Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Saturday's Lunch Was Late - But I Ate Heartily

So on Monday I finally got around to telling you about the sex that happened last Wednesday, when my wife finally broke 'the sex drought' after three months of celibacy. You can read about it here (Part 3) and if you want to know why it took so long to write then see also Part 1 and Part 2.

I finished Part 3 with the cryptic comment "I had to admit to that I couldn't, which led to a conversation all of its own. I'll share that with you on Thursday!" And whilst I do plan to tell you about that conversation tomorrow let me scoop myself by telling you two things today, right now:
1] Since I had promised in Part 2 to make sure that Part 3 was erotic (ie leave out all the angst) I used 'dramatic license' to change the ending. Just a little. When I said I ejaculated I lied. Absolutely everything else is true - she did cum twice and I did finish in her ass, but I failed to cum. I was just weak/sick from the cold and 'failed to complete' (and I'd masturbated that afternoon, just before she came home). Which led to us having a conversation about why (I was sick and I'd jerked off earlier) and why I was jerking off (because we hadn't had sex for 3 months, what did she expect me to do?!) and why we hadn't had sex for 3 months (her 'fault', she admitted it). That conversation tomorrow, if you're interested. (Yes, there's more than I just said)

2] Everything I'm about to tell you now though is 100% true - there is no 'dramatic license' taken in the telling...

Lunch was late - if you want to find out why then read on... [image © Carrie LaChance]

So on Friday I was still stricken with this flu I'd caught off my wife - who had caught it off my sister the weekend before. I'd pretty much been sleeping in the movie room since Wednesday, on the same big ass couch we'd fucked on that night. My wife said since I was still ill and she was feeling better it would be best if I stayed there rather than risk reinfecting her, since she had a few important meetings over the next few days (catching up on meetings she'd cancelled while she was bedridden).

So I spent the next few days essentially living in that room, watching Netflix all day and drifting in and out of sleep.  I did lose track of time, so much so that I emerged on Friday night at about 8pm hungry for food and hungry for sex. Yes - I must be getting better because I was horny!

When I was younger I was a firm believer in sex being the best cure for a head cold. Maybe it was the cold medication or maybe it was the being in bed all day but I used to get horny and found that I could usually fuck my way out of a fever or flu. Maybe that was why I went as far as I did last Wednesday night?

On Friday I suggested to my wife we try 'the old home remedy' but she wasn't having any of it. She rebuffed me entirely, insisting that bedrest was best, so -like mean ol' Warden Barrot- she sent me back down 'into the Hole'. As I stomped my way down there I wondered what my actual crime was - giving her one orgasm in the TV room and another two in the movie room last Wednesday night?

I binge watched Season 4 (The Remix) of Arrested Development but again I kept drifting in and out of sleep. Netflix autoplays so I'd have to go back and rewatch episodes I'd slept through. It all got very complicated and by 1pm on Saturday I was feeling very hungry - and completely abandoned and ignored by my wife and daughter. I stomped up stairs and found my wife at the kitchen bench, reading dirty Kindle stories on her iPad.

She tried to close her Kindle app and open her Facebook but she was so ham-fisted about it I still saw what she was reading. Something about a woman being held captive and fisted by her captors - all brothers apparently. I leaned over and cuddled her from behind and when she asked if I was hungry I said "Yessss!" and reached up to goose her breasts. "I'm hungry for these!!" I continued as I nibbled her neck and massaged her breasts. I could feel her nipples were hard to my touch - or was it the Kindleporn?

"Good!" she laughed, as she broke my embrace and hopped off the bar stool. "I'll have a quick shower and then we can go get lunch!"

I slumped down in the bar stool she'd just vacated and contemplated my life. It just seemed unfair that my wife was able to get her rocks off after 3 months and I should end up with nothing. She had no problem dragging me out of my sick bed to meet her needs but seemingly saw no need to reciprocate? I decided to go upstairs and join her in the shower...

She didn't protest when I stepped in with her, and we started soaping each others backs almost immediately which in turn led to reach-arounds to soap each others front bits. Thats the thing I love about showering together - soapy hands sliding this was and that, and running all over everywhere. I soaped her breasts, feeling how hard her protruding nipples were, and she soaped my cock, feeling how hard my protruding dick was.

If you got bored above and scrolled down to the 2nd
pic... good news! The sex starts here, to the right --->
After the shower we dried off and I jumped into bed, naked. My wife remained in the ensuite, doing whatever it is that women do in there for so long. When she ducked her head into the bedroom she asked me what I was doing in bed: "I thought you were hungry, didn't you want lunch?"  I said yes I was hungry but I also wanted something else to eat. (As I mentioned in Part 1 my wife had got a Brazilian wax. I'd enjoyed it on Wednesday night but I wanted more. I always do)

My wife giggled and climbed into bed. We snuggled and cuddled briefly - but we both knew why we were there. As my hand made its way down her stomach she settled on her back and her spread her legs a little wider, allowing my to cup her vulva with my whole hand. She then clamped her legs shut and started squirming against me. I continued to grip her pussy with my hand but I also pushed a finger deeper, wedging it into her cleft.

