she started moaning and telling me how good it felt. She was urging me on, breathlessly imploring me to fuck her harder and faster, so I obliged. I removed my t-shirt and threaded it under her hips, creating 'reins', which I then used to pound her harder and deeper.

Gripping both ends of the t-shirt I leaned back and started hammering her ass 'upwards'. My wife was back up on all fours now, her back arched as she thrust herself backwards onto my cock. She was pounding back on me just as hard as I was on her, crying out and telling me to fuck her good. "Keep doing that" she hissed, as I leaned back even further and jack hammered her sopping wet hole for all I was worth.

"I'm going to cum" she panted, "Come in me, I'm going to cum...!"

I released 'the reins' and returned to the upright position. I gripped her hips tightly, locking her in as I pummeled her cunt. She was frigging her clit and slapping her pussy furiously now as my balls bounced against her fingers. "Come in me, come in me!" she chanted, grunting as her orgasm took over. That sent me over the edge and with one final violent thrust I sent my hot jism spurting into her just as she'd requested.

I pumped a few more times, as my own orgasm erupted deep inside, before we both collapsed fully sated onto the bed...


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  1. Seriously hot Nero - it sounds to me as if you did the spanking just right!

    1. Yes - it was such a random decision (by me) to do it! :-)

  2. Yes...a well-placed spanking can do that to a girl! Bravo, Nero!

  3. Like i keep telling you - she needs a good spanking - your wife seriously needs to be taken in hand (so to speak) - Fabulous - you will get better health wise now you having sex regularly again...

  4. Phew! I'm exhausted after all that. Skilfully paced writing Nero. Your timing is immaculate. I loved how you used your t shirt. Very memorable. The scene of you holding it like reins came to life before my very eyes.

  5. Part of me is thinking about how hot this is and part of me is thinking, "Yep, that's a good way to give someone a spanking." Either way, I'm happy for you. :)


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