She started writhing and pushing herself up, grinding her cunt against my hand. My finger could feel her wetness within as her clit swelled.  I brought my free arm around behind her neck and started squeezing her breast, cradling her in my arms as my other hand worked its magic below. She placed her left hand over mine and pushed me deeper, stretching her right hand to grab my dick and start jacking me off.

Her hand withered away as she got lost in her own pleasure and soon her back was arching and she seemed to be trying to push my hand in her womb. I figured she was coming so I hugged her tighter, enveloping her with my body as her orgasm washed over her. When she was done she went limp, relaxing against me, motionless. I held her there, letting her have her moment, until she came to.

"Your turn!" she said, smiling, as she jumped up and pushed me onto my back. "What do you want?"

I told her I wanted more of that smooth bare pussy, that I wanted to taste her and eat her out, and have her cum on my face. "Okay!" exclaimed my wife as she threw one knee over my body and straddled my face. She brought her pussy down to my mouth as I reached out my tongue and began licking her. She moaned straight away, as did I - I really do love eating out a ripe juicy pussy. My tongue was everywhere, but in all the right places and it wasn't long before my wife was holding my head and grinding herself on my face.

She smeared her wet slit just where she wanted it as I pressed my flattened tongue against her swollen clit. I grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands and squeezed them roughly, urging her on. When she started humping my face my whole body shook, making my fat erect cock bounce around like a bobble-head. I grabbed it with one hand and started jacking off, feeling its throbbing length with every stroke.

When my wife realized what I was doing she swiveled around, planted her cunt back on my face, and then grabbed my dick. She swallowed me whole, swirling her tongue around to make me wet, and then sat up - pushing herself against my tongue and allowing herself space to jack me off. As my tongue went back to work on her pussy she hunched down, jerking me off and tonguing my balls with her head tilted sideways.

I grabbed her butt with a thwack! and spread her ass cheeks wider, allowing me to burrow in deeper. My tongue raced up and down her slit, flicking at her clit, making her arch her back and moan - before ducking down again and going buck wild on my cock with her mouth and fingers. She was playing with my balls and asshole while she sucked me furiously.

I decided to reciprocate. I slapped her ass a few times, on both cheeks, and then did a little ass-play of my own on her crinkled little rosebud. This drove her into a frenzy I guess you could say because she arched up again and started thrusting her cunt backwards and forwards on my face. She was moaning and still tugging on my cock but it was clear the hand job was just muscle memory now.

As I continued to lick and suck on her clit and pussy I freed one hand from fingering her asscrack to take over hand duties on my cock. She slumped down but kept bouncing her ass back on me as my cock and balls slapped against her face. My dick was long and hard and I could tell I was close to cumming - as was she.

I was so close I didn't give my usual warning, I just jacked my cock and pumped a few spurts high into the air. I'd guessed she was close enough to catch it on her face, which is what probably pushed me over the edge, but I was wrong. She was cumming herself, moaning and groaning and making more noise than I was as she bucked against me, grinding her cunt and asshole deep down onto my mouth and fingers.

When she was done she sat up, jumped off me, and lay down beside me with a cat-who-got-the cream grin. Clearly there had been no facial for her. "That was gooood" she said, "2-1 to me - I win!". And she said it triumphantly - like she meant it. Clearly I had done my job - and I was happy to do it - but clearly she also needed to be reminded who was Boss.

"Now you can clean up this mess you've made, thanks" I instructed, my head nodding down at my cock - still wrapped in my fist - which was covered in sticky jism. Maybe she missed my meaning, maybe I shouldn't have included the word 'thanks', or maybe she just didn't want to do it - but for whatever reason she jumped up and ran to the ensuite. She returned not with tissues but a warm washcloth, and proceeded to lovingly clean my hand - and then my dick.

It was not an easy job since there was a lot of cum...


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  1. If you caught the bug from your wife then she is immune to it now and u would not be able to re-infect her.
    Glad you finally got your rocks off ;-) and I did say she needs a good spanking!

    1. Thanks, I didn't think so either. Although to be fair mine does seem to have mutated into something worse. I've still got it and will be off to see the doctor shortly to see what can be done.

  2. Wow! I can't believe how long this post is!! My apologies everyone - I shall blame the lack of editing on my flu addled brain...

  3. Good to read that there have been sex again and I hope you have finally shaken the flu off :)

    Rebel xox

    1. Heh heh - no but the doctor gave me a whole lot of antibiotics today. I'm hoping to be 'fit enough' for Saturday night. It won't be the Sexathalon but hopefully we should enjoy some mutual pleasure.

  4. Woo hoo! So hot, and so deserved!


